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August 28, 2015

jay leno

Simon Cowell on the Current 'American Idol' Judges: 'I Was a Bit Kinder' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 3rd 2011 2:44AM
Simon Cowell, 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'In case you were wondering, Simon Cowell has caught a few episodes of 'American Idol' this season. Of course, that led Jay Leno to ask him his thoughts about the show's continued success on 'The Tonight Show' (Wed., 11:35PM ET on NBC) in his absence.

"You always want to leave a show and it does better, right?" Cowell quipped. Close. The show is down slightly from last season, but certainly its decline has been less than in recent seasons.

Cowell got a few details wrong about ousted singer Chris Medina as well, though it does appear as if Medina's story touched him. When Leno asked him if he agrees the show is kinder and gentler, he cited Medina as evidence it isn't.

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'American Idol's' Chris Medina to Appear on 'The Tonight Show' Friday

by Catherine Lawson, posted Feb 24th 2011 7:55AM
Chris Medina on 'American idol'The judges on 'American Idol' routinely crush the hopes and dreams of aspiring singers, but last night it all proved too much for Jennifer Lopez as she broke down in tears after sending home early favorite Chris Medina.

But although Medina's 'Idol' journey is over, his TV one isn't. It's been announced that Jay Leno has won the battle of the talk show guest bookers, and Medina will perform on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' Friday.

Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show Band will accompany Medina on "What Are Words" -- a song inspired by Medina's love story. The track, which was written and produced by Rodney Jerkins, will be available online later today.

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Jay Leno Shows Unaired Footage of Rob Lowe in 'Mean Jeans' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 11th 2011 11:15AM
Rob Lowe Mean JeansAfter watching this clip of an unaired show called 'Mean Jeans' starring Rob Lowe, you might be thankful it never saw the light of day. Jay Leno surprised Lowe with footage from the Garry Marshall-produced sitcom from 1981 on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC).

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Howard Stern Apologizes to Letterman, But Bashes His Super Bowl Commercial With Leno (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 4th 2011 3:30AM
Howard Stern, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Howard Stern has made a career out of saying whatever he wants and making virtually no apologies for any of it. However, his conscience got the better of him when it came to David Letterman. So, on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS), Stern made a genuine apology to Letterman for something that happened many years ago.

Early in both of their entertainment careers, Letterman used to call Stern at home. Stern would then talk about those conversations on his radio show, which upset Letterman at the time and led to the phone calls stopping.

"I really want to apologize to you for doing that," Stern said sincerely. "And if you should call me again, I would not reveal what you said."

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Chris Elliot Talks 'The Tonight Show' on Letterman: 'That Show is for Morons' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 2nd 2011 4:17AM
Chris Elliott, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Chris Elliott may just be bitter that he didn't know the main ingredient of bread. While on the 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM on CBS), he started talking about 'The Tonight Show's "Jaywalking" segments.

He was ambushed by "Herman Munster with a neckjob," as he described Jay Leno, who shoved a microphone in his face. "How am I supposed to know that flour is the main ingredient in bread?" he asked Letterman.

"I'll tell you right now, that show is for morons," Elliott said of 'The Tonight Show.' "It is not like your show ... This is really for the intellectual elites here."

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Orange County Choppers Faces Foreclosure, Fox Hit With 'Lie to Me' Lawsuit and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 25th 2011 12:00PM
Paul Teutul Sr.Orange County Choppers is facing foreclosure on an upcoming episode of its reality series, 'American Chopper.'

In November, the Times Herald Record reported that the lender behind OCC's headquarters in Newburgh, N.Y., filed a foreclosure action against the reality stars. The preview for next week's 'American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior' showed Paul Teutul Sr. dealing with the news.

According to The Times Herald Record, Orange County Choppers has two mortgages through GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. One is for $11 million and the other is for $1.5 million. The November foreclosure action said the OCC missed payments of $96,400 and $14,000. They were due July 1.

Richard Mahon, lawyer for the Choppers, told the newspaper in November that his clients stopped making payments to put pressure on the lender to modify terms of the loan since the value of the building has changed in the recession.

"This is just a bump in the road," Mahon told the Record. "We believe the parties will reach a resolution and the headquarters will continue in this location."

In other TV news ...

• 'Spartacus: Gods of the Arena' debuted to big ratings. The Starz prequel series was seen by 1.1 million viewers at 10PM, 66 percent higher than 'Spartacus: Blood & Sand's' premiere a year ago. [Deadline Hollywood]

• Want to confront the celebrity you hate? The CW might be able to help. The network is working on a project that pairs celebrities with ordinary folk, giving the regular person a chance to confront the celebrity and a chance for the star to win the hater over. It's being called 'H8R.' [Entertainment Weekly]

• Jay Leno has been named the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year. Harvard honored Justin Timberlake last year. [E! Online]

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Kathie Lee Gifford Does a Keg Stand Backstage at 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 24th 2011 1:30PM
In this behind-the-scenes footage shown on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC), Jay Leno surprises Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb with boxes of wine prior to an appearance on 'The Tonight Show.' Later, Leno visits Gifford's dressing room a second time and discovers her doing a keg stand.

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Howard Stern Rips Jay Leno for Stealing Material and Doing a 'Terrible Thing' to Conan (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Jan 19th 2011 3:20PM
Howard Stern pulled no punches when talking about Jay Leno on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' (weekdays, 9PM ET on CNN.)

"Jay is insane, and Jay is a crook, and the whole world knows what he is up to," Stern told Morgan. "He steals a tremendous amount of material, he's not fit to scrub David Letterman's feet."

Morgan followed up Stern's diatribe by asking him his opinion on what happened between Leno and Conan O'Brien at NBC.

