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September 4, 2015


Golden Globe nominee highlights

by Kristin Sample, posted Dec 14th 2007 3:19PM
Jonathan Rhys MeyersOver at AOL TV, they put together a gallery of all the Golden Globe nominees. I like the way they organized it too. Instead of going by award category, they listed by show, film or actor / actress and said what it / he / she was nominated for. And any gallery that contains a picture of Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a good gallery in my book. I have a not-so-secret crush on him.

They also have a gallery of television's surprises and snubs. The number-one snub by the Golden Globes? The Sopranos. Do award shows love to hate The Sopranos? (They didn't used to if I remember correctly.) Among the actors snubbed was James Spader of Boston Legal. But he has an Emmy (or several Emmys) already, so I'm not too defensive about that one. My favorite surprises? Pushing Daisies and its stars: Lee Pace and Anna Friel. They are my new favorite quirky television couple.

Who or what would you have liked to see nominated by the Globes?

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Boston Legal December spoilers

by Kristin Sample, posted Dec 1st 2007 5:06PM
Alan and Gerry from Boston Legal
I missed Boston Legal this week. I hate that they don't have consistent weekly episodes--how Boston Legal just disappears for weeks to accommodate the U.S. Open or some national dog show. Because I was disappointed in missing the banter between Spader and Shatner or the rest of the absurd cast of characters, I decided to find out what's going to happen on December's episodes of Boston Legal.

Episodes will air on December 4th, 11th, and 18th (Christmas episode!) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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Boston Legal: The Object of My Affection

by Paul Goebel, posted Nov 7th 2007 8:02AM

James Spader circa 1981(S04E06) "It doesn't matter what people are saying as long as they talk about you" - Denny Crane

Watching the opening scene of this episode made me smile. Very few shows can mine humor out of the execution style murder of an unarmed man. Boston Legal has turned it into an art form.

Mare Winningham is one of the most underrated actresses in America. It takes a true talent to appear cold and unfeeling on the outside and still let the audience see that your insides are being torn apart by every emotion imaginable.

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Here's why I'm dropping Boston Legal

by Richard Keller, posted Feb 6th 2007 10:30PM

Boston Legal CastSure, I could have titled this post 'Why I'm Declaring a Mistrial on Boston Legal' or 'Case Adjourned on Boston Legal'. But, you're a smart bunch a people who aren't into the corny. So, let me be truthful for a moment and let you know why I'm no longer going to review Boston Legal.

I'm tired.

Well, that's only one reason, but a very important one. It's going to sound like a kvetch, I know, but it is a bit tiring to review a show week after week, particularly one that airs at the end of prime-time. You have to schedule for it, watch it in a different manner then you would if you were a normal viewer, and then cull the highlights of the show into a 10-15 paragraph review. When the show you're reviewing is getting a bit dull, writing a post on it can become a chore.

And, that's where I am with Boston Legal right now.

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Boston Legal: Dumping Bella

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 31st 2007 10:18AM

The cast of Boston Legal(S03E13) Shirley Schmidt: This is getting ugly.

Denny Crane: Denny Crane ugly.

The whole Denise-Brad-Jeffrey sex plot has got to go! At first I thought it was kind of amusing. But, after three weeks of it the whole storyline has reached the tiring stage, especially if you saw the scenes from next week's show. It's like watching an episode of The O.C., except with much older people. Frankly, I really don't care who Denise is sleeping with. Hell, she could be sleeping with Paul for all that matters (that would make a much better story). It's time to get past it and have these three focus on the Legal portion of Boston Legal.

Now, with that out of the way, let's press on with this week's fairly Alan Shore-free episode.

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Boston Legal: Angel of Death

by Richard Keller, posted Jan 10th 2007 12:05AM

Denny and Alan head to New Orleans(S03E11) My penis is already packed -- Denny Crane

Ah, there you are! We haven't seen each other in over a month and I thought you wouldn't come back. But here we are, together again, for a new episode of Boston Legal which was a pretty big spotlight for James Spader as Alan Shore, guest star Nia Long, and new cast member Gary Anthony Williams as Clarence/Clarice. That, and the never-ending sexual escapades at the Boston offices of Crane, Poole and Schmidt reached a new plateau.

Let's begin in a little town known as New Orleans.

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Boston Legal: The Nutcrackers

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 5th 2006 11:55PM

Cast of Boston Legal(S3E10) So, after a few murders, missing body parts, incestuous love between a mother and her son, and the kidnapping of Shirley Schmidt, we get back to the normal absurdity that is Boston Legal. This week features a custody case involving two white supremacist singing sensations, a woman who wants to sue God because her husband was struck by lightning, a pro-anorexic girl who is seeking emancipation from her mother, and Shirley in a bunny suit. In other words, just a normal couple of days at the law firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt.

All that, plus appearances by Clarence, Bethany, Bethany's mom and Jerry (Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!) and yet another alum of Star Trek. So, let's get comfy and press ahead on the last new episode before the holiday break.

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Boston Legal: Lincoln

by Richard Keller, posted Nov 26th 2006 11:58PM

Boston Legal episode.(S03E08) No, it's not Tuesday night. For some reason ABC preempted Brothers & Sisters to air the first of this two-part episode of Boston Legal. My guess for the preemption: sweeps. Though, when you come to think about it, this is the correct place to air a 'special episode' of BL. This is where the show started (in the old The Practice time slot) before it was booted to Tuesday nights by some small show named Blue's Anatomy, or Grey's Body Parts, or something like that. I wonder if that show went anywhere?

