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October 10, 2015


America's Next Top Model: Dance with Me

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 8th 2009 11:00AM
Jennifer looks shocked at her hair(S13E05) Benny Ninja invaded America's Next Top Model this week trying to teach the girls how to emote with their bodies. As long as he doesn't try creating stupid words like "Smize" or "H2T," he's good in my book. All the girls felt really bland this episode, probably because Bianca is gone and she's not ruffling any feathers.

Mr. Ninja needed some help and called on Lil Mama and the JabbaWokeeZ. Lil Mama? That's like trying to get Kim Kardashian to judge models. Wait, she is? I knew Tyra Banks was insane, but all the guests this year take the cake.

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Dancing with the Stars: Performance 3 Results

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 7th 2009 12:45AM
Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke get a good joke from Tom Bergeron
(S09E07) With the return of Len Goodman, a thirteen-point difference separated all the contestants on Dancing with the Stars. Even with two bum feet, Tom DeLay managed to beat Michael Irwin's score. As the credits roll, I think the opening sequence needs to take a hint from Survivor and make edited versions where eliminated contestants are removed from the opening every week.

The big drama tonight was whether or not there would be a single elimination or a double. We get a recap of last night: kissing, Paula Abdul, and dancing. The judges made a very interesting choice for an encore.

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So You Think You Can Dance: 2 of 6 Voted Off

by Michael Pascua, posted Jul 31st 2009 2:35AM
Melissa and Evan dance the quickstep(S05E21) I'm happy to hear Cat announce that the filler in this episode would be the four Emmy nominated performances. It would actually be interesting if next season they could try a "Where are they now?" segment on the results shows.

The eliminations weren't shocking to me, but watching Cat announce that Jeanine and Brandon were the two that didn't have to perform solos was a relief and a pain. They had the best performances last night.

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Remembering Michael Jackson on America's Best Dance Crew

by Michael Pascua, posted Jun 26th 2009 3:29PM
Fysh N Chicks reinterepret Michael Jackson.
A year ago I was enthralled by MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. It was a concept that actually fit MTV: dancing to music which was often influenced by music videos. For episode five of the first season, Mario Lopez announced Michael Jackson week. I cringed because I knew that the crews were going to have to use things like the moonwalk and the zombie "Thriller" moves.

The contestants were celebrating the 25th anniversary release of Thriller. Luckily the crews didn't have to use the horrible remixes that were added to the rerelease. When the episode ended, I was happily surprised.

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Shane Sparks: The TV Squad Interview

by Kristin Sample, posted Jun 28th 2008 11:26AM
Shane SparksOn Tuesday I headed over to the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, CA for a taping of America's Best Dance Crew. I sat back in the V.I.P. room while the taping was going on. The show, which tapes at Stage 23, has a gigantic set this season (probably due to the first season's enormous and unexpected success). The taping is so boring though. While I was watching, they spent about twenty minutes taping the first thirty seconds where Mario Lopez starts things off. Each time they tweaked something he said, he got a little more annoyed. The audience never seemed to get tired of doing their job, applauding like maniacs.

But before anything started I got to interview judge Shane Sparks. Find out more about what Sparks had to say about his involvement with America's Best Dance Crew, his absence on this season's So You Think You Can Dance, Wade Robson, and the JabbaWockeeZ after the jump.


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America's Best Dance Crew second season auditions - VIDEO

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 4th 2008 2:38PM
America's Best Dance CrewWhen American Idol's Randy Jackson announced that he was producing a competition for dance crews, instead of solo dancers like So You Think You Can Dance, I thought this was a great idea. On SYTYCD there were always these great street dancers who couldn't handle the discipline of ballroom but where great at what you could do. Well, apparently Randy had the right idea because Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew was a monster hit for MTV this past winter.

So it was inevitably renewed, and we've just gotten the list of audition dates and cities. The rules are pretty simple. Be 18 years and up and be part of a crew of 5-7 members. Then be able to get to New York April 18th, Houston April 21st, LA April 29th or Chicago May 3rd. Or, if you kind of suck, plan to go to all four sites. Maybe I should dust off my old dancing shoes and see if I've still got it. For more information check out America's Best Dance Crew's website or Season 2's MySpace page.

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