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August 30, 2015

joe simpson

The day with ABC: New shows, Hope, Faith, and Sex - TCA report

by Michael Maloney, posted Jul 25th 2007 11:38PM

Cashmere Mafia and Sex and the City

We TV Critics are dead on our feet now that we're in the last two days of a near-three week press tour at the Beverly Hilton, but that hasn't stopped us from getting dish from actors and producers here to hawk their fall ABC series.

On stage to promote Cashmere Mafia (a series about four women living life in New York City) creator Darren Star was asked about his other program about four women that call the Big Apple home. Star says: "There's a [film] script. It's in the form of pre-production."

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Trump says he'd date his daughter. Gross.

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 9th 2006 7:21PM
Ivanka trumpDonald Trump just entered the Joe Simpson Club of Creepy Dads, for telling the gals on The View that, if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he'd probably be dating her. Ew? I know he's desperate to get better ratings for 24-year-old Ivanka's five-episode arc on The Apprentice, but... ew! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. He also said she has a nice body and would look good if she wanted to pose in Playboy magazine. Ick. Ick. Ick. I guess that Martha Stewart feud didn't create enough headlines so he's working another angle.

While that's super gross, Joe Simpson remains the ultimate creepy dad for talking about the size of daughter Jessica Simpson's breasts.

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Nick Lachey seeking spousal support

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 19th 2006 9:22AM
lachey simpson divorceNick Lachey filed papers on friday in response to Jessica's Dec. 16th divorce filing, reserving the right to request spousal support. Jessica's divorce filing requested that she not be required to provide support but she's going to need a lawyer who can do some fancy footwork because they didn't sign a prenuptial agreement. Her success is obviously based very much on the success of their show, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica on MTV. Jessica made more than $30 million last year.

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Simpson-Lachey house up for sale

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 7th 2006 6:26PM
Nick and JessicaHey, want to take a piece of the Nick and Jessica break-up with you? Well, now you can! The Newlyweds house (the one that they used for their MTV reality series) is now up for sale for a cool $3.5 million. It's got five bedrooms, 6,500 sq. feet, a pool, music studio, a screening room, and the lingering smell of Jessica Simpson's gas. So if you've got a couple million in pocket-change to fork over, have at it...

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Nick & Jessica: it's getting ugly

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 20th 2005 11:53AM
nick and jessicaWhat is it about these two that makes everybody (myself included) go nuts? For months before their official announcement that they are getting a divorce, the tabloids were constantly declaring their marriage to be over. And now, a month later, it's still front page fodder. Maybe it's the fact that Nick and Jessica's publicists seem to be holding divorce proceedings in the court of public opinion. A recent poll by People magazine has Jess's approval rating (she has an approval rating?) way down. 71% of People readers think the break-up is Jessica's fault and 76% of Star readers agree. In response to that news, Jessica's publicist has reportedly been calling newspapers and spreading nasty rumors about Nick's cheating and his hiring of a new manager to help him get some of Jessica's assets.

Here's a quick rundown of all the other Nick and Jessica stories out there since the big announcement:

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