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August 29, 2015

jenna fisher

Review: The Office - Murder

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 13th 2009 12:23AM
The cast of The Office
This week we had a bit of a head-scratcher. I want to like this episode because of how it pushed the corporate end of the story along, and I want to like it because it showed Michael in a bit of a different light than we expected, especially at the end. There were also a couple of laugh-out-loud moments (especially one involving Creed... but, then again, Creed is guaranteed laughs).

But overall, the episode felt tentative. The writers set up the murder mystery part of the episode to offset some of the bad news at DM, but didn't seem to go far enough.

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Nathan Fillion: The TV Squad Interview

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 9th 2009 2:10PM
nathan fillion castle

When I was preparing for my Nathan Fillion interview, I knew that I had a big responsibility: people love this guy. I mean love-- in a slightly disturbing way. So I reached out. I went on Facebook and Twitter and asked people what they wanted me to ask him, so I would get the fewest number of Firefly fans pissed off at me as possible. Luckily, the questions submitted were mostly along the lines of, "will he impregnate me?", so I wasn't too worried about not asking something someone was dying to know.

"Hey, I've got a quick question for you: How long do you think this 'internet' fad will really go?" But before I could ask a single question, that's how Nathan Fillion starts our interview. "Um, you know, I think it's on it's way out. I give it a month, maybe two at the most." I could understand where he was coming from. I was just one in a long line of reporters he was talking to today, so he has to keep himself interested somehow. Why not joke around with me about the fall of the internet?

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TV Squad Ten: Girl Crushes

by Kona Gallagher, posted Mar 13th 2009 10:02AM
brenda lee johnson the closerThere's a reason why when you watch The Mentalist, there are always subtle close ups of Simon Baker's eyes or of his mouth when he's talking. The producers know he's hot and they know women are watching. Between him, the cast of Friday Night Lights, and a whole other list of DILF's, there's a lot of male eye-candy on TV right now. But what about the women? Of course television is filled with hot chicks, but who do other women like to watch?

There are certain female characters who, when you watch them, you just want to hang out with. Either you think she'd be a good friend, or exciting to have around, or maybe you just kind of want to be her. This, my friends, is a Girl Crush. Here is my list of Top Ten TV Girl Crushes.

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John Mayer: musician, Dundie winner

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 16th 2006 7:05PM
John MayerDuring last week's episode of The Office, Michael and Andy sang an... um... interesting rendition of John Mayer's "Your Body Is A Wonderland" to their new Benihana girlfriends. Of course, the show had to get the rights to the song before they could use it. Knowing that his work would be goofed on, John Mayer initially declined to have the song used on the program, one of his favorites. He later reconsidered, after he got some more information from producer BJ Novak... and asked for a Dundie.

Well, it worked, and John Mayer is now a Dundie winner ("Tallest Music Dude"). That was a pretty clever move! Not only did he get his work on one of his favorite shows, but he also made his way into the annals of Dundie history. Nice work, Mayer. I commend you.

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British cast to appear on American version of The Office

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 11th 2006 8:23AM
the office bbcSome of the American characters on NBC's The Office are going to come face-to-face with their British alter-egos! American executive producer Ben Silverman says next season we can expect to see Mackenzie Crook, who played Gareth; Martin Freeman, who played Tim; and Lucy Davis, who played Dawn on the American version of the show. These are essentially the alter egos to Dwight, Jim, and Pam. I think I'm most excited to see Dwight butt heads with militaristic Gareth, but I know my heart will be torn between Jim and Tim!

Unfortunately, show creator Ricky Gervais is not scheduled to appear on the next season of The Office. Too bad. I can only imagine the wonderfully uncomfortable conversation between David Brent and Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

[Via Pop Candy]

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The Office: Drug Testing

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Apr 28th 2006 11:11AM

Michael discusses drugs with
Dwight(S02E16) This season's first so-so episode of The Office started with a great premise when half a joint is found in the company parking lot, and the volunteer Lackawanna County Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Schrute conducts his full (and borderline psychotic) investigation as to who is the drug fiend.

Michael tries to diffuse the situation because he admits that, at an Alicia Keys concert over the weekend, he was handed the joint by a girl with a lip ring. Obviously, he's got a lot to lose if he fails the impending urine test, so he is doing his best to calm Dwight down while espousing the evils of drug use to the rest of the staff.

A subplot that seemed rather childish and didn't seem to go anywhere was Pam and Jim's game of Jinx whereby they said the same thing at the same time, which somehow Pam wins and forces Jim not to speak for the rest of the day until he can buy her a soda (I still don't get it.) However, there were some moments that they looked into each other's eyes without speaking, and you would think their flirtation would come to some sort of climax before the end of the season/Pam's wedding.

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NBC to offer The Office webisodes this summer

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 16th 2006 8:33PM
the office webisodesIt's as though The Office is going off on a tangent. This summer, while star Steve Carell is off shooting movies, some of the actors in the smaller roles will get their own web-only episodes of The Office. There will be ten, whodunit "webisodes" on NBC.com starring the accounting staff of Dunder-Mifflin. The premise of the series is that the accountants can't account for $3,000 and they go on a mission to find out who's responsible. The series will star Angela, Kevin and Oscar, and will include special appearances from Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Phyllis. Should be cute.

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NBC won't let Joey die, expands The Office through May

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 15th 2006 8:04AM
joey tuesdaysJoey is making a surprise return to NBC, but it's getting moved to Tuesday nights. From March 7-21, Joey will air at 8 pm and then a Joey repeat will air at 8:30 pm. That means Fear Factor is being bumped off the NBC schedule until this summer. Scrubs will air at 9 pm, followed by a new comedy, Teachers, at 9:30. Don't worry. We'll get our back-to-back episodes of Scrubs starting on March 28, when it airs at 8:30 and 9:00 pm. Your TiVo will figure it out.

Also, NBC has figured out that The Office is good. Really good. The network has managed to work around Steve Carell's busy schedule to add one more episode to the schedule, a finale that will air on May 11. Originally, the season was going to end on March 30th but now NBC is going to play reruns through April and add that one new episode in May. I wonder if Jim will crash Pam's wedding?

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