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September 5, 2015

jeffrey dean morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Disappointed We Have to Hear So Much About the Kardashians (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 8th 2011 6:00AM
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'Geoff the Robot showed a respectable depth of knowledge about the Kardashian clan, and it was a feat guest Jeffrey Dean Morgan admitted he could not duplicate on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:30AM ET on CBS). In fact, he learned more about them from Geoff than he'd probably ever known.

I'm just really disappointed that we have to hear so much about them," Morgan said. Unless, that is, he were able to marry into the family. Then he'd be fine with it.

Ferguson happily told him there was an opening and he could jump right in there. "And it's not a long commitment," he said. "It's like three, four months, you're done."

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Jane After Dark: 'Supernatural' - Dean's Deal With the Crossroads Demon

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 14th 2010 4:50PM
Supernatural, Jane After Dark
Hey, 'Supernatural' fans. Well, I'm into season three now, after a short break last week to recover from season two. I was sort of bummed out the way it ended and needed some time to get my wits together. I was majorly sad about Dean's deal with the Crossroads demon to save Sam. It was a tough spot, to be sure. He had to save his brother; on the other hand, how will Sam feel when Dean's gone in a year? Clearly, I've got too much invested in these characters.

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Jane After Dark: 'Supernatural' is Approaching 'Buffy' Territory

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 21st 2010 11:03AM
Jane After Dark, Supernatural
Even though some episodes still scare the crap out of me, I'm really getting into 'Supernatural.' I know this because it's tough trying to do other work while I'm watching it at night. Impossible, really. Instead, I use it as my own little incentive program -- edit this post, watch five minutes of 'Supernatural,' write up that review, watch five minutes of 'Supernatural.' Cubicle workers have bonuses and rewards programs, I have 'Supernatural.'

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Jane After Dark: I Believe in the Power of 'Supernatural'

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 13th 2010 10:00AM
Supernatural - Jane After Dark
'Supernatural' is one of those shows I've been hearing about since it first premiered in 2005. I was never a fan of shows with demons and ghosts and the like until I finally watched 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Now I'm sort of hooked on them.

I'm not gonna lie, though. I'm just a few episodes into 'Supernatural,' and so far, it's terrifying. It could be a good long while before I'm able to swim in a lake ('Dead in the Water'), go camping ('Wendigo'), fly on a plane ('Phantom Traveler'), or look in a mirror ('Bloody Mary'). And I'm convinced that my husband is probably a shape-shifter ('Skin').

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Kripke and the producers spilled juicy teasers about Supernatural all over San Diego

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 27th 2009 10:58AM
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Creator Erik Kripke, and producers Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble talked a lot about Supernatural at Comic-Con on Sunday. The show is entering the fifth chapter in Kripke's five year vision. But check out this quote from the show's creator: "We're not going to stretch this one out past its expiration, we're not going to drag this one into a place it isn't. We're going to tell this one the way it's supposed to be told, and it's going to end, but another story can begin."

Imagine that. No pressure from the network to stretch it out and stall and add Nikki and Paulo to distract the audience for awhile. Letting a creator's vision play out as intended? How very ... modern of them. Less exciting is that Kripke was, well, cryptic as to whether or not he'd stay on for a sixth season should the show return; and it will.

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Grey's Anatomy: Here's to the Future

by Jonathan Toomey, posted May 15th 2009 9:14AM

Justin Chambers and Patrick Dempsey
(S05E23) "I'm your tumor. You're talking to yourself." - Denny

Just when I was finally starting to get sucked back into Grey's Anatomy, when I had finally come to terms with the ridiculous Denny/Izzie sex, when I had finally said, "hey, I actually like where they went with this," he had to come back one more time to ruin it all. After last week, I thought we had seen the last of Denny Duquette. Izzie told him to go and he went. But it's like Denny said - he's Izzie's tumor and as long as she still has the brain lump, Denny's gonna keep getting a tan down at Izzie's imaginary beach. I think I speak collectively for the entire population of Earth when I say thank god Izzie chose to get the surgery.

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TV News Daily: NBC Unveils 2009-10 Lineup

by Thomas DiChiara, posted May 4th 2009 12:00PM
SouthlandNBC is shaking things up. The network has unveiled a preliminary peek at its fall lineup, and there are some surprises. Frosh series 'Southland' and 'Parks and Recreation' have been renewed, while the fates of fan faves such as 'My Name Is Earl,' 'Chuck,' 'Medium' and 'Law & Order' are still in limbo. Oh yeah, and the NBC cop drama 'Life'? It's dead.

