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March 6, 2015

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Gone Too Soon: Andy Richter Controls the Universe

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 7th 2009 11:03AM
Andy Richter Controls the Universe
When Andy Richter left Late Night With Conan O'Brien to establish his own career in acting, nobody knew that he'd come full circle and rejoin O'Brien years later. At the same time, nobody knew that creator Victor Fresco would do much the same thing.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe was one of those quirky shows that most people, who enjoy a dash of nonsense in their comedy, really dug. It was a very playful show about a guy working in a massive company. It featured a small ensemble with great chemistry on-screen, and had a unique look at big corporations.

A few years later, Fresco tapped that well again, and we got Better Off Ted, another comedy with absurdist tendencies set in a massive corporation with a small cast. Like Andy, it eked out a second season based more on critical acclaim than ratings. As someone who enjoys both shows, I find myself worrying that Ted will share Andy's ultimate fate, cancellation after the second season.

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Are you angry or happy today? Andy Richter wants to know - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 25th 2009 1:02PM
Andy Richter DVDAs we mentioned in the New TV on DVD column this week, Andy Richter Controls the Universe: The Complete Series has been released, so all of you folks who really miss this short-lived show can watch the episodes over and over and over and get mad at FOX all over again for cancelling it so quickly.

But there's another thing that fans can do too, go to the web site that has been set up for the set.

The screen is scattered with office equipment (phone, stapler, pencils, etc) and each one moves or makes a noise. Roll your mouse over the phone and you'll hear a different clip from the show, and you can also get the code for a widget that you can put on your own web page. But the main part of the site is the "How Are You Feeling Today?" box. You pick your mood (angry, having some fun, sexy, in pain, etc), and click the "Give me a Richter moment" button and you get to see a scene from the show that illustrates that mood.

After the jump, a scene involving really small feet.

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The Closer: Til Death Do Us Part (part 2 - season finale)

by Brett Love, posted Sep 11th 2007 12:01PM

John Tenney - The Closer(S03E13) And so ends another season. To tell you the truth, the way The Closer has been running this season, I could go for another 9 or so more episodes before season three ends, but you know what they say about wishing and hands. We'll have to make due with the fact that there is a boatload of shows ready to premiere right around the corner, and take solace in the knowledge that after 41 episodes, this show just keeps getting better.

I suppose I have tipped my hand there. Yes, I really enjoyed this episode. The case got a little bit squirrely there for a moment, but they got it back under control just in time for the good guys to win, and to cap off the season quite nicely. As fun as that was though, my favorite part of the episode was the Fritz/Brenda relationship drama. More on both of those, after the jump.

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