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October 7, 2015

joel silver

He-Man will not work with Joel Silver

by Brad Trechak, posted Sep 11th 2009 12:04PM
He-ManMattel and Warner Brothers will no longer be working together on a big screen adaptation of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise. John Stevenson is still on to direct, but thankfully, Joel Silver has left the project (I still haven't forgiven him for his lies about Alan Moore).

The Masters of the Universe 1987 movie is still a guilty pleasure of mine (early Courtney Cox. Yum). Of course, the classic 1980's cartoon is where J. Michael Straczynski got his start before moving to bigger fish such as Babylon 5. The best big-screen adaptations usually happen when fans, or at least people who understand the source material, become filmmakers (the best examples are the Batman and Iron Man franchises). I didn't get the impression that this was happening with the He-Man movie.

Given the sheer volume of remakes that are happening, I wonder if this movie is even necessary. Do we even need another He-Man movie?

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Do you want to see a Veronica Mars movie?

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 2nd 2008 6:24PM
veronica mars movie kristen bellElle Woods Bishop might be dead, but the rumors of Kristen Bell reprising the role of Veronica Mars for a big screen outing are still circulating. Actually, a script is being written and a movie deal might already be in place. At least that's what former Veronica Mars cast member Enrico Colantoni is saying.

In a recent red carpet interview with The TV Addict, Colantoni said that VM creator Rob Thomas is working on a script for a film version of the short-lived CW series. Colantoni is the latest Mars associate to get fans' hopes up about Veronica's jump to the big screen. In recent months, Thomas and VM star Kristen Bell have spoken publicly about their love for the series and their hopes for a film project. Colantoni seems confident that the movie will happen.

The actor also told The TV Addict that Thomas had possibly come to an agreement with "Joel" about the film's production. That "Joel" is most likely Joel Silver, former executive producer of the show (and about a million blockbusters, including The Matrix and Lethal Weapon). If this is true, then it looks like this project might actually become a reality. Let's just hope Thomas can fit it in while working on the Cupid redo for ABC.

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New showrunner for Moonlight

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 23rd 2008 10:02AM
MoonlightThe CBS freshman drama Moonlight has had its share of difficulties. Add to it one more as the showrunner and executive producer Chip Johannessen has decided to depart the series.

The show's writing team and executive producer Joel Silver will collectively run the show until a replacement for Mr. Johannessen has been found. Four additional episodes of the show have been ordered for this season.

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Moonlight -- An early look

by Richard Keller, posted Sep 26th 2007 11:05AM

The Cast of CBS' Angel . . . I mean Moonlight!

Okay, here are the similarities between Mick St. John, the vampire private detective of the new CBS drama Moonlight, and Angel, the vampire private detective of Angel: both are vampires (which I said already), both live in Los Angeles, both need blood to survive, both drive classic convertibles (which, being unable to use during the day, boggles my mind), both have long coats that flap in the wind while they stand on rooftops, and they are both fighting for the innocent person.

Here are the differences: the show that Angel was in was so much better than the show that Mick St. John is in. That, and Mick sleeps in a freezer instead of a bed.

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Animation news: Brak is back, He-Man movie moves forward, and other stuff - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted May 26th 2007 10:04AM

brakFirst of all, some Adult Swim news:

The first Brak Show webisode is now online. Go watch it.

Also, some cool news for Metalocalypse fans: a brand new Dethklok album will be released on September 25, followed by the release of the first season DVD one week later. Before all of that, however, a brand new 2nd season, with that fresh "2nd season smell" will hit Adult Swim one week before the CD release. NOTE: Thanks to Holly for pointing out that this information changed since I first posted this.

Finally, you can bid on a tour of the Robot Chicken studio. Seth Green himself will be your tour guide.

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No cars in Speed Racer movie?

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 13th 2006 9:03AM

speed racerIn an interview with Empire Online, producer Joel Silver said very little about the upcoming live-action Speed Racer movie from the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix), other than it's going to look really cool. Of course, he's producing the movie, so what else is he going to say, that it'll be a lot of flash and no substance? Silver also said they might not even use cars, which I would assume means they won't use any real cars, and do some kind of fancy CGI effects instead, which I think actually makes sense for this kind of movie.

Silver also had this to say in the interview, regarding the Wachowskis: "They said they'd never work again the Matrix sequels." If you can figure out what the hell that sentence is supposed to mean, you're a better person than I am. I'm trying to figure out why Joel Silver speaks like Yoda.

[via TV Filter]

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