Anywhoswhatsit, in this episode we see the return of Lincoln Meyer, a fight between Jeffrey Coho and Brad Chase and the results of Denny Crane's paternity test. Oh, and we also have another appearance of a character that's beginning to get a bit tiresome. So, if the jury will be seated, we can begin the proceedings.

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Boston Legal: Trick or Treat

by Richard Keller, posted Nov 1st 2006 7:30AM

Alan Shore(S03E07) You're not getting in this dress. -- Alan Shore, dressed like one of the Lennon sisters, to Denny Crane, also dressed like a Lennon sister. Don't ask.

After last week's intense, and somewhat oogy, episode of Boston Legal, we get a palette cleanser of sorts this week as some storylines are closed and others are opened. It was also an extremely subdued episode. Even bombastic characters like Alan Shore and Denny Crane were unusually quiet this time around. It was so calm that I almost fell asleep halfway through the episode. Oh, that wasn't because the show was boring. It was more a result of traipsing out with the kiddies for a marathon trick-or-treating session.

Let's move along now, shall we?

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Boston Legal: The Verdict

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 24th 2006 11:40PM

Craig Bierko(S03E06) Ewwwww! If you watched this week's episode of Boston Legal, then you absolutely know what I'm talking about. If you haven't watched it yet, well, let's just say the reaction is from something that happened at the end of Scott Little's trial. I'll reveal it at the end of the post. So, beware the spoiler alert!

Before we continue with Jeffrey Coho and the trial of Scott Little, I want to talk about the subplot of this week's show, which involved Alan Shore's feelings of sexual insecurity with Sally Heep (guest star Lake Bell). It had absolutely, totally no redeeming value to this week's episode. It just seemed to be filler to what the meat of the episode was about. If they had nothing better than that to fill the remaining time on the show, then they should have taken the subplot out and focused on the secondary characters. Being a fan of the show, and a fan of James Spader's Alan Shore, I was disappointed with the whole thing.

Now that I have that out of the way, let's talk about the trial.

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Boston Legal: Whose God Is It Anyway?

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 17th 2006 11:45PM

Boston Legal Cast(S03E05) Yes, I know, I'll get letters -- Alan Shore after bashing Freedom of Religion in his closing arguments.

I begin this week with a quote by attorney Claire Simms, played by Constance Zimmer . . . 'Ick, and double ick'. This nicely sums up the surprise revelation made during the Scott Little trial. It seems that Scott's dad found the young lad, um, spanking the weasel (that's the scientific term, look it up!) to a naked picture of his mother. And, it turns out that he judge who he had an affair with and then allegedly murdered.had a uncanny resemblance to mother Barbara Little.

As mentioned, ick and double ick.

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Boston Legal: Fine Young Cannibal

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 11th 2006 8:54AM

The Cast of Boston Legal(S03E04) What? Haven't you ever seen a smoking dwarf before?

Gosh, its been awhile since we've seen Alan Shore in the courtroom. Oh, we had a brief appearance of him during the first episode of the season, but he's been pretty quiet since, making room for some of the new people as well as a number of prominent guest stars. So, it was good to see him, along with his 'dreamgirl' Shirley, take on the case of a homeless man charged with cannabilism.

You would think this would be played out for laughs. Oh, there was some humor to it, but it was actually one of the more serious cases in this episode. And Alan took to it with gusto. We even got to see one of his patened closing arguments (his niche, as Shirley would say). In the end, the client wasn't treated as some crazed man, but someone with more dignity than the District Attorney who was prosecuting him.

Oh, that would be District Attorney 'Second Line on the Ballot Come This November' Ginsburg, according to Alan.

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Boston Legal: Desperately Seeking Shirley

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 4th 2006 9:09AM
Boston legal cast
Okay, after watching the first five minutes of this week's Boston Legal I have come to the conclusion that Jeffrey Coho is definitely the new Alan Shore, or at least his younger-looking identical twin. I came to this decision after the very first scene where he confronts Judge Brian Hooper, whose wife was shown murdered last episode. His inflections, his syntax, even his mannerisms all feel like Alan's. Not complaining, mind you, since Alan's tactics have, for lack of a better word, matured over the last three seasons. So, another maverick is welcome at Crane, Poole and Schmidt.

All right, let's move forward to murder, postnuptials, and The Badger.

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Candice Bergen recovers from stroke

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 3rd 2006 9:50AM

Candice BergenHere's a story that got lost amidst all of the other new fall season hoopla. . .

Candice Bergen, presently a cast member on the ABC drama Boston Legal, suffered an apparent stroke last week. After falling ill, the 60-year-old actress was promptly treated and released from the hospital, and was expected to make a full recovery. According to news reports, nurses say Bergen was in good spirits during her short stay.

Known for her Emmy award winning work on CBS's Murphy Brown, Bergen was hired to play Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal, where she trades barbs with co-stars James Spader and William Shatner. Whether or not the stroke will have any implications for Bergen's role on the show is unknown at this time.

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Boston Legal: New Kids on the Block

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 27th 2006 8:25AM

Boston Legal(S03E02) Oh please, if there were new guys they'd have shown up in the season premiere. -- Denny Crane

God bless William Shatner! In his role as Denny Crane he is a man of few words, and the words he does say would make Michael Scott of The Office cringe in embarrassment. However, what he lacks in verbiage he makes up in expressions. Denny can carry a whole conversation with one of his stares. And, he does alot of staring this episode, which could probably be considered the actual start of Boston Legal's third season.

So, since I can't stare at you through the computer screen, let's push on with this week's review.

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