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October 4, 2015

jim beaver

Alanis Morissette Books 'Up All Night,' Klaus Gets Brothers on 'Vampire Diaries' and More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 9th 2011 6:15PM
Alanis Morissette Up All NightAlanis Morissette is staying 'Up All Night.'

According to TVLine, Morissette will play a former member of Ava's (Maya Rudolph) music group, Sound LLC. Talk show host Ava's musical past was previously touched upon when Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone guest starred as her ex-boyfriend.

Morissette has previously done guest spots on 'Sex and the City,' 'Weeds,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'American Dreams.' Her episode is set to air in early 2012.

In other casting news ...

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CW Spoilers: Scoop on 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Secret Circle,' 'Nikita' & More (Plus: 'Secret Circle' Giveaway!)

by Laura Prudom, posted Sep 15th 2011 1:00PM
Last Saturday, many of the CW's brightest stars dropped by the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank to celebrate the start of a new fall season, and AOL TV was on hand to grab some fresh scoop about your favorite shows straight from the source.

The CW

We caught up with the casts of 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Nikita,' 'Supernatural,' 'Ringer' and 'The Secret Circle' for a sneak peek of what's coming up after new episodes premiere, so join us after the jump for a cavalcade of spoilers.

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Comic-Con Q&A: 'Supernatural' Cast Interviews & Panel Highlights (VIDEO)

by Maureen Ryan & Laura Prudom, posted Jul 24th 2011 10:45PM
Jensen Ackles The boys of the CW's 'Supernatural' are back in town (San Diego, to be precise), and this time they took over the monstrous Hall H, Comic-Con's big kahuna.

But before the stars took to the stage, we caught up with them in the press room -- it was a double-team effort, actually, with Mo Ryan on the press line and Laura Prudom doing roundtable interviews. Together we were able to glean a few hints about what's coming up in Season 7, so watch and read carefully.

First, check out our video interviews with Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver, including talk of Castiel's new role ("Aw, sh*t, how am I gonna do that?," Collins said with a smile), the show getting dark ("It's always gonna get back to the root of these two brothers," Ackles said) and getting things done ("We'll figure out some sort of proactive approach," Beaver said).

Then read highlights from our chats with Jared Padalecki, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund and a bit more with Beaver, including hints about next season's big bad, Castiel's future and how Sam and Dean will deal with an ever-changing landscape when all of their old tricks are rendered useless.

And there's more! Scroll all the way down for highlights from their shriek-filled Comic-Con panel as well. Yep, everything 'Supernatural' from Comic-Con is all right here.

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'Supernatural' at Comic-Con: Monsters, Anime and Shooting Stuff in the Face

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 25th 2010 10:42PM
Supernatural Cast and Producers
Ballroom 20 was buzzing with anticipation early Sunday morning, when the cast and producers of 'Supernatural' made an eagerly-awaited appearance to answer questions about the show's sixth season at Comic-Con. Series leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were joined by recurring guest stars Misha Collins and Jim Beaver, as well as creator Eric Kripke, writer-producer Ben Edlund and newly promoted showrunner Sera Gamble.

To kick things off, Ackles took to the stage to present a sneak-peek of the first five minutes of his directorial debut, episode 604, entitled 'Weekend at Bobby's'. Needless to say, the crowd went wild. We'll have an overview of the five minute preview, as well as highlights from the panel, after the jump!


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'Supernatural' at Comic-Con: Press Roundtables with Cast and Producers (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 25th 2010 7:05PM
Supernatural cast - Comic Con 2010
AOL TV was lucky enough to have a prime seat in the 'Supernatural' press room at Comic-Con 2010 -- and with the inclusion of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the already busy schedule, it was one of the hottest tickets in town.

After the jump, we have roundtable footage of our interviews with Ackles, Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, creator Eric Kripke, executive producer Ben Edlund and new showrunner Sera Gamble. Needless to say, there are season six spoilers galore!

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Kripke and the producers spilled juicy teasers about Supernatural all over San Diego

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 27th 2009 10:58AM
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Creator Erik Kripke, and producers Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble talked a lot about Supernatural at Comic-Con on Sunday. The show is entering the fifth chapter in Kripke's five year vision. But check out this quote from the show's creator: "We're not going to stretch this one out past its expiration, we're not going to drag this one into a place it isn't. We're going to tell this one the way it's supposed to be told, and it's going to end, but another story can begin."

Imagine that. No pressure from the network to stretch it out and stall and add Nikki and Paulo to distract the audience for awhile. Letting a creator's vision play out as intended? How very ... modern of them. Less exciting is that Kripke was, well, cryptic as to whether or not he'd stay on for a sixth season should the show return; and it will.

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I don't care what you say, I actually like Harper's Island

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 29th 2009 11:05AM
Harper's IslandI know Harper's Island has been panned by everyone from television critics to deranged psychopathic killers with a penchant for islands, but I don't care. For eleven weeks now, I've followed along on this silly ride, and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. It's the horror-mystery aspect of it. Sure, I'm a little disappointed that the killer (so far) isn't one of the main cast members, but I'm having fun watching the cast get taken out "one by one," as creepy-little-girl says each week in the intro.

