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October 8, 2015

jacqueline laurita

Jacqueline Laurita Quits 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 30th 2011 6:15AM
Jacqueline LauritaThe revolving door at 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' is back in business: Cast member Jacqueline Laurita has reportedly confirmed earlier rumors by quitting the show.

A source told 'People' that "Jacqueline [Laurita] definitely quit. She had to walk away for her sanity."

Laurita Tweeted that "I'd like to only focus on positive things now please. I threw the trash out. I'm cleaning now and reorganizing. Starting fresh and new."

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Is Jacqueline Laurita Leaving 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'?

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 28th 2011 2:41PM
Jacqueline LauritaIs Jacqueline Laurita leaving 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'?

The Bravo reality star sent a series of cryptic tweets regarding her time with the show and the people involved.

"2b honest.I'm tired of the BS &shitty low life people.I didn't know this was what I signed up 4.I have 2rise above&move on."

According to Laurita, somebody was "set up" regarding the show. "Someone( not me) got set up tonight," she said on Twitter. "There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad."

Then, Laurita tweeted: "I can't be part of the Charade anymore.It's unsettling. It's disturbing & against what I stand for. I'm a REAL housewife"

So, she's done, right? Not exactly.

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Danielle Staub Explains Exit From 'Real Housewives' on 'Early Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Sep 9th 2010 1:30PM
According to Danielle Staub of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' she wasn't fired from the show and she didn't quit. Instead, she "walked away," deeming it an appropriate time to leave the reality show after two chaotic seasons, she said on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Make Apologies Uncomfortable to Watch (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 7th 2010 4:00AM
'The Real Housewives of New Jersey''The Real Housewives of New Jersey' (Mon., 10PM on BRAVO) got together for a reunion special, which served also as a farewell of sorts for cast-member Danielle Staub, who will not be returning for the franchise's third season. Perhaps because this was her last chance with the cast, it seemed that Danielle was ready to put the ugly past of the show behind her.

She and Jacqueline Laurita apologized profusely to one another, after which Danielle announced she would be contacting her lawyer to drop any litigation she has pending against Jacqueline's daughter (for a hair-pulling incident).

The scene ended with a lengthy hug where Danielle proclaimed, "No more. No More. I love you," to a clearly uncomfortable Jacqueline, who couldn't contain her awkward giggles.

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'Real Housewives of NJ' Stars Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita Returning for Season 3?

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 19th 2010 12:15PM
Teresa, Jacqueline and CarolineDanielle Staub might not be welcome in 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' family anymore, but sources are reporting Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita have all been asked back to the Bravo reality series.

According to NY Daily News, the cable network has sent letters to the three ladies asking them back for third season. A source told the newspaper that a week after the women spent 12 hours filming the reunion show, they received letters from Bravo. The source also reports that Staub wasn't fired, she just wasn't asked back.

However, Bravo doesn't normally work this way. The ladies of 'Real Housewives of New York City' haven't heard about a new season.

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Danielle Charges Ashley After Country Club Throwdown on NJ 'Housewives' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 20th 2010 7:20AM
Danielle Charges Ashley After Country Club Throwdown on NJ 'Housewives'Rest assured, residents of NJ. Your tax dollars came to the aid of one of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' (Mon., 10PM ET on BRVO) when Danielle Staub got the state court system involved in the infamous North Jersey Country Club throwdown. Danielle decided to press charges against Ashley Holmes for assault and harassment.

Jacqueline Laurita and her daughter Ashley, "chased me through the country club, threatening me," Danielle explained to her attorney. "Ashley came out of nowhere -- and ripped my hair from my head, literally," she said, referring to her hair extensions.

Three friends served as witnesses, helpfully proffering details of "screaming. There was crashing glasses, crashing plates" and general fear all-around.

"I'm extremely confident that the state of New Jersey will handle this matter in suitable fashion, and Ashley will have proper sanctions brought against her," said Danielle.

So what did the judge decide? Will Danielle get her wish to "just be left alone"?

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A Mother-Daughter Argument on 'Real Housewives of NJ' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted May 11th 2010 11:00AM
Mother/Daughter Fight on 'Real Housewives of NJ'Jacqueline Laurita's 20-year-old daughter Ashley loves the fact that she no longer lives under her mother's roof. On the second episode of this season's 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' (Mon., 10PM ET on BRAVO), Jacqueline was obviously not so comfortable with the idea.

"What do you do between [midnight] and 3 -- you can't get into clubs and stuff, right?" asked Jacqueline. "Yeah, I can," replied Ashley.

Her maternal instincts then kicked into high gear, reminding Ashley to always have a designated driver, be safe and not stay out late. But her words fell on deaf ears. "If I wanted to come here and argue with you then I would just live here," said Ashley.