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TVR Awards -- The Best Jokes Lobbed at Leno and NBC During the 'Tonight Show' Debacle (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 30th 2010 5:00AM

There was no more captivating story to unfold on TV this year than the shakeup at 'The Tonight Show.' When NBC got impatient with new host Conan O'Brien after only seven months on the job and began experimenting with ways to re-install Jay Leno in his old gig, it sparked a controversy that quickly engulfed the entire TV scene. Comedians and rival hosts from across the dial dove right into the real-life drama, cracking jokes, taking sides, and reacting to new developments nightly. It was a good old-fashioned late-night war, and it inspired a lot of excellent comedy. Who got in the funniest jabs? Check out our video collection and vote for your favorite jokes in the poll below.

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TVR Awards -- The 10 Most Viewed Videos of the Year

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 27th 2010 11:30AM

Take a tour through the past year of TV and relive some of the best moments the medium had to offer in our 10 Most Viewed Videos of the Year. We'd all do well to study these fan favorites and commit them to long-term memory. After all, someday our grandchildren might ask where we were when Terry Bradshaw sprang from a cake, when Helen Mirren showed up in a red bikini or when Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off their own set. Okay, maybe not. But it's nice to dream.

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Javier Bardem's Most Embarrassing Job -- Playing Superman on a 1980s TV Show (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 23rd 2010 4:30AM
Javier Bardem's Most Embarrassing Job -- Playing Superman on a 1980s TV ShowActor Javier Bardem is on top of the world these days. He's married to Penélope Cruz; he's won an Oscar -- who could ask for anything more?

But on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), we learned that things weren't always so peachy for the actor. Once upon a time, he had to wear form-fitting tights and run around to a "zany" soundtrack.

It was Jay Leno's fault for bringing the whole thing up: "You never dressed maybe as ... Superman?" the host said. "Aw, jeez!" Javier replied. Yes, it's true. Back in 1989, when he was starting out as an actor, Bardem appeared on the Spanish comedy show 'El Dia Por Delante.' And yes, he had to wear a Superman costume. Javier watched, semi-mortified, as Leno replayed the ancient clip.

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The Best and Worst of TV in 2010: 'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family,' 'Glee' and More

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 22nd 2010 5:30PM
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad'During every Festivus season, we here at TV Squad reflect on what's happened during the past year in the world of the boob tube (I'll keep calling it that because "boob flat screen" doesn't flow as well).

We're in the midst of giving you our "12 Days of Festivus," my fellow Squadders have given their best and worst picks, and Mo Ryan has given what she liked and disliked this year.

So, how much more can we talk about? Plenty. 2010 was an active year in the television universe and there is plenty to talk about. As I've done in the past, I'll dispense with the usual "best show/worst show" mishegas and just make up the categories as I go along.


The best season of television that almost no one saw:
The heart-attack inducing third season of 'Breaking Bad.' I've already said that the season, which ended over the summer, was the best season of dramatic television in the past decade, and it seems even better than that in retrospect.

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Emma Stone Had an Asthma Attack While Filming a Sex Scene (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 22nd 2010 4:22AM
Emma Stone Had an Asthma Attack While Filming a Sex SceneActress Emma Stone is currently starring in the film 'Easy A,' which is a remake of the classic novel 'The Scarlet Letter.' In both the book and the movie, the letter "A" stands for adultery. But in Emma's case, it just stands for asthma. One of these words is kind of sexy, and the other equals a common form of lung disease. And that sort of sums up Emma's problem.

On 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), Emma told Jay Leno how she learned she had asthma, and how she learned that she might have a few difficulties with the whole "sex" thing.

While filming a simulated sex scene for 'Easy A,' the actress had a bad asthma attack and had to be given oxygen. Apparently, she was doing a lot of "jumping up and down" during the scene. "Wow," Leno said.

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Larry King Does Stand-Up Comedy on 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 21st 2010 3:34AM
Larry King Does Stand-Up Comedy on 'The Tonight Show' Lots of comedians have used 'The Tonight Show' as a launching-pad to stardom -- including David Letterman and, obviously, Jay Leno. And on the latest episode (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), we met a potential new comedy star, by the name of ... Mr. Larry King?

Yes, it's true. Now that he's retired from 'Larry King Live,' the longtime CNN host has expressed an interest in starting a career as a stand-up comic. We swear we are not making this up. So the 77-year-old decided to test his comedy chops on the biggest stage of all. And how did his 'Tonight Show' stand-up debut go?

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Six Late-Night Talk Show Hosts: Winners and Losers

by Gary Susman, posted Dec 18th 2010 2:00PM
'I'm With Coco' PosterCountdown to Festivus on Dec. 23: On the sixth day of Festivus, TV gave us to ... six late-night talk show hosts battling.

Hard to remember, but at this time a year ago, David Letterman was facing one of the biggest crises of his career in the wake of his sex-and-blackmail scandal, Conan O'Brien was just settling into his job at 'The Tonight Show,' Jay Leno was tanking in primetime and Jimmy Fallon was still finding his voice as a late-late-night host.

The late night landscape has changed a bit since then.

It was clear a year ago that there was trouble on the horizon, but few (save, perhaps, for Andy Richter) anticipated the earthquake to come. Most of the cataclysm occurred in January, when NBC decided to bring Leno back to 11:35, and O'Brien decided to take a golden parachute after just seven months on the job rather than follow Leno at 12:05.

The aftershocks from that event, which continue to this day, affected not just the two of them, but also Letterman, Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Craig Ferguson. (Not to mention a supporting cast of millions, including network bigwigs, obstinate local stations, and angry fans nationwide.)

Miraculously, all six night owls are still working -- though maybe not for much longer. How did the rollercoaster year shake out for each of them? Let's see ...

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