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August 29, 2015


Jon Stewart Grills Rep. James Clyburn on Healthcare Reform Menu (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 26th 2010 1:15AM
The Daily Show, Rep. James ClyburnThe Healthcare Reform meeting is grabbing headlines, but Jon Stewart is more concerned with the lunch menu at the event. On 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM), he grilled Rep. James Clyburn about what it all means.

"My colleague on the democratic side of the aisle appears to have gotten cole slaw, yet I have none," said Stewart. "Why is that? Can I have cole slaw, as well? I have clearly been loaded up with starch. That is an attempt by the opposition to weigh me down."

As for Clyburn, he likes salmon, but would prefer fried fish. We don't care who eats what, as long as they're making progress.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Two Examples of Why Tracy Morgan is Talk Show Gold

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 25th 2010 6:03PM
In case you hadn't heard, Tracy Morgan is the most fertile man on the planet. It must be true, otherwise he wouldn't offer to impregnate women quite so often. Now Morgan has Jimmy Kimmel riding shotgun on his magical maternity ride in a new video for 'IMPREGN8ED,' a thumping club tune about, well, making women pregnant.

Morgan is the player hitting up the ladies at the club (a phrase that falls uneasily from my brain), and Kimmel is the Lil Wayne (or is it Lil Jon?) sidekick singing the ubiquitous Auto-Tune chorus. And, you know, adult heads on babies is comedy gold. Here's the video Kimmel introduced Wednesday night.

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Daily Show's Jason Jones Heads to Primetime

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 25th 2010 9:19AM
Jason Jones'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' correspondent Jason Jones is starring in an ABC pilot 'How to Be a Better American.' Remember when it used to be that to find the next generation of comedy talent, one only had to look at the cast of 'Saturday Night Live?' Well, it's sort of the same, except that now the industry looks to the cast of 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.'

Jones is married to fellow 'Daily Show' correspondent Samantha Bee. It wouldn't be surprising if Bee made a few appearances on the show as well. If the show ends up as a ratings success, then Jones joins the ranks of Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and Rob Riggle (among others) as having launched their careers from behind the 'Daily Show' desk.

The show is about a father who involves his family on a personal journey to become a better person and they don't want to go. What do you think? Does it sound like a winner?

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Tracy Morgan and Jon Stewart Talk Safe Sex (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 25th 2010 4:24AM
Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, Tracy MorganBag up? Pull out? New school? Old school? It's just another night of Tracy Morgan and Jon Stewart talking about safe sex on 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM).

Somehow, Morgan managed to work Bill Clinton and Harlem into the conversation, too. Wait, is Stewart blushing? Yes, we're pretty sure he's blushing.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Jeff Garlin is a Food Addict (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 24th 2010 5:05AM
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Jeff Garlin Jeff Garlin knows he's "really screwed up," but once he accepted the fact that he's a food addict, that Oprah lightbulb went off in his head.

"I haven't had sugar in over a year," he told Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM). "I haven't had fast food in over a year ... if you have a cookie and go, 'here just have a piece,' that's like me taking my first drink,' so I don't do it."

Good for you, Jeff! Stay the course, because you look fabulous.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Ricky Gervais on Making a Prison Show With Jon Stewart (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 23rd 2010 1:34AM
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Ricky GervaisIt's true. Ricky Gervais really doesn't give a crap what people think of his schtick. You either like it or you don't, but he's not going to try and be something he's not in order to please anyone. We like that about him.

In our interview with him in January, Gervais said that comedians are meant to "push the barriers a little bit and see what happens." That's just what he did on 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' (weeknights, 11PM ET on COM).

After some talk about doing a prison show together, Gervais asked Stewart if he'd rather be the mommy or the daddy. The daddy, said Stewart. "Ok, then, come over here and suck mommy's BLEEP." Too far? Or hilariously funny?

Watch the video after the jump.

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Obama Would Face Off With Jon Stewart But Not Stephen Colbert?

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 18th 2010 9:29AM
Stephen ColbertAccording to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama would happily appear on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' but is hesitant to appear on 'The Colbert Report'. Gibbs further explained that "I have yet to see a politician best Stephen Colbert in an interview on his show."

There could be another reason for the President's opinion given the different context of the two shows. Jon Stewart presents himself in a pretty straightforward fashion. He finds contradictions in public figures and makes them more obvious. Colbert's humor is more subtle and requires an understanding of satire and irony.

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Is 'Precious' a Dark Film? Director Lee Daniels Explains (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 12th 2010 4:22AM
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Lee DanielsIs 'Precious' a dark film? Or is it a truthful film? It all depends on your perspective.

When Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' (weeknights, 11PM ET on Comedy Central) asked director Lee Daniels if he was attracted to dark stories, he had this to say: "I'm not attracted to dark stories. I'm just attracted to the truth."

