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October 13, 2015


Big Brother 10: Nominations #10

by Kristin Sample, posted Sep 7th 2008 10:02PM
Dan and Memphis the musclemen(S10E24) Aftermath of Renny's Eviction

Keesha was obviously the most effected by the Renny's absence. She cried in the Diary Room saying, "It's just really hard to watch her walk out the door." Later she lamented that Renny's picture turned black and white. Renny, a woman who lights up the room when she walks in, should always be in color according to Keesha.

Other reactions to Renny's departure varied. Jerry had mixed feelings. He thinks his HOH reign was a success because it kept him in the house another week, but a failure because Dan was his target. Memphis feels that this past week was extremely successful. Renny never really trusted him so he's taken out another threat. And I'd have to agree. Renny called him a snake in the past and didn't really want him in the alliance of four. Dan was also happy with Renny's eviction. If she had made it to the final two, she would have won. Hands down.

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Big Brother 10: Nominations #7

by Kristin Sample, posted Aug 24th 2008 10:50PM
DAn and Renny(S10E19) Let's start with the April aftermath...

With April gone, Ollie feels it's do or die now in the Big Brother 10 house. He's played the game "sub-par" up until now. Renny feels great about her successful HOH reign. Her target left. Mission accomplished. Keesha is worried about how Ollie will react. And Dan, the swing vote, had some parting words for April who tried to buy him off: "Guess what, April? I'm not here for $5,000. I'm here for $500,000." So, Dan is there to win.

One thing we found out for sure tonight: Dan may or may not win Big Brother, but he is certainly there to play. A recap of last night's Big Brother is after the jump ...

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Code Monkeys hits G4 next month

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 25th 2007 4:01PM

code monkeysBack in January, I mentioned that actor/writer Adam De La Pena (I'm with Busey, Crank Yankers, Minoriteam) was creating an animated series for G4 called Code Monkeys. Well, the series will debut July 11, and based on the seconds-long promos I've been seeing, it looks pretty cool.

The series is animated in the 8-bit style of retro video games, with blocky backgrounds and characters who move as if being controlled by some unseen entity with a magical joystick. The main characters, Dave and Jerry, are game coders who occupy this bizarre pixel-y world.

I love the idea, but I also played a lot of video games in the '80s and '90s, so I'm excited to see how many of the show's inside jokes I'll comprehend. My only worry is that the series might be too much of a "niche show," much like Minoriteam was, and it won't attract a wide audience.

Note: the theme song is "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton (used with permission). Thanks to our own Annie Wu for telling me 'bout that.

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Stephen Colbert to throw ice cream

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 21st 2007 4:24PM

colbert ice creamIf you haven't yet tried Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream ice cream from Ben and Jerry's, you should. It is the most "just okay" ice cream you'll ever taste. Your tastebuds will be bombarded with a cavalcade of average, middle-of-the-road flavor.

Okay, so AmeriCone Dream never did much for me. I'm more of a Phish Food man, what can you do? However, on July 7, Colbert will be doing something Phish has never done: he'll throw the first pitch at a RiverDogs baseball game in Charleston, South Carolina (his hometown). He won't be throwing a ball, however, he'll be throwing a pint of AmeriCone Dream. I'd like to see the entire game played with a pint of ice cream, but that probably won't happen. Jerry Greenfield, the "Jerry" in "Ben and Jerry's" will catch the pint. Let's hope he does, because I'm pretty sure getting conked in the head by a pint of frozen ice cream is kind of painful, especially if one of those waffle cone shards get wedged in your eye.

In addition to tossing his ice cream, Colbert will also sit in on the radio broadcast during the game.

[via CC Insider]

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Rescue Me: Karate

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jul 26th 2006 10:38AM

Rescue Me(S03E08) Ahh, my glorious return to the age of power... well sort of. All my power is back but the internet is still down. So I'm at the office and I feel like everyone has more to say about this episode than me because they all saw last week's installment. But I feel pretty caught up. I've read some other reviews and the "previously on Rescue Me" montage at the beginning of the show was pretty complete. All I'm saying is bear with me since I'm still trying to connect all the dots.

That being said, great opening sequence. Huge warehouse fire and some men from another house get trapped in the basement. The Probie was the only one not in the building yet and he risked his life to find the man down and got him out. It was huge. High fives, pats on the back. He was on cloud nine. He's definitely no longer The Probie after this act of courage. Though I wonder if the rest of the crew even know his real name is Mike?

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ER: Twenty-One Guns (finale)

by Bob Sassone, posted May 20th 2006 11:31AM
Goran Visnjic(S12E22) I was sort of dreading this season finale. All week I had been seeing the coming attractions, and there was going to be yet another melee in the ER. Shooting, maybe an explosion or something, couldn't tell. This particular emergency room seems to get as much action as the front lines of a war.

But this episode was actually one of the better season finales the show has ever had. A bit crazy, but well done and rather suspenseful, with more than one plot twist I didn't see coming at all.

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