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October 6, 2015

jim cramer

CNBC launches new site

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 4th 2006 9:38AM

CNBC logoFor all you CNBC fans who can't get enough breaking news about Wall Street, money, stocks, bonds, and corporate deals have a new place to hang out: CNBC.com has re-launched.

A quick look around the site and you'll see lots and lots of numbers and lots and lots of colors. You get a live stock chart, exclusive online-only content (for example, this morning they had an interview with Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Michael Moskow), a video player, daily schedules and diaries, and a ton more. It's all very busy and the layout out could be a bit better, but it will be a good resource.

There was a time - in the mid to late 90s - when I was sort of addicted to watching CNBC. Those days have gone, but it's good that the info is still there at the click of your remote control (and mouse).

(Note: the main CNBC.com page is for financial info. If you're looking for the page for the TV network CNBC specifically (show info, schedules, pictures of Maria Bartiromo), then you should go here.)

[via TV Newser]

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Trying to make CNBC more hip

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 4th 2006 12:45PM

CNBC logoThere was about a year and a half when I was completely addicted to CNBC. It was the mid to late 90s, around 97 or 98, when I was starting to write more online and became fascinated by how technology was driving the economy and stock market to new heights. I remember having CNBC on all day along (along with CNN and MSNBC), and I loved seeing all the numbers fly by the bottom of the screen. Sure, I had no idea what any of it meant, but CNBC also had a lighter, pop culture bent to it that made it entertaining. I watched Power Lunch every afternoon, I waited for interviews with the CEOs of companies I was intererested in (like Steve Jobs from Apple - that was a big comeback story), and I even got to know the anchors and reporters (oh, Maria Bartiromo!).

Then the bubble burst and people didn't really enjoy watching CNBC anymore. And now it's really a shadow of what it used to be. But now two guys are trying to make it good again. Ex-Today producer Jonathan Wald and ex-60 Minutes producer Josh Howard have been brought on to pump new life into the business network. The duo plans more documentaries, as well as other big changes for the network.

What do you think needs to be done to CNBC to make it better? 

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