I was always a huge fan of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None. Plus, I'm a sucker for a long-form story in television. I think this is one of those things television has over the movies. You can't take thirteen hours to tell a mystery in the theaters. That's one of the reasons I'm never as impressed with the done-in-one shows. You have this format that allows for these massively detailed long stories so why not use it? I don't care if you don't think Americans have the attention span for it; I do. And aren't you supposed to be programming for me?

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Katie Cassidy joins Harper's Island

by Brett Love, posted Aug 6th 2008 8:30AM

Katie Cassidy - Supernatural, Harper's IslandI don't know if I can think of a tougher gig on television than being a girl on Supernatural. Things just never seem to go well for any of them. The good news is that the show seems to be acting as a springboard and many of the actresses have been able to land on their feet with good roles.

Adrianne Palicki moved from playing Sam's sweetheart, Jessica, to Friday Night Lights. Alona Tal, who played the controversial Jo, moved right into a regular spot on Cane. It was short lived, but still a nice credit. And now they're joined by Katie Cassidy, the season three demon, Ruby. She's been added to the ever changing cast of Harper's Island. She takes over the role, originally played by Samantha Noble, of the bride whose wedding is the setting for a whole mess of murders. Now, if we can just get someone to hire Nicki Aycox, the sinister Meg.

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Supernatural: No Rest For The Wicked (season finale)

by Brett Love, posted May 16th 2008 9:02AM

Katie Cassidy and Jared Padalecki - Supernatural
(S03E16) Well, it's that time of the year again. Damned season finales everywhere you look. On the one hand, it's good, because a season finale usually means that you are going to get the good. On the other hand, it also means that we are now going to have to tuck our favorite characters away for the summer and occupy our time with something else, like books, or old beat up trucks. The goods were definitely in play for the Supernatural finale. For the last year we've all been wondering what would happen when time ran out on Dean's deal, and we finally found out.

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Supernatural: Mystery Spot

by Brett Love, posted Feb 15th 2008 8:41AM

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
(S03E11) Well now, that wasn't what I expected. When the previews hinted at a Groundhog Day plot I thought we were in for a more comedic episode. That expectation was further fueled by the appearance of the Trickster in the previous scenes. There was a good bit of that on the recurring Tuesdays, but when we made it to Wednesday, things took a decidedly darker turn. A turn that might have given us a glimpse into Sam's future.

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Supernatural: Dream A Little Dream Of Me

by Brett Love, posted Feb 8th 2008 8:39AM

Jim Beaver - Supernatural
(S03E10) Ya know, it's times like this when I miss the old TV Squad episode rating system, because here is one that I could have given the coveted 7 out of 7 to. The Supernatural team delivered on all counts this week. There was the usual humor, with some terrific one liners (Brad Pitt?), a good bit of the creepy, a big step for Dean's ongoing story, all the Bobby you could ask for, and one more reason to be really frickin' annoyed with Bela. Really, what more could you want out of your Thursday night? We don't need no stinkin' ghostbusters with jacked up vacuum cleaners.

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Supernatural: Sin City

by Brett Love, posted Oct 26th 2007 8:00AM
Jared Padalecki and Katie Cassidy - Supernatural
(S03E04) This week, Kripke and his pals brought us more of the same. Considering how season three is going, that is a very good thing. Once again we were treated to an interesting story that balanced very nicely with hints and reveals about the bigger picture season three plot. A little more Ruby, some welcome artillery, more questions about just who Sam is now, and the first cracks in Dean's manly outer shell.

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Supernatural: The Magnificent Seven (season premiere)

by Brett Love, posted Oct 5th 2007 1:02AM

Katie Cassidy - Supernatural
(S03E01) Guess who just got back today? Them wild-eyed boys that had been away. Haven't changed... Well, wait a minute. Yes they have, and those changes are a big part of what makes season three of Supernatural so interesting. I think it's very smart what Kripke and his team have done.

The yellow-eyed demon had all the makings of your typical carrot and stick never ending serial plot device. They probably could have gone on for another few seasons with Sam and Dean never quite getting the job done. But in dispatching him, they managed to do a couple of things. First, they paid off a major plot line for viewers that had invested two years in the story. And more importantly, as we move into the third season, they did so in a way that opens up a plethora of new avenues for our story to travel. That is where we find ourselves as we delve into the third season.

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Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2 (season finale)

by Brett Love, posted May 18th 2007 9:20AM
Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver - Supernatural
(S02E22) "Something big is going down. End of the world big."

The big season finale picked up right where we left off. Sam really is dead. As we found out later in the episode, Jake (Aldis Hodge) cut right through his spinal cord. It made for a nice scene for Jensen Ackles. We've seen time and again how focused Dean is on protecting Sam. So, in a move that surprised nobody, Dean went down to the crossroads, fell down on his knees...

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Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

by Brett Love, posted May 11th 2007 10:30AM
Jessica Harmon(S02E21) Wow. Now, THAT is how you kick off your two part season finale. The other day I wrote about part one of the NCIS season finale. One of the problems with that one was that a large chunk of the episode was spent on just another random case. It wasn't bad, but it lacked the weight and importance that a good finale should have. Kripke and team Supernatural do not have that problem.

As Bobby said in the opening, "A storm is comin' and you boys, you are smack in the middle of it." It's been a long wait getting to that storm, but here it is, and it looks like it is going to be a heck of a ride. Some old friends are back, along with an old enemy. There are answers to some lingering questions, and twists and turn aplenty.

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