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August 29, 2015


Dexter: Easy As Pie

by Debra McDuffee, posted Nov 9th 2008 11:29PM
A lot of significant events happened in tonight's episode of Dexter. What to make of the title, "Easy As Pie?" I think it refers to Dexter being able to make decisions. All his life, he's lived by Harry's code. Now, as we see him breaking it, or deciding whether or not he should break it, we see things being easier for Dexter.

Far be it from me to reveal anything before the jump, like the fact that Rita is pregnant or that Dexter is a serial killer (whoops -- did I just give something away?). Join me after the break to analyze tonight's plot points.

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Dexter: All in the Family

by Debra McDuffee, posted Oct 19th 2008 11:29PM
Dexter and Miguel conversing on beach

I'm really enjoying Dexter this season, so far. Although it seems to have a slightly different tone than past seasons, it continues to hold my rapt attention with its amazing character development and intricate plotlines.

Last week's episode was my favorite one this season. Was tonight's as good? Yes, but in a very different way from last week's episode. We got humor and suspense last week; this week, many little subplots setting the stage to go deeper in future episodes.

The main theme that glued this episode together was role-playing, and how the different roles of Dexter and others influenced who Dexter was.

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Dexter: Finding Freebo

by Debra McDuffee, posted Oct 6th 2008 8:25AM
Dexter looking into a hospital nursery window

Maybe the tone of this season seems slightly less sinister, but I am liking it all the same. Then again, with Dexter creeping around in the dark rain, murdering another victim, how can we claim less sinister?

What do you think about the way that they addressed Maria and the whole Bay Harbor Butcher issue? I was really wondering how she still could retain her position of power at the force when she was clearly impaired by her feelings for Doakes at the end of last season. They really left this hanging at the end of last season, and although they weakly tied it up in this episode, I still feel like Maria may not be quite done with the issue.

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Dexter: Our Father (season premiere)

by Debra McDuffee, posted Sep 28th 2008 10:02PM
Dexter giving a dad's day talk to Cody's class
(S03E01) Some changes are in the air for Dexter and its crew this season, judging by the happenings in the first episode. Batista is promoted to sergeant -- yay for him -- and he seems to be taking his new position very seriously. Will this responsible cop deal last? I like Batista and hope that it will, but the set-up makes me wonder.

Deb has turned over a new leaf: no drinking, no men and no smokes -- at least she still swears like a truck driver because I'd sure miss that. She sports a short, sassy new haircut to go with her no-nonsense new 'tude. She may be able to stick with the no smoking, but will she succumb to the men or booze first?

What are they going to do with Rita's pregnancy? No good can come of this, I assure you. Dexter as a dad only works part-time for me; I can't picture him without his bachelor pad, his privacy, his little haven complete with research laptop and hidden slides of blood.

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