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October 6, 2015

jason segel

'The Muppets': Our Favorite TV Stars Join Mahna Mahna Craze

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 23rd 2011 10:35AM
The Muppets Mahna MahnaIt's safe to say we're pretty flipping excited for 'The Muppets' movie.

Not only does the new film star Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, but some of our favorite TV stars like Rashida Jones and Neil Patrick Harris round out the cast. And just like us, they're not immune to the Mahna Mahna song.

In the video below, Jones, Harris, Ken Jeong and more of our favorite scene-stealers join the Mahna Mahna phenomenon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the video is promoting MuppetsMahnaMahna.com, a site where fans can upload clips of themselves singing the classic song.

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Jason Segel Talks About His Own Muppet, Makes Innuendos on 'Late Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 23rd 2011 5:00AM
Jason Segel, 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'Not only was Jason Segel honored and so thrilled to be a part of the revival of the Muppets as film stars, but he got another honor perhaps even more special that he talked about on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET On CBS).

But as quickly as we were excited for him at having a Muppet of himself made and gifted to him, it quickly took a dark turn.

"there is something very strange and very awesome about me operating a puppet of myself alone in my apartment," Segel said.

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Jason Segel on Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' and Accomplishing His Childhood Goals

by Crystal Bell, posted Nov 21st 2011 6:45PM
jason segal saturday night live Not many people get the chance to accomplish all of their childhood goals, let alone all three in one week, but Jason Segel's one lucky guy. Not only did he cross making a Muppet movie off his inverse-bucket list, but he finally achieved another childhood dream by hosting 'Saturday Night Live.'

"I have a list of childhood goals," Segel told Moviefone. "There are only three things on it: Be on David Letterman, work with the Muppets, and host 'SNL.' I had done Letterman before and I, obviously, did the Muppet movie last year. But, I did all three last week. In one week! That's not hyperbole, that's an actual list I had."

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Who Scored Big in Week 7 of SNL's Relevancy Poll?

by Mike Ryan, posted Nov 21st 2011 1:45PM
It was a very crowded week for our favorite 'SNL' players. Not only did they have to share the spotlight with Jason Segel --who appeared to be glowing from having so much fun – but they also had to share the spotlight with the Muppets. Also, a key element of success on the Relevancy Poll was missing this week: The "Weekend Update" segments. I mean, yes, there were two segments, but they were monopolized by the real John Huntsman and then, later, by Kermit the Frog. Who's number one? Let's find out!

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'SNL' Scorecard: Jason Segel and the Muppets Get Things Started

by Mike Ryan, posted Nov 20th 2011 11:50AM

There's a danger in looking too forward to an individual 'SNL' host just because, on paper, they should excel. Too often I've thought, "Well, this person will obviously be great,' only to have that person come off as flat or uninterested. Jason Segel's name immediately jumped out as a potentially great host. I mean, yes, he was obviously going to bring the Muppets with him, that was a given. But this is a guy who has made it clear that hosting 'SNL' has been a lifelong dream. But Segel is a writer. Sometimes writers come to the show with ideas in mind (like Segel obviously did with "Andre the Giant Gets an Ice Cream") that aren't necessarily great. But, happily, Segel brought his A-game and he brought Paul Rudd because, well, why not bring Paul Rudd? On to a very happy Scorecard!

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Jason Segel's Face Gets 'Unfavorable Reaction' From 'Muppets' Test Audience (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 15th 2011 3:45AM
Jason Segel, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Jason Segel has managed to have quite a successful career in comedy, despite having a face that apparently just continues to test poorly with audiences. On 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS), he brought in a comment card from a 7-year old who was part of a screening for 'The Muppets.'

In it, the kid seemed to love the film, but when asked what he didn't like about it, the answer was pretty straightforward. "Gary's face," the kid wrote.

Gary is the name of Segel's character in the film.

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Emma Stone, Jason Segel, Charlie Day Book 'Saturday Night Live' Hosting Gigs

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 17th 2011 12:30PM
Emma Stone, Jason Segel, Charlie Day SNL'Saturday Night Live' is bringing in Emma Stone, Jason Segel and Charlie Day for sweeps.

Day, star of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' makes his hosting debut on Sat., Nov. 5 with musical guest Maroon 5. This is Maroon 5's third appearance on the show.

On Nov. 12, Stone makes her second appearance as host. Coldplay will make their fourth appearance on the show was 'The Help' star's musical guest.

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'How I Met Your Mother' Season 7: Weddings, Song and Dance Numbers & a Baby

by Maggie Furlong, posted Sep 19th 2011 6:30PM
'How I Met You Mother' kicks off its seventh season tonight (premieres Mon., Sept. 19, 8PM ET on CBS), and fans will get a nice dose of singing and dancing, some auto-tuned Ted, two weddings and some flashbacks.

I hit the set during a particularly boob-tastic day of shooting this season, with Lily finally showing the first signs of pregnancy, but there were even more exciting things to talk about.

'How I Met Your Mother'

Like what guest stars Martin Short and Kal Penn will be up to, what sort of love triangles we'll be seeing this season (Barney and Robin and Ted? Really?!), lots of wedding talk and, of course, Marshall and Lily's bundle of joy.

