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September 5, 2015

jim rash

'Community' Season 3 Promo Featuring Guest Star John Goodman (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 27th 2011 2:15PM
I love 'Community.' I even named it the returning show I'm most excited about. So naturally, the first promo for Season 3 (premieres Thurs., Sept. 22, 8PM ET on NBC) makes me all kinds of giddy.

Here's what we know: John Goodman is stopping by Greendale to play Vice Dean Laybourne, the head of their prized school of air conditioning repair, who's also out to make our own Dean Pelton's life a living hell.

What we didn't know? He's playing the part with an accent not unlike a Batman villain in a voice that can only be described as booming. Oh, and you probably shouldn't ever ask him "wazzup?"

Watch this hilarious promo to see Goodman in fine form, the Dean with some new facial hair and his idea of normal business attire, the words "nostril" and "rectum" and a quick glimpse of some kind of sparkly, streamer-filled dance number.

Yes, please.

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'Community' Cast Talks About Josh Holloway, Crazy Costumes & Paintball (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted May 2nd 2011 9:00AM
By now we've all heard a lot about 'Community''s big two-part paintball season finale (part one airs Thurs., May 5, 8PM ET on NBC; part two airs May 12), but what do we really know?

Well, Josh Holloway is guest starring as the mysterious Black Rider, and his old pal Chevy Chase was happy to have him and his dimples on set. Not surprisingly, everyone admits to having a massive crush on Holloway: "I was flirting with him. I don't care," Donald Glover said; "Dreamy with a capital "D," Joel McHale agreed.

Also, there's a Sergio Leone western theme for the first part, but the costumes and theme change a bit for part two, welcoming a 'Star Wars' theme -- sort of. There are stormtroopers running around and Danny Pudi's Abed looks a lot like Han Solo when he takes off his serape, but Yvette Nicole Brown's Shirley is dressed as Father Guido Sarducci.

Yep, so it'll be about as random as 'Community' fans have come to expect from the show.

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Jim Rash Previews Dean Pelton's Big 'Community' Costume-o-Rama

by Maggie Furlong, posted Apr 21st 2011 9:00AM
As Greendale Community College's Dean Pelton, Jim Rash has become 'Community''s most stylish punchline. I mean, just look at some of the man's best and boldest ensembles:

In this week's episode, titled 'Paradigms of Human Memory' (Thurs., April 21, 8PM ET on NBC), we'll get a ton of never-before-seen memories of the gang via flashbacks, including quite a few epic Dean Pelton costumes.

Keep reading to see an exclusive picture of Dean Pelton, Southern Belle -- who was unanimously described by cast and crew as "an ugly woman" -- and to hear more about giving Mozart boobs, showing off his midriff, having "safe shots" for some of his sexier get-ups and the 'Community' wardrobe he's jealous of.

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PaleyFest 2011: The 'Community' Cast Talk Paintball Redux, Shirley's Baby Daddy and a Very Special Clip Show

by Laura Prudom, posted Mar 16th 2011 11:45AM
Community cast
The sold-out audience at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills was "Pop-Pop!"-ing last night, as the cast and crew of NBC's 'Community' took to the stage to regale us with anecdotes, spoilers and insanity on the 11th night of PaleyFest 2011.

TV Squad was on hand for the press line and panel, where a surprising number of spoilers hints were dropped in regards to the last few episodes of the season, which will see the mystery surrounding Shirley's baby solved, and homage paid to a number of high-concept movie genres ... All in a day's work for the gang at Greendale! Join us after the jump for more. Spoilers ahead.

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Review: Community - Environmental Science

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 20th 2009 11:16AM
Community: Environmental Science(S01E10) Hey, Jeff was kind of a selfish douche and then at the end he became a good person and did the right thing. Quick game: which episode am I describing?

I know I've complained about the predictability of this plot procedure in every episode, but for some reason it worked this week. Probably because even in the execution of it, you could see that Jeff had at least gained a sense of loyalty to his study group. In other words, he felt bad about what he was doing from the beginning. He still did it, but somehow that made all the difference.

I think the more shocking development was that Pierce offered to help Shirley with an upcoming speech she had to give, and she actually accepted. He also learned the "secret" to Jeff's power over the group, though I still think it's just confidence.

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Review: Community - Debate 109

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 13th 2009 2:01AM
John Michael Higgins(S01E9) Do you think the fact that this was the ninth episode of the first season had anything to do with that number in the episode title? I'm sure there could be a Debate 109 class in college, but I don't believe in coincidences that big. I do, however, believe that I really enjoyed this outing. It was nice to see Jeff buckling down and doing some work.

It's odd that he wouldn't have done that in the legal profession. Or maybe he was just used to his Legal Assistant doing all the research for him and just hitting him up with the highlights. Either way, I can't believe that he thought singing in a debate would work. Come on, Jeff.

The rest of the episode featured the return of Abed's student films. Only this time, there's something a little eerie about them, and it's freaking everybody out. And it's not just that he found people in the school who look incredibly similar to every member of the study group.

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Review: Community - Football, Feminism and You

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 23rd 2009 1:29AM
Donald Glover(S01E06) See, now that wasn't so hard, was it, Community? I knew you could give me another good episode. And finally a sympathetic side to Britta. So far she's been the annoying, self-righteous blonde that Jeff wants to sleep with for some reason. But that's about all we've seen of her personality. In fact, I couldn't even see why Jeff wanted to get into her pants.

This week, we got to get behind Britta's walls a bit and see her even take her first tentative steps outside of them. Shirley, as the social queen of the show, was right there to help her along the way. And Annie was right there, too, to give Britta the chance to be a shoulder for someone to cry one.

Which brings us to what Jeff's up to this week. I guess it's going to take a really damned long time for Jeff to "grow." Every time he seems to have a moment of self-awareness about his douchebaggery, he turns around the next week and is just as big an ass.

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Help Me Help You: Pilot (series premiere)

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 26th 2006 10:02PM
Help Me Help You(S01E01) It's kind of surprising, in a fall season that has so many buzz-worthy pilots, that a new comedy staring Cheers legend Ted Danson is getting very little attention. It might be because his new show, Help Me Help You, is in a no-win slot against procedurals like NCIS and L&O:CI, and, after the playoffs, House. But overlooking the show is a mistake because, while the premise isn't exactly fresh, its still a pretty funny show. Why? It's all in the writing and execution, my friends; the right choice of actors and writers can overcome any shortcomings that the actual idea behind the show may have.

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