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October 9, 2015

january 16

Battlestar Galactica this and that: final episodes premiere date and DVD release

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 16th 2008 5:34PM

Coming on January 16th...the last 10 episodes of Battlestar GalacticaEveryone, take out your 2009 Ziggy calendars and Tinkerbell fluffy pens. It's time to put some important Battlestar Galactica dates down so you will be able to get both your DVRs and wallets ready.

The good news-bad news first. The final 10 episodes of BSG will begin airing on SciFi staring on January 16th at 10:00 PM. That's the good news. The bad news is when the series finale will air. Should the shows air weekly, and there's no reason they shouldn't, the last episode will be shown on March 20th. That's bad because the series is ending...not because March 20th signifies the end of the world or anything. Really, the scheduling is up in the air since executive producer Ron Moore has previously stated that the series finale may run three hours or more.

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FOX might sell first four episodes of 24's next season on DVD

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 22nd 2006 7:02PM
24 logoInteresting bit of news from the Watching 24 blog, if it's true...

FOX is thinking very seriously about marketing a DVD that contains the first four episodes of the upcoming season of 24. The rumor is the DVD is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, January 16, which the day after the two-day, four-hour season premiere airs on FOX. The price will be $14.95.

Like the Watching 24 folks, I think this is an intriguing marketing experiment, but am not sure why FOX is doing this. Do they think the DVD will stem the tide of downloading via BitTorrent and other services? Why would fans pay half the price of a full season just to see four episodes? And won't fans of the show just wait until the entire season comes out on DVD and buy it then? If FOX succeeds in selling a lot of copies of this disc, I wonder if other networks are going to follow suit?

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What's on tonight: Golden Globes, 24, and The Bachelor

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 16th 2006 2:50PM
  • The Bachelor: ParisAt 8pm, NBC has The Golden Globes (we'll have coverage of the red carpet arrivals at 6, and Cinematical will live blog the show at 8).
  • CBS has repeats of The King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Out of Practice, and CSI: Miami.
  • ABC has a repeat of Wife Swap at 8 and then The Bachelor: Paris at 9 (they've taken Emily's Reasons Why Not off the sked this week), and then a new The Bachelor: Paris
  • FOX has another 2 hour episode of 24 at 8.
  • The WB repeats of 7th Heaven and Related, while UPN has all new episodes One on One, All of Us, Girlfriends, and Half and Half.
  • ABC Family has a new ep of Wildfire at 8, followed by a repeat of Gilmore Girls.
  • HGTV has a new Cash in the Attic at 8, followed by a repeat Dream House, and a new World's Most Extreme Homes
  • Also at 8: FX has Jet Li in Kiss of the Dragon, and HBO has Jamie Foxx in Ray.
  • At 9, USA has a new WWE Monday Night Raw.
  • Food Network has a new Unwrapped at 9, focusing on "Rainy Day Snacks," whatever they are.
  • The Cartoon Network has the Chris Elliott movie Snow Day at 9. Is that a cartoon?  
  • Fuel has a new The Daily Habit at 9, followed by a new The Surf Vault at 9:30. 
  • Also at 9: ESPN has college basketball. At 9:30, ESPN2 continues their coverage of The Australian Open.  
  • At 9:30, Discovery Kids has a new Time Warp Trio.
  • At 10, Comedy Central has the standup special Greg Behrendt is Uncool.
  • The Disney Channel has a new That's So Raven at 10.
  • Also at 10: Food Network has a new The Secret Life Of..., focusing on "Comfort Foods." 
  • At 11, G4 has a new episode of X-Play.
  • You can watch Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube battle a giant Anaconda on TBS at 11.
  • Discovery Channel has a new Roush Racing: Driver X. It's on at 11 too.
  • At midnight, Emeril cooks up some "Winter Treats" on Food Network.


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