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The 'Real' NJ Experience: Partying With 'Housewives of New Jersey' on Their Turf

by Sandra Deane, posted May 4th 2010 2:05PM
The author's mother with Teresa Guidice of The Real Housewives of New JerseyI'm a Jersey girl, born and raised and, with the exception of a two-year exodus to Northern California, a life-long resident. I was born here and I plan on dying here in the house my mother grew up in. Yep, I'm THAT kind of Jersey girl. Needless to say, a girl like me doesn't say no to an invite to The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ to attend the official 'The Real Housewives of NJ' premiere party.

So, with my mom in tow (natch; that's her in the photo next to star Teresa Giudice), I hit the biggest party in town Monday night. The Brownstone is a beautiful venue in the state's third largest city. After checking in, we noticed a massive spread - a very Italian feast including calamari, eggplant parm and a stunning arrangement of cured meats and fresh mozzarella.

While most of the cast was holed up on another floor with press, Teresa and her daughter Gia were mingling with diners, graciously taking photos and answering questions. Despite her fabulous new "bubbies," it was her amazingly styled hair that seemed to draw the most attention.

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Caroline Manzo on the Wild Lives of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'

by Joel Keller, posted May 3rd 2010 11:02AM
Caroline Manzo of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'The second season of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' is upon us. Starting tonight at 10PM ET on Bravo, the five ladies from Franklin Lakes -- sisters Caroline and Dina Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, table-tosser Teresa Guidice and pot-stirrer Danielle Staub -- return to give audiences more of the family togetherness and interpersonal conflict that made the first season such a big hit.

And if anyone thinks the Manzos have let bygones be bygones with the mysterious Staub, don't worry. There's plenty of new conflict set for the second season, including an incident where Staub accused Laurita's daughter Ashley of pulling out one of her hair extensions. Last week, I spoke to Caroline, the family matriarch who made the phrase "thick as thieves" more popular than ever, about the incident -- which actually went to court -- what her highest and lowest moments of the last year were, and why she thinks reality producers are suddenly in love with the Garden State.

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'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Returns May 3 With Bigger Hair, Bigger Drama (New Trailer!)

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 26th 2010 1:40PM
Real Housewives of New JerseyThe show that brought back the angry table flip is returning to Bravo -- and sooner then you'd think ... May 3! Yes, all of the lovely ladies -- Teresa, Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline and Danielle -- are back on 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' and we couldn't be happier.

Forget the squabbling in 'New York', the botox in 'Orange County' and the weaves in 'Atlanta,' the 'New Jersey' Italian girls know how to make some good television.

If the new trailer is an indication, this season will be filled to the brim with drama. From a trip to Italy and ongoing court battles, this season is sure to pack quite a punch, both literally and figuratively!

Check out the video and an update on the cast after the jump.

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Hair-Pulling Drama Hits 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Dec 4th 2009 4:15PM
Danielle StaubProviding a clue of what's to come in the second season of Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' star Danielle Staub, the center of much of the drama last season, says another housewife's daughter pulled her (fake) hair out by the (fake) roots.

According to The Record newspaper of Bergen and Passaic counties in NJ, where much of the reality series is filmed, Staub filed a complaint in municipal court in Wayne, NJ, alleging that during a fight at a country club last month, Ashley Holmes, 19, pulled one of Staub's hair extensions out. Holmes is the daughter of Jacqueline Laurita, another housewife on the show who had previously demonstrated a friendship with Staub despite pressure from her husband's family -- including housewife sisters Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo -- to cut ties with Staub.

Staub -- who arrived in court yesterday with three friends and Bravo cameras -- was the main event last season when it was revealed, via an uncovered old book penned by an ex-boyfriend, that she reportedly had a questionable past, including another name and an arrest on what she said were false charges.

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'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Finale: Jacqueline the Brave

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 17th 2009 12:00PM
Jacqueline LauritaSix episodes later, 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' finally had their long-awaited catfight -- a tense, screaming, table-flipping finale unlike anything the franchise has ever seen (reunion episodes not included).

Even better, the fight ended with an unlikely victor: Jacqueline, 'Jersey''s perpetual pickle in the middle.

For much of the season, Jacqueline was caught between two sides: self-proclaimed best friend Danielle, the town villain with an alleged secret past, and her family, Dina and Caroline, who were convinced Danielle was trouble.

But in a gutsy, 11th-hour move, Jacqueline went against her blood (we take it she hasn't seen 'The Sopranos') by exposing Carolineand Dina's lie: they were the ones behind "the book," 'Cop Without a Badge,' which had somehow made its way into Franklin Lakes' inner gossip circle ("Family or not, what's right is right and what's true is true," she said).

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