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August 28, 2015

ivanka trump

The Apprentice: Los Angeles -- an early look

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 31st 2006 11:29AM

The Donald and his daughter Ivanka flip on their shades for the new season of 'The Apprentice,' which moves to L.A. on January 7.

No sense in explaining the premise of this show; we all know what The Apprentice is. It's all about getting ahead, making your mark, and scooping up all that extra money, money, money. So it only makes sense that the sixth installment of the Mark Burnett produced reality series takes place in Los Angeles, a city obsessed with vanity, appearances, and the almighty buck. However, it seems that Burnett and Trump have finally realized that for The Apprentice to ever stand side by side with Burnett's CBS juggernaut (you've probably heard of it, usually takes place on an island), things needs to change. I'm not so sure the transformations this show has gone through were the right ones though.

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Trump fires Carolyn, hires his daughter

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 31st 2006 11:13AM
donald trump; carolyn kepcherDo you think he used his catchphrase? Donald Trump has fired Carolyn Kepcher, the blonde assistant who has been at his side all these years on The Apprentice. The New York Post is reporting that Carolyn, who is merely 36 years old, was fired for not being able to focus. Apparently she's quite the busy bee now that she's a pseudo-celebrity and all. The paper says she's trying to juggle her responsibilities for Trump with her many speaking engagements and recently, while away on a speaking engagement, Trump was unable to reach her.

Aside from monitoring the teams on The Apprentice, Carolyn's real job was to run the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York. Trump says her duties on the show will be done by his daughter, Ivanka. Maybe Carolyn's job is the big prize for the next winner of The Apprentice.

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Project Runway: A Designer's Best Friend

by Annie Wu, posted Jul 27th 2006 7:16AM
Project Runway(S03E03) The designers were told to design something for one of fashion's hottest accessories. I had a few guesses... The accessory would either be an iPod, a baby (well, maternity clothes), or pets. I was right with my third guess because the designers were each given a small dog to serve as a muse. Their challenge: Design an outfit for their dog, a complimentary outfit for their model, and think up a narrative explanation for their creation. The narrative part seemed kind of pointless to me, but, hey, I'm no Heidi Klum.

Oh, and I just have to say this because I'm so excited... Someone's getting kicked off for being naughty in the next episode. Scandal!

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Trump says he'd date his daughter. Gross.

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 9th 2006 7:21PM
Ivanka trumpDonald Trump just entered the Joe Simpson Club of Creepy Dads, for telling the gals on The View that, if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he'd probably be dating her. Ew? I know he's desperate to get better ratings for 24-year-old Ivanka's five-episode arc on The Apprentice, but... ew! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. He also said she has a nice body and would look good if she wanted to pose in Playboy magazine. Ick. Ick. Ick. I guess that Martha Stewart feud didn't create enough headlines so he's working another angle.

While that's super gross, Joe Simpson remains the ultimate creepy dad for talking about the size of daughter Jessica Simpson's breasts.

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