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September 3, 2015

james gunn

VH1 Renews 'Scream Queens'

by Ron Mwangaguhunga, posted Nov 20th 2009 2:30PM
Scream QueensVH1 has renewed the reality show 'Scream Queens' for a second season, Variety is reporting.

This time, 10 potential queens will be competing in the horror film boot camp for a role in 'Saw VII 3D,' the next installment of the sanguinary, seemingly never-ending franchise. Season 1 winner Tanedra Howard won the role of Simone in 'Saw VI.' Some of last season's more interesting challenges included: "campy 'The Brain that Wouldn't Die'-inspired Bodiless Scene," "Final girl speech in a pool of blood" and "seductive vampiress scene."

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Nathan Fillion: The TV Squad Interview

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 9th 2009 2:10PM
nathan fillion castle

When I was preparing for my Nathan Fillion interview, I knew that I had a big responsibility: people love this guy. I mean love-- in a slightly disturbing way. So I reached out. I went on Facebook and Twitter and asked people what they wanted me to ask him, so I would get the fewest number of Firefly fans pissed off at me as possible. Luckily, the questions submitted were mostly along the lines of, "will he impregnate me?", so I wasn't too worried about not asking something someone was dying to know.

"Hey, I've got a quick question for you: How long do you think this 'internet' fad will really go?" But before I could ask a single question, that's how Nathan Fillion starts our interview. "Um, you know, I think it's on it's way out. I give it a month, maybe two at the most." I could understand where he was coming from. I was just one in a long line of reporters he was talking to today, so he has to keep himself interested somehow. Why not joke around with me about the fall of the internet?

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Jenna Fischer's summer is pretty much shot to hell

by Anna Johns, posted May 30th 2007 11:29AM
jenna fischerPoor, sweet Jenna Fischer! She broke her back in four places when she took a tumble down some marble stairs a couple of weeks ago and it looks like she'll spend the rest of the summer recovering from her injuries. She recently gave an interview about her accident, and says she felt her feet fly out from underneath her and landed hard on the stairs. She says the pain "was consuming and immediate. I never felt anything like it." She's still in pain, but manages to keep a sunny outlook in the interview (isn't that why we adore her?).

Jenna has slowly been on the mend since the May 14th accident. She has been in a lot of pain and has not been able to travel back home to Los Angeles (she's in NYC). She's been taking slow walks in Central Park to try and heal her back. Jenna says she has received warm wishes from cast members of The Office, and even got some cupcakes from Zach Braff, who happened to be at the party where she fell.

Luckily, Jenna had just wrapped shooting a movie with John C. Reilly where they play a skewed version of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash so it's just her summer vacation, and not her work schedule, that is being interrupted. Jenna has to rest and recover for the next 12 weeks, and then it's right back to the set of The Office. You can send her your well wishes at her MySpace page.

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Damn heels! Jenna Fischer breaks her back

by Anna Johns, posted May 16th 2007 6:27PM
jenna fischerApparently Ms. Jenna Fischer had a bit of a tumble involving some high heels and a marble staircase. Whitney over at Pop Candy is reporting that Fischer fell down some stairs on Monday as she was trying to maneuver in very high heels. Jenna broke her back in four places. She was in New York at the time and now is being cared for by her husband, filmmaker James Gunn, and The Office co-star, Angela Kinsey. You can send her a Get Well Soon note at her MySpace page.

The Office has wrapped for the season so her injury won't hamper her role as Pam Beesly, but it's going to be a crappy summer for sweet Jenna.

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Jenna Fischer doesn't have an "I'm a star in public" voice yet

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 10th 2006 6:31PM

Jenna FischerAnother celebrity story from Paul Davidson in Los Angeles. Really, he should start a separate blog of just celebrity sightings and encounters. (Oh oh, I think I just gave him an idea - Paul, I get a percentage, OK?).

This time Davidson sits near Jenna Fischer of The Office and pretty much overhears the entire interview she did with a health and fitness magazine. Fischer hasn't been a star long enough to start using the "I'm a star in public voice," that low voice a celeb uses when they're in public so no one can hear what they're saying.

Among the little tidbits that he learned about Fischer: she wants the kinds of roles that Christina Applegate gets, she's a supportive wife to her husband (screenwriter James Gunn), she likes working with everyone on the show, and she likes water.

It always hurts me to write sentences like "she's a supportive wife to her husband" when talking about Fischer, because that just reminds me that I'll never have a chance with her.

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How about Jenna Fischer as Sydney Bristow?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 20th 2006 2:02PM

Jenna FischerCan I tell you how much of a crush I have on Jenna Fischer? That's another post for another time.

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with The Office star, where she talks about her struggling actor days (she always seemed to play waitresses and teachers and secretaries), her husband, director James Gunn (she's married? Damn it!), and what if feels like to watch Jim flirting with the woman at the other Dunder-Mifflin branch. But the most interesting part of the interview, and it's only quickly mentioned and not talked about further, is that Fischer revealing that she auditioned for the role of agent Sydney Bristow on Alias, but didn't get the gig because, even though she was good, she wasn't "hot" enough.

Well, Jennifer Garner was great in the role, but wouldn't it have been great to see Sydney make little cute faces toward the camera and play jokes on Sloane?

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TV's best characters, according to Joss Whedon

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 22nd 2006 12:03PM
josh lymanJoss Whedon took a cue from screenwriter James Gunn's list of the all-time best characters on television and made his own. Whedon's list includes George Michael Bluth, Josh Lyman, and Lou Grant, among many others. Gunn's list, which also includes rules about no Muppets or cartoons, includes Buffy, David Brent, Jack Bauer, and Creed and Pam from The Office (Gunn's married to Jenna Fischer).

Without putting too much thought into it, here are a few of my faves (and my list shows a far inferior knowledge of television):
  • Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show, the perfect balance of cool mom, tough love mom and working mom;
  • Elaine, Seinfeld, for being one of the guys;
  • David Brent, The Office (British version), because he's wickedly, uncomfortably funny;
  • Capt. Mal Reynolds, Firefly, for being a funny, loving man underneath a thick shell of mean;
  • Fox Mulder, The X-Files, for not giving a rat's ass what others think and believing in the wholly unbelievable;
  • Dana Scully, The X-Files, for being the perfect complement to Mulder.
Who are your all-time favorite television characters?

[Via Pop Candy]

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