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October 7, 2015

james hibberd

Fan Art Shows 'Arrested Development'-'Star Wars' Mash-Up

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 6th 2010 1:29PM
'Arrested Development' meets 'Star Wars'James Hibberd is fond of posting fan art mash-ups on his "Live Feed" blog over at The Hollywood Reporter. In the past, he has posted the 'Mythbusters' crew with a James Bond theme, 'Futurama' in the world of 'The Fifth Element,' and Conan O'Brien as "Coco the Barbarian" and in a stylish 'Mad Men' parody.

Hibberd's latest art posting is an 'Arrested Development'/'Star Wars' mash-up, in the style of the old 'Star Wars' movie posters. The poster features the Bluth clan, including Michael (Jason Bateman), Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), George (Will Arnett), and Lucille (Jessica Walter), as well as the banana stand and Tobias bare-chested in his cutoff shorts. You even get Buster (Tony Hale) in silhouette, holding his hook hand to the sky, a Bluth Industries truck, and a speeding, driverless Segue.

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Expect the networks to renew more shows than usual

by Joel Keller, posted May 5th 2008 12:02PM
Old ChristineThe reverberations caused by the writers' strike continue to affect how the networks are doing business. Case in point: according to The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd, the networks may be more generous with renewals than they have in the past, due to the fact that even hit shows have been returning to diminished ratings. My guess is that, after a three-month break, most people realized they didn't give two craps about things like Meredith and McDreamy's latest breakup. But it may just be that the weather's nice outside.

Anyway, Hibberd goes on to mention the current status of some of the most prominent "bubble" shows. The good news: Reaper, Old Christine, and HIMYM and Moonlight have shifted over towards the "likely to certain" end of the spectrum, and Boston Legal will likely survive for another year. The bad news: Shark, Men In Trees (which is already gone, according to reports), Cashmere Mafia, and October Road are likely gone. And there's still no real feel for what's going to happen with Eli Stone or Women's Murder Club.

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Scrubs to ABC: The worst-kept secret in Hollywood

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 28th 2008 11:23AM
ScrubsJames Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article about the low-key exit of Scrubs from NBC after seven seasons, and the show's even lower-key deal with ABC for an eighth season. Even the least-plugged-in fans of the show know by now that the show is crossing networks, and according to Hibberd, eighth season episodes are currently being produced under very hush-hush conditions (which is true; even the show's PR rep won't tell us exactly what's going on).

So... why all the secrecy, even though everyone seems to know what's what? It seems like there's a little cross-network courtesy going on. While ABC is waiting for its upfront presentation to officially announce that it's picked up the show, they're also waiting for the end of the show's run on NBC, which is either May 8 or 15, depending on your source (my guess is the 18th, considering only nine of the twelve produced episodes have aired). According to Hibberd, ABC is playing nice after ticking off NBC when the initial news about the show's move came out.

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