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October 9, 2015

jimmy kimmel live game night

Jimmy Kimmel Chastises Katie Couric for Ambushing Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 8th 2011 2:06AM
Katie Couric, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night'Katie Couric appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night' (Weeknights, 8PM ET on ABC) with excitement about her forthcoming daytime talk show in 2012, but Kimmel had his own theories as to what she was up to.

"It will be dedicated to destroying Sarah Palin once and for all, true?" Jimmy Kimmel joked.

They talked about how Couric didn't reach out to Palin for an essay when compiling her latest book, 'The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives.'

"She's not a big fan of mine," Couric said. "But it would have been interesting."

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Don Rickles Demands Jimmy Kimmel's Full Attention During an Interview (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 3rd 2011 1:59AM
Don Rickles, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night'When Don Rickles shows up for an interview, it's important that the host pays attention to him and remains gracious and preferably quiet. Rickles is as sharp as ever and nobody can sling a quick insult like him, as Jimmy Kimmel discovered on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night' (Thu., 8PM ET on ABC).

Kimmel started off by saying, 'Hey Don,' which Rickles took offense to. But Kimmel got in a good jab of his own when showing a picture of Rickles kissing his wife at a Lakers game.

"You look angry and you look like you've swallowed a lemon shortly before," he said.

"That was a good one," Rickles admitted. "That's gonna cost you."

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