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October 7, 2015


Recently canceled shows I mourn

by Debra McDuffee, posted Aug 5th 2008 3:23PM
Alex O'Laughlin as Mick St. John in MoonlightThere will always be Buffy, Angel, Quantum Leap and Magnum, P.I. on my "Oh Man I Want New Episodes of These Shows" list, but what about the more recently canceled shows of the past few years? Are there any worth mourning?

Maybe not in the same way I mourn my culty loves and classic '80s shows, but there are a few worth mentioning....

Yep, I know, I am one of Those People -- a fan of Moonlight. Though I agree it was weak when it returned after the writer's strike, there were lots of things to love about this show: the vampire lore, the episodic mysteries, the way they could have taken the love story (had they not muffed it up in the last four episodes), the actors (Jason Dohring and Alex O'Laughlin; not Sophia Myles). I can't believe that I won't find out more of the back story with Joseph's family and Coraline.

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Veronica Mars meets Weevil -- on Heroes?

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jun 10th 2008 2:40PM
Francis Capra as Weevil on Veronica MarsWe Veronica Mars fans take whatever bones the TV world will throw at us. We mourn the loss of the well-written female super-sleuth series, and we've been kicked while we are down with the cancellation of Moonlight, where we at least got to see Jason Dohring every week. Could there be a little love coming for the VM fans?

If you watch Heroes, you could be in for a real treat this fall, when Francis Capra, of Weevil fame, joins the cast alongside former Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell.

We don't know much about Capra's role except that his name is Jesse and he will be evil. Weevil playing evil -- a rhyme I just had to make and a role I'm looking forward to seeing. Even though I don't watch Heroes, I'll tune in to see what Capra's got for us.

So, VM fans, enjoy the reunion of Veronica and Weevil this fall, and try not to let that bothersome Heroes story line get in the way of the VM nostalgia.

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Why we need a Veronica Mars movie

by Debra McDuffee, posted May 7th 2008 11:05AM
Kristen Bell as Veronica MarsYes, I still mourn Veronica Mars. We all know season three wasn't up to par, but that is all the more reason to mourn what once was.

Jane's recent post, listing six reasons why we need a Las Vegas movie, inspired me to think about, and now write about, why we really need a Veronica Mars movie.

In some ways, the finale was a shout out to the Veronica Mars of old -- Logan was a downright jerk again, left only to his aggression and baser instincts; Veronica was stable and a goody-goody girlfriend (remember the Duncan days?) and Weevil got some balls and was up to his old tricks again. We liked all of that.

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