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October 13, 2015

judge judy

Judge Judy Loses It and Laughs at the Plaintiff (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 10th 2010 8:30PM
Judge Judy Loses It and Laughs at the PlaintiffWhen you appear in court, you probably want your case to be taken really really seriously. But that's not what happens on 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated). On the show, a man is suing his ex-girlfriend for the cost of specialty tires and rims for his Chevy Malibu. But how much did the man spend on the tires? It turns out that he spent a lot.

Although the plaintiff makes $16.50 an hour, he blew more than $1,500 on the fancy tires and rims. And he didn't even buy them. He rented them. This information causes Judge Judy and her bailiff to completely lose it and start cracking up.

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A Tattoo Artist Has an Inferiority Complex on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Harley W. Lond, posted Jun 2nd 2010 7:45PM
Some people are just too defensive for their own good.

Apparently the defendant on Tuesday's 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated) -- who runs a tattoo studio -- had a work clause in a contract with an employee that smacked of slavery, and the judge let him know that that was illegal. But the man disagreed with her.

Which, of course, riled the judge. "What I'm telling you is that I'm a lawyer and you're a tattoo artist," she said. "That makes you better than me?" the man replied. "No, but that makes me smarter in the law. I can't do a tattoo and you can't do the law."

"There you go," he said. "You do your job and I'll do mine." And indeed, he does a great job of putting his foot in his mouth.

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Peer Pressure on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 24th 2010 8:40PM
Peer Pressure on 'Judge Judy'On 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated), the current case Involves two young girls who claim they were "pressured" into committing vandalism. Two twelve-year-old girls say that peer pressure was the cause of them deciding to damage a neighbor's car, scratching it with a rock. As usual, Judge Judy doesn't have much time for this nonsense.

"I don't want to hear [about] 'pressure,'" the judge says. "I know how to give pressure." One of the girls quickly crumbles under the assault from the judge. Apparently, four boys in the neighborhood were throwing rocks at cars, and the girls somehow felt lame and left out unless they took part in the activity. "I just didn't want to feel stupid, just sitting there, not doing anything," says the one girl. So she attacked the neighbor's car.

"So ... you didn't want to feel 'stupid,'" Judge Judy sarcastically replies. "Now you feel like Einstein?" Yes, feeling "left out" is not a good defense to vandalism. THE TWO GIRLS: 0. JUDGE JUDY: 1. Bang goes the gavel. Next case!

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Making Fun of the Plaintiff on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 20th 2010 8:35PM
Making Fun of the Plaintiff on 'Judge Judy'The nice thing about Judge Judy is that she gets to be rude and mocking. Whereas regular judges just have to be calm and impartial. On the latest episode of 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated), she uses her sarcasm powers to good effect, mocking a plaintiff who's trying to weasel his way out of paying his rent.

Not only did the plaintiff not pay his rent, he also allegedly attacked his ex-roommate, who was also his ex-lover. But Judy confines her mockery to the matter of the rent. The plaintiff admits that he didn't pay the money that he owed, even though he was on the lease. He says that skipped paying for two months rent, but then adds this non sequitur: "I would have payed; I would have."

Huh? Say what now? You either pay for something or you don't. There is no "I would have." Judge Judy helpfully points this out to him. "I don't care what you would have [done]," she says. "If I would have had different parents, I would have been six-foot-two." Yeah! Well put, Judge Judy.

(By the way, for the record, Judge Judy is actually only five feet tall. And now you know.)

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A Sorority Sister Fight on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 19th 2010 9:10PM
A Sorority Sister Fight on 'Judge Judy'Don't be a fool, stay in school. That's the message on the latest episode of 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated). On the show, two sorority sisters battle over a computer that was allegedly damaged at a pre-Valentine's Day party.

One of the sisters has destroyed the other girl's computer, and now, the debate is over how much should be paid for it. Apparently, it cost $1,330 to repair the computer ... but it would have only cost $999 to buy a completely new replacement. Judge Judy is not pleased to hear this news. But still, the plaintiff wants the higher amount of money.

Judy doesn't really see the value in paying more to fix a computer than it would cost to get a new one -- and she has a pretty good point. "Are you crazy?" Judge Judy says to the plaintiff. "Are you crazy? ... You'd better stay in school."

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A Roommate Squabble on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 18th 2010 10:45PM
A Roommate Squabble on 'Judge Judy'If you have a roommate, and get in an argument over paying the rent, then it seems like your chances of appearing in Judge Judy's courtroom rise exponentially. On today's 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated), we are treated to the sight of two young women fighting over their lease and utility bills -- until the judge bangs her metaphorical gavel down.

The two women start bickering, tossing some catty remarks back and forth. But Judge Judy has little patience for it. "You want to talk to each other, go outside and talk to each other. ... [Here] we behave like grown-ups in a courtroom situation. Do we understand each other?" The girls are instantly quieted. "Yes, ma'am. ... Yes, your honor," they quickly reply.

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A Parenting Lesson on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 17th 2010 10:00PM
A Parenting Lesson on 'Judge Judy'It's a surprisingly serious moment on 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated). The show discusses the case of a child who was allegedly beaten with a belt by his father. After the incident, the child was taken to the emergency room by a concerned classmate's mother. The father then sued the woman for allegedly filing false charges with child protective services.