In other TV news, Jeffrey Dean Morgan says his 'Grey's Anatomy' alter-ego Denny has haunted the halls of Seattle Grace for the last time, and 'The Cleveland Show' gets renewed for a second season (months before the first season even debuts).

See more of today's TV headlines, casting scoops and premiere dates after the jump.

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TV Squad Ten: TV DILFs

by Debra McDuffee, posted Feb 23rd 2009 11:17AM
Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager in Kyle XYI think I'm getting old. I realized this last season while watching an episode of Kyle XY. Matt Dallas, who plays Kyle himself, and his baby blues weren't doing anything for me. Chris Olivero (Declan) and his hunky jock thing didn't excite me either. I turned to my husband, mildly horrified when it hit me: "Honey, the hottest guy on this show is the dad!"

When my husband shook off his case of the giggles, he gently reminded me that the dad was, actually, closer to my age than the teenage boys. True, but I am so not as old as that dad... but I do think he's hot.

In fact, there have been a lot of hot dads, let's call them DILFs, on TV in recent years. Gives us oldies some eye candy too, I suppose. So, in descending order (yep, you've got to wait until the end for the super-hotties):

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TV Squad Ten: Why Izzie + Denny = Ridiculous

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 11th 2008 11:26AM

Katherine Heigl and Jeffrey Dean MorganWelcome to TV Squad Ten, a new semi-weekly feature where we list ten fun things about the current state of TV.

The Izzie/Denny romance has gone from being one of the most fan-adored plots on Grey's Anatomy to one of the most fan-despised over the span of just three seasons. When Denny first popped up as a heart-transplant candidate in season two, it was cute and adorable. Despite the fact that he was dying, the guy was funny and charming - how could you not like him?

Even though it was hard to swallow Izzie's over-the-top attempt to save Denny's life (LVAD wire anyone?), we still bit our tongues and from what I recall, just about everyone went through a whole box of Kleenex when he finally kicked it.

But then he kept coming back. It was infrequent at first and now it's reached the point that Denny is around more now than when he was alive. It's ridiculous and wrong and here are ten reasons why...

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ABC to focus group: you cool with Izzie and Denny falling in love?

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 27th 2008 12:03PM

Katherine Heigl and Jeffrey Dean MorganApparently ABC is weirded out by Izzie having sex with a ghost too. At the very least, they certainly are curious.

According to EW, the alphabet network has started testing audiences with a potential Grey's Anatomy love story between Izzie and the very, very, very not alive Denny Duquette.

Now I know focus groups aren't cheap and since it's Thanksgiving Day, I'm in a very giving mood. So if anyone from ABC is reading this - let me save you some money:

This story BLOWS.

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What Debbie is thankful for

by Debra McDuffee, posted Nov 22nd 2008 8:00AM
Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist
It's that time of year again -- time to shop 'til you drop, bake until you sweat, eat until you bloat, and take stock in what you are thankful for, in your life and of course, on television.

You might think that in this season of less-than-stellar television, it would be hard to find TV-related things to be thankful for; after all, with lackluster new shows and all of your favorites getting canceled left and right, things do seem bleak.

But my glass is half full, and I still garner joy from my nightly boob tube sessions, my TV on DVD collection, and the time I haven't spent watching TV. I am thankful ...

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan to return to Grey's Anatomy

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 8th 2007 1:22PM
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Katherine HeiglJust when you think the Denny Debacle was over...

Mike Ausiello over at TVGuide.com is reporting that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is returning to Grey's Anatomy as Denny Duquette; he'll appear in an episode later this season. Of course, Grey's fans know Denny, since he was an integral part of the season-ending plotline last year. You remember... Izzie falls in love with the prostrate Denny, they get engaged, then she cuts his LVAD lines to help him move up the heart transplant list. We also know that Denny croaked and left Izzie with a bundle of money.

How do you bring a dead character back? Dream sequences, silly! Either that or a flashback will be in order. Ausiello has his ideas, though, including bringing Morgan back as an ET, a ghost, or Denny's twin brother Kenny. Yeah, I'm laughing on the inside, too.

[via Pop Candy]

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Izzie's boyfriend is resurrected on new ABC pilot

by Anna Johns, posted May 30th 2006 10:27AM
jeffrey dean morgan; grey's anatomy; katherine heiglJeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who played the love of Izzie's life on Grey's Anatomy, just landed a role in a new drama slated for ABC. The untitled program is another Shonda Rhimes creation (as is Grey's) and it's about a group of female journalists, so I imagine Morgan has a supporting role.

This may or may not be comforting news to all you Grey's Anatomy fans who had your hearts broken, as did Izzie, when Morgan died in the season finale. He also has recurring roles on Supernatural and Weeds.

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