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August 31, 2015

jamie oliver

Overweight Americans say no to Jamie Oliver

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 20th 2010 4:02PM
Jamie OliverAccording to statistics, over half the people who live in Hungtington, WV are officially obese. But that doesn't mean they want to eat better.

British chef Jamie Oliver has a new series for ABC starting in March titled Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and as part of the show Oliver wanted to help the people of Huntington eat healthier and lose weight. The people had other plans. They said no to his help, which actually caused Oliver to cry. One radio person in the area actually said "we don't want to sit around and eat lettuce all day," which I'm sure is exactly what Oliver was proposing.

I'd love to hear the complete story about this. Was Oliver really pushed away from the town with pitchforks and torches, or did they simply not want to participate in the show? And did schoolkids really think that potatoes were tomatoes??

You know what I had for dinner last night? Nachos.

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Fun Finds: May 16

by AOL TV Staff, posted May 16th 2009 12:00PM
Gossip Girl

-- Are you itching to find out what happens on the season finales of 'The Hills,' 'Gossip Girl' and other hot shows? (Spoiler alert: Blair Waldorf Graduates!) Get the cheat sheet [NY Times]

-- Ryan Seacrest is teaming up with chef Jamie Oliver for a new ABC series -- and no, it's not a remake of 'The Odd Couple' [Hollywood Reporter]

-- Spencer Pratt can now call himself a rapper -- or "The Great White," as he prefers. Hear his new single [RyanSeacrest.com]

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Oliver and Seacrest try to make Americans eat healthy

by Brad Trechak, posted May 11th 2009 5:06PM
Ryan SeacrestJust what America needed, another celebrity telling us we need to eat better. British chef Jamie Oliver is teaming with Ryan Seacrest to create a reality show on ABC that will give eating "makeovers" to certain sections of the United States.

It's a nice idea, but I doubt it will make a significant impact on this country's eating habits. America is about getting food cheap and fast, so fast food is the nourishment of choice, and I say this as someone who practices awful eating habits. Processed food is inexpensive compared to other types. The best thing anybody can do to make us eat healthier is to somehow make healthy food cheaper (the chain that gets this closest to correct is Subway).

If they keep this "cheap and healthy" formula in mind, I think the Oliver/Seacrest team has a chance of success. The Biggest Loser has personal trainers to help each contestant. We'll see if Americans can succeed without one.

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Jamie Oliver: Killer of cute baby chicks - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 1st 2008 9:01PM

Jamie OliverYou're probably not going to see this on Martha Stewart.

British chef Jamie Oliver made a point recently about the way that chickens (and other animals) are treated and killed in the manufacture and processing of food. Oliver has been an activist for years and really wants people to understand where their food comes from. He brought out a bunch of fluffy, cute baby chicks and let a studio audience pet them and get to see how they cute they were. Then he took the baby chicks and gassed them, live on stage. Then he fed one to a big snake.

It's a little disconcerting, with the wacky music and the audience oooooing and ahhhhhhing. Then the killing comes and the audience cries (though I wonder if they know that you have to kill chickens and cows and other animals you see dancing in Pixar films to make the food we love to eat). Video after the jump (though you won't actually get to see the snake eat the chick, you ghouls).

By sheer coincidence, I'm having chicken tonight.

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Jamie Oliver returns to Food Network

by Kristin Sample, posted Nov 14th 2007 6:01PM
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver, a favorite of many Food Network lovers, will be returning "home" with his new show to air in January. Probably most famous for his show The Naked Chef, Jamie's new show will be called Jamie at Home. Bob Tuschman, Senior Vice President, Programming for Food Network, explains: "His new show focuses on recipes that are quick, fresh, inventive and easy to recreate at home."

The show will follow Oliver around his home in England and feature him preparing meals with produce from his own country garden. Each episode will feature a different ingredient from Oliver's kitchen garden. Oliver will show viewers a variety of recipes that focus on that ingredient.

Jamie at Home premieres on Food Network on Saturday, January 12 at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT as part of Food Network's "In the Kitchen" line-up.

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The Naked Chef gets animated

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 21st 2007 3:01PM

Jamie OliverJamie Oliver is getting Wallace & Gromit-ized.

Aardman Animations, which produces the Wallace & Gromit cartoons, and Fresh One Productions, Oliver's company, are making a cartoon which will feature the young chef. The series will be titled Little J and will feature the adventures of a 10 year-old Jamie Oliver and how he started to love food and cooking and became a chef.

The show is described as "comically surreal and exciting," and from the picture in the article it certainly looks like it will be heavy on the surreal part. What is that he's holding, a giant broccoli with a face? And I know they don't have the best dental system in Britain, but look at that mouth. Very A Nightmare Before Christmas, mixed with a little Yellow Submarine. Should be fun though.

[via TV Tattle]

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Ask TV Squad: Are cooking shows on DVD?

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 26th 2006 12:19PM
emeril lagasseTV Squad reader, Steve, likes to cook with celebrity chefs. He says watching a recipe on television is "easier to understand than just reading in a cookbook." And, if you ask me, he probably likes the friendly company of Emeril, Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. But, recording cooking shows on VHS is a pain. To find his favorite pizza recipe, Steve would have to search through the tape. He asks TV Squad: Are there any DVDs/CDROMs of celebrity cooking shows?

Yes and no, Steve. There are, but I found surprisingly few.

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What's on tonight: Blaine, Brian, Bourdain, basketball and Beaver

by Bob Sassone, posted May 8th 2006 4:30PM
  • David BlaineWill David Blaine drown? Check out live at 8pm on ABC. It's followed by a new What About Brian? Unless Blaine drowns, and then it will probably be followed by ABC news live coverage of his death.
  • CBS has new eps of King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami.
  • NBC has a new Deal Or No Deal at 8, followed by new eps of The Apprentice and Medium (with Kelsey Grammer).
  • Over on FOX, new episodes of Prison Break and 24.
  • The WB has the series (season?) finale of 7th Heaven at 8, followed by a new Everwood.
  • UPN has new eps of One On One, All Of Us, and a new one hour Girlfriends.
  • TLC has Jamie's School Lunch Project, where chef Jamie Oliver teaches kids how to cook. It's on at 8.
  • TV Land has four eps of Leave It To Beaver, starting at 8.
  • Also at 8: TNT has two NBA playoff games.
  • At 9, USA has a new WWE Monday Night RAW.
  • Also at 9: the Travel Channel has a new Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.
  • At 10, MTV has a new Punk'd.

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Chefs catch flak for animal killings

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 9th 2006 12:47PM
Two TV chefs in Britain, including Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen, got into a bit of trouble recently for showing animals being slaughtered on the air. Well, it seems they didn't actually show it in gory, graphic detail, but on chef Jamie Oliver's show, Jamie's Great Escape, he did slit a lamb's throat. On Ramsay's show, a slaughterman was brought in to kill a few turkeys with a stun gun. Both shows resulted in fifty-seven complaints, but Ofcom maintained that the killing of the animals was done in a responsible and humane manner.

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