Judge Judy takes it upon herself to explain to the dad that violence of any kind is wrong -- but especially violence towards children. "[If you] took off your belt and beat [an adult] with your belt, you would be arrested and incarcerated," she says in a slow, solemn tone. "Do you understand that?" The father replies that he does.

Then the judge says this: " A beating with a belt is a beating -- there are other ways to discipline a child." Here's hoping that the dad gets the message.

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A Very Happy Plaintiff on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 13th 2010 8:50PM
A Very Happy Plaintiff on 'Judge Judy'It's rare to see someone come away happy from an encounter with Judge Judy. Usually, the clients in her courtroom get yelled at or scolded. Or yelled at and scolded. So it's exciting to see a rare absolute victory for a plaintiff on the show.

Joseph Bartone is suing his landlord on 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated). Apparently, his landlord tried to deal with a rat problem in his home by feeding the rats laxatives (why exactly she did this is a little unclear). Then, she took Bartone's shoes and hit him, claimed that he assaulted her, and had him arrested. Judge Judy correctly points out that yelling after someone has hit you does not equal "assault," and rules in Bartone's favor.

Bartone gets $5,000 for his trouble, and is so excited that he pumps his fists in the air and makes an indecipherable victorious sound. It's the happiest that we've seen anyone act after hanging out with Judge Judy.

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Judge Judy and the Scamming Mechanic (VIDEO)

by Harley W. Lond, posted May 12th 2010 8:22PM
We love it when Judge Judy gets indignant.

On Wednesday's edition of 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated), the judge took off on a scamming mechanic. Despite protestations from the man that the plaintiff's car "worked beautiful," the judge admonished him: "It doesn't make any difference. You scammed her ... and your business scammed her ... it's a routine that you fine-tuned, and you didn't fine-tune it on her ... you fine-tuned it over a long period of time ... and I know exactly what you did."

Look out, Mr. Mechanic, here comes the judge.

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Judge Judy Weighs in on Male-Female Relationships (VIDEO)

by Harley W. Lond, posted May 11th 2010 8:11PM
The Battle of the Sexes. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps. And now Judge Judy on how women remember everything men do.

On Tuesday's edition of 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated), Judge Judy lectured a young man on women and memory. "You can't argue with a woman on anything that involves memory," she said. "They remember every evil deed you've done to them. Bring them roses and flowers, bring them candy and buy them jewelry, that you can forget in a second. Every evil thing that you said or did is emblazoned in their memory forever." What was this leading up to? We forget.

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Fighting Over a Car on 'Judge Judy' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 28th 2010 11:15PM
Judge JudyToday's argument on 'Judge Judy' (weekdays, syndicated) concerns who was responsible for letting a vintage Cadillac limousine catch on fire. Plaintiff Al Allen lent his car keys to a co-worker. When the co-worker took the car out, it burst into flames and was destroyed. Now, Allen wants payback. But Judge Judy is unconvinced by his argument.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Five tips for when you find yourself in front of Judge Judy

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 30th 2009 4:29PM
Judge JudyI've been watching Judge Judy again. I used to watch it years ago, but then I went through a long period (years) when I thought she was too mean, too full of herself, too impatient with the litigants. Sometimes it seems that she's already sick of them before she even sits down.

But I started watching it again a few months ago and I love it again. I agree with her attitude now. Most of the people who go in front of her (both plaintiffs and defendants) usually get themselves into situations they shouldn't be in and they have no sense. And you wonder why they even want to be on TV in the first place, airing their dirty laundry.

But if you do find yourself on the show, here are five tips to make it a better experience.

1. Speak up. If you mumble she'll think you're dumb and/or hiding something. And she's probably right.

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Got Swine Flu? What to Watch

by Stephanie Earp, posted Nov 3rd 2009 1:01AM

My apologies to the pig farmers, but let's be honest: it's one thing to call this H1N1 when it's a distant threat, but when it gets personal, swine is the operative word.

I've got it. It's unpleasant to admit it - like copping to smoking - but there's the truth. I've been sick for over a week, and if you or someone you know has been sick that long, chances are it's the swine flu. Sorry to break it to you. I know you're probably trying to pretend it's just a cold. I did that for the first four days.

Sick for a week! I haven't been down like this since I was kid. And usually, when I'm down, I'm out. I sleep like the dead, emerging only for a few prime-time can't-miss shows. But this swine flu is a festering little bug - I'm confused, cranky and highly contagious but not knocked out enough to sleep the day away. Which brings me to my thesis: daytime TV.

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Now we might have Nancy Grace yelling at us in the daytime too

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 6th 2009 5:02PM
Nancy GraceDo you think we need another court show? What if I told you that this new court show was going to be hosted by Nancy Grace.

Yup, Grace is planning to star in her own daily syndicated court show next year. And it has actually gone past just a "talks" stage because Grace has reportedly filmed a presentation to show CBS Television Distribution. The name of the show (right now anyway, this could change) is Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. I guess The Biggest Loser was already taken.

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Bea Arthur also saved animals (as do her 'girls')

by Eliot Glazer, posted May 10th 2009 1:39PM
bea arthur peta animal rights activist petsThe late Bea Arthur was, among other things, a comedic genius, feminist icon, and beloved American actress of stage and screen. But widely overlooked in the recent coverage of her passing is the fact that she was a active advocate for animal rights. She campaigned against the force-feeding of ducks in the foie gras trade, even accompanying the president of PETA to London, where she demanded that Harrod's discontinue their peddling pâté.

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