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October 13, 2015

james coburn

The Five: Great shows you'll never, ever, ever see on DVD

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 22nd 2006 12:30PM

Tom BergeronIt seems that everything is being released on DVD these days. Not just shows from the 50s and short-lived shows like The Adventures of Brisco County and Profit and many others. But there are many shows you'll never see on TV, because they're too obscure, don't have enough fan base, wouldn't be worth it financially, and/or just don't have any "buzz" to make it worth releasing by the studio. Now, I've been surprised before. I'm still shocked that Riptide made it to DVD. But I'm pretty confident we won't see the five shows below on DVD. Which is a shame, because they're five of my favorites.

In fact, if any of these shows are released on DVD (whole seasons, not an odd episode thrown on another DVD), I'll run naked through Central Park while eating a chicken salad sandwich and singing the theme song from Fame.

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Short-Lived Shows: The Fifth Corner

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 19th 2005 5:19PM

Alex McArthur and Kim DelaneySo, raise your hands: who remembers this show? It lasted for a whopping two episodes (a two hour pilot and another episode). They ran the two episodes in 1992, and then the next episode was pre-empted by some major breaking news (can't remember what), and then the show was never seen again! But oh, was it good.

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