Ok, but let's be honest. A film about a teenager who's been raped twice and has HIV is not exactly a light-hearted farce. We're guessing that Daniels gets that question a lot, and knows that many people won't see the movie because it's too "dark."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Bill O'Reilly Tones Down the Funny in Final Part of His Jon Stewart Interview

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 5th 2010 5:29PM
Bill O'Reilly wrapped up the final portion of his interview with Jon Stewart on last night's 'O'Reilly Factor' and if you tuned in hoping for a night of hilariousness, well...you still got it. But this time, you got it from the right person.

Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show', kept his trademark charm and wit at high volume during the third and final portion of their edited interview, even though the tone and substance of their discussion got a lot more serious.

And thankfully, O'Reilly put down his red nose and took off his clown make-up for this portion of the interview. As Joel mentioned yesterday, O'Reilly is painful to watch when he tries to be funny. Screw waterboarding; the NSA should have hired him as the emcee for their interrogations.

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Jon Stewart Talks Sarah Palin, Iran on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 5th 2010 1:58AM
Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly on 'The O'Reilly Factor'Another Jon Stewart segment aired on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weeknights, 8PM ET on FNC) (check out last night's), and the talk turned to Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Iran, and the possibility of Bill O'Reilly running for President with Stewart as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

That's hard to wrap your head around, and no doubt some folks would rather have Stewart as President. Either way, both of these guys can be somewhat annoying. There, we've said it. How about a smackdown in the squared circle? A little 'Wrestlemania' action between these two would be awesome!

Watch the videos after the jump.

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Why Does Bill O'Reilly Keep Trying to Out-Funny Jon Stewart?

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 4th 2010 4:01PM
Bill O'Reilly has been on top of the cable news heap for fourteen years now, and for a good reason: whether you agree or not with his politics or his interview style, the man does a great job of putting his interview subjects on the spot and making them squirm. And, let's face it: squirmy interviews make for compelling TV.

One thing O'Reilly doesn't have is a sense of humor. At all. He's just too intense of a personality who takes himself too seriously to be funny. But, for some reason, whenever he gets in Jon Stewart's presence either on 'The Daily Show' or his own 'The O'Reilly Factor,' he spends half the interview belittling 'TDS' and its audience and trying to keep up with Stewart joke-for-joke instead of interviewing him on substance. And it never, ever works.

Here's the first half of the first part of his interview with Stewart, which aired on the 'Factor' last night. The second half is after the jump.

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Bill O'Reilly Points Finger at Jon Stewart on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 4th 2010 2:30AM
The O'Reilly Factor, Jon StewartJon Stewart appeared on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weeknights, 8PM and 11PM ET on FNC) last night, and was given a little what-for on how he presents Fox News on 'The Daily Show.' After some frightening finger-pointing by Bill O'Reilly, Stewart finally conceded a few things.

"Fox News is the most passionate and sells the clearest narrative of any news organization, if that's how ... are you still referring to it in that manner?" said Stewart.

O'Reilly answered, "Right, that's how the poll referred to it. Nobody had any problem with it. Only you."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Jon Stewart Goes on 'The O'Reilly Factor' Tonight

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 3rd 2010 10:00AM
Jon Stewart on FoxIt isn't the first time that these two opposing television forces of Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly have collided. Their last match-up was in 2004. However, tonight on the Fox News Channel you can see the first of two parts of the big O'Reilly/Stewart smackdown during 'The O'Reilly Factor.' Two out of three falls! For the Championship of the World!

Well, maybe not any of that stuff, but it will likely be entertaining. Considering that I've watched O'Reilly on 'The Colbert Report' (Papa Bear came home) and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on 'The O'Reilly Factor' (it was edited for content), I can't see this particular meeting of the minds as anything major.

Of the two, Stewart seems the more savvy but it's likely that O'Reilly will be the winner of any political debate that occurs. After all, he controls the editing room.

Oh please leave political rants in the comments! I beg you! Please, please, please!

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Oprah Named Favorite TV Personality; Glenn Beck Is No. 2

by Harley W. Lond, posted Jan 25th 2010 8:01PM
Characters Welcome.

That's not just the slogan for the USA Network but an apt description of TV as a whole -- character and personality driven. And to drive that point home again -- lest we forget it in this era of reality TV (which, admittedly, is also character/ personality driven -- what would 'Jersey Shore' be without Snooki and The Situation?), the folks at Harris Interactive have released the results of their latest poll listing the top TV personalities for 2009.

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Jon Stewart Compares Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jan 15th 2010 4:48PM
Jon Stewart compares Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to Hannibal Lecter and Clarice StarlingJon Stewart is having soooo much fun with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. In this clip from 'The Daily Show,' Stewart mocks Beck for his journal entries on Palin, and compares the two to 'The Silence of the Lambs.'

"She's Clarice Starling trying not to agitate Dr. Lecter!" exclaims Stewart. "Agent Palin, get out of there before he eats your face with a side of Freedom Fries!"

Watch the video from TV's Top 5! after the jump.

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