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Top 5 TVR Clips of the Week: Ben Bailey's Bathroom Break, Padma's Potato Skins, New 'AGT' Phenom & More (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Jun 25th 2011 6:00PM

This week's five best clips collection features both the stuff of nightmares (hearing your name called at an awards show when you're in the bathroom) and what dreams are made of (Padma somehow making a potato skins recipe sexy).

We saw 'America's Got Talent' find its latest child phenom, Sharon Osbourne continue to horrify daytime television audiences and Jason Segel share his shameful weight loss secrets with America.

Check out the videos after the jump and vote for your favorite in our weekly poll.

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Jason Segel Shows the Photos That Got Him to Lose Weight on 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 24th 2011 4:49AM
Jason Segel, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Astute fans of Jason Segel may have noticed that the actor seems to have slimmed down in his more recent public appearances. He confirmed that on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) and even brought the pictures to prove it.

The photos served as a sort of intervention for Segel. He'd gotten up to about 245 pounds, and was enjoying "the best food and booze anywhere," according to Segel, in New Orleans.

"Unfortunately my assistant had a key to my room in case I overslept," Segel said. "She came in one day to wake me up and she took a bunch of pictures to show me what I had become."

David Letterman then put up one of the pictures, which he said looked like a crime scene. Segel was sprawled on his back, belly partially hanging out, covered in Taco Bell wrappers. Under any circumstances, this is a sobering picture of the aftermath of a bad night -- or good, depending on what you're striving for.

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Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Discuss Their 'Bad Teacher' 'Safe-Sex PSA' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 6th 2011 3:30PM
Cameron Diaz talks about her Working with your ex at any job can be an awkward situation; having to film a sex scene for a major mainstream comedy would be harrowing. Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, who once dated, had to address that in their new film, 'Bad Teacher,' but, as they both said on 'Access Hollywood Live' (weekday, syndicated on NBC), it wasn't that bad.

'Access' correspondent Shaun Robinson asked them about what she described as a "dry humping" scene. Diaz and Timberlake were both quick to correct her, framing the scene as a "safe sex PSA."

Said Diaz: "There's nobody better to do that with than somebody who you love and trust," said Diaz, "who you know where you stand. There is no other possibility than the possibility that is standing right in front of you."

Timberlake and 'Teacher' co-star Jason Segel came up with a few other ways to describe the scene. "We prefer 'jean jamming,'" said Timberlake. Segel offered the phrase, "If she's just in knee-highs, keep on your Levis." Indeed, it may be something for the kids to keep in mind.

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Jason Segel Frightens Kathie Lee and Hoda on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 22nd 2010 1:00PM
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcome Jason Segel to the fourth hour of 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC), and both hosts jokingly claim to be frightened by the mere presence of the comedic actor.

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Jason Segel Shows Jimmy Fallon the Muppet He Created on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 21st 2010 4:41AM
Jason Segel, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Jason Segel has been passionate about the Muppets longer than he's been on 'How I Met Your Mother.' Now that he's written and is directing their big-screen comeback, he brought that passion to 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' (Weeknights, 12:37AM on NBC).

For the first table read, Segel revealed that the Muppets themselves were brought in to perform their parts, so it wasn't just the voice actors sitting around. "Kermit comes out," he said. "He goes, 'Hi-ho' and then I said I needed a five minute break."

At that moment, it must have been like the culmination of a dream for Segel, who said in his youth he'd thought of Kermit as the everyman, even moreso than Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks. Now, he'd taken his passion and love of the Muppets, and he was bringing about their revival.

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Jason Segel Cried When He 'Met' Kermit the Frog (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Dec 17th 2010 5:05AM
Jason Segel Talks Kermit on 'Tonight'Jason Segel has a particular affinity for puppets, as evidenced by the puppet version of "Dracula" in his 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' film. Now the 'How I Met Your Mother' actor is working on the next Muppets movie, and he's clearly the perfect adult for the job.

At the first script reading, the puppeteers brought their Muppets along, explained Segel on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC). Segel heard "Hi ho," turned and glimpsed Kermit the Frog and promptly broke down. "They had to stop because I started crying hysterically," chuckled Segel.

Why? "He was so beautiful!" Segel then went on to describe the magical spell puppets seem to cast on children, as they did on him as a child. "That's why I'm doing this movie," he said.

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'How I Met Your Mother' Celebrates Blitzgiving (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 17th 2010 1:45PM
The 'How I Met Your Mother' gang has survived some pretty horrific holidays together -- including the epic 'Slapsgiving' episode heard round the world -- but this year's Thanksgiving is particularly jinxed.

Guest star Jorge Garcia (you might remember him from a little show called 'Lost') plays the Blitz, Ted (Josh Radnor) and Marshall's (Jason Segel) old college pal who seems to be a bit cursed when it comes to timing. The Blitz comes back into their lives, and his curse gets mysteriously passed on, rendering Turkey Day a bit of a mess.

I caught up with Garcia, Radnor, Segel, Cobie Smulders and guest star Jennifer Morrison -- who ends up hanging out with all of Ted's pals and even hosting them for the holiday -- to find out what's in store for 'Blitzgiving' (Mon., Nov. 22, 8PM ET on CBS). Skateboarding dogs and Robin in KISS makeup anyone? Yes please!

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