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October 7, 2015

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball: 'One of the Most Moving Evenings I've Ever Had'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 14th 2011 5:55AM
Justin Timberlake, Kesley De Santis, Marine Corps BallBack in the summer, when they were promoting their new movie, 'Friends With Benefits,' stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis agreed to attend Marine Corps Birthday Balls with service personnel who'd asked them to be their dates. Many commentators doubted that the stars would make good on their promise and actually attend, but Timberlake did this past weekend. And, what's more, he says he had a great time.

On Saturday night Timberlake escorted Corporal Kelsey De Santis to The Basic School Instructor Battalion 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Virginia. Writing about the evening on his blog Timberlake said he was "so proud to be there. I felt like I was getting a chance to be among my heroes. ... I had so much fun with Kelsey and her crew of friends. They were just really nice people."

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Fallon and Timberlake Do 'History of Rap Part 3' (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 29th 2011 6:30PM
Justin Timberlake stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' on Fridy night, and luckily it wasn't just to talk about 'In Time.' Before the interview, the duo jumped into another edition of their excellent 'History of Rap' series and performed Part 3. It was just as awesome as the first two.

In a five-minute medley in which they were backed up awesomely by the Roots, Fallon and Timberlake cycled through a mostly '90s era of rap classics that included Coolio's Gangster's Paradise, the Fugees, Sir Mix-a-lot's 'I Like Big Butts,' the Beastie Boys, Outkast, and more. Check out the video after the jump.

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Justin Timberlake Would Love to Do a Musical, If the Format Was Redefined (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 27th 2011 4:45AM
Justin Timberlake, 'Late Show with David Letterman'With his obvious talent in the fields of music and acting, it's a no-brainer that people would be pushing Justin Timberlake to do a movie musical. And while he admits he'd love to do one some day on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS), there aren't any out there that he'd be comfortable with.

Timberlake suggests it might be a generational thing, but he get past the fact that people seem to randomly break into song, freezing the action of a scene. It's not plausible or realistic, though 'Glee' still does this from time to time. Admittedly, most of their musical numbers are done in such a way that the singing is a logical part of the story.

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Lonely Island, Michael Bolton, Special Guests Give Hilarious Emmys Performance (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Sep 18th 2011 11:00PM
Lonely Island gave a hilarious live medley performance of their hit songs 'Jack Sparrow,' '3 Way (The Golden Rule),' and 'I Just Had Sex' at the 2011 Emmys, which featured a slew of musical guest appearances.

The Andy Samberg-led musical trio had those three tunes nominated for Best Original Song, although they were beaten out by Justin Timberlake's 'SNL' monologue in an award handed out at the Creative Arts Emmys last week. But they were the ones who stole the show at the main event.

Michael Bolton, who was at one point dressed in full pirate regalia, joined Maya Rudolph, John Stamos, Ed Helms and Akon in the star-studded medley.

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Justin Timberlake Faces Off Against Regis in Ping-Pong (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 20th 2011 3:15PM
Justin Timberlake and Regis Philbin on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' Dozens of Americans undoubtedly woke up Wednesday morning with one very important, oddly specific question on their minds: Who would win a ping-pong match between Justin Timberlake and Regis Philbin? As if by prophecy, that question was answered on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), as Justin Timberlake dueled Regis in a game of table tennis.

Philbin initiated the challenge. "Everything you touch is a homerun," he said to Timberlake. The singing, the acting, everything." Timberlake feigned offense. "I won't stand to be insulted on national television," he said. Philbin then said someone told him Timberlake was a good ping pong player. "It happens to be one of the best sports I can do," Philbin said.

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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are Back With 'History of Rap, Part 2' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2011 5:58AM
Justin Timberlake, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Back in September 2010, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon collaborated on a brilliant look back at hip-hop with 'The History of Rap' on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). If you thought lightning couldn't strike twice in the same place, you're wrong.

Timberlake was back, and they proved what was awesome once could be awesome again with 'The History of Rap, Part 2.' Featuring all new samples from across the hip-hop spectrum, we had as much fun going down memory lane as we did enjoying their performances.

What's crazy scary is how good both of them have proven to be at hip-hop. This time around they tackled songs like 'Push It,' 'It Takes Two,' 'Insane in the Membrane,' 'Hot in Herre,' In Da Club,' 'Hey Ya' and closed with a rousing audience singalong on Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend.'

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Timberlake and Kunis Talk 'Friends With Benefits,' Embracing Marine Balls (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 18th 2011 2:30PM
Mila Kunis and Justine Timberlake talk 'Friends With Benefits' and Marines Balls on 'Today'Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are co-starring in the new film 'Friends With Benefits,' and have recently made headlines by accepting invitations to be guests at Marine Balls. As you might imagine, there was no way to avoid double entendre when both of those stories came up during their interview Monday on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC).

'Today' anchor Lester Holt, a self-identified married and out-of-touch man, started the interview by asking the pair to explain the meaning of the phrase "friends with benefits." Timberlake joked that he thought it was about borrowing money or sugar. "I'm thinking it's about two people who want to have a regular friendship but to get together for sex," Holt said. Ding ding!

Holt also asked about the invitations extended to both Kunis and Timberlake to attend a Marine Ball. Kunis explained they'd actually be attending two separate balls. "Marines have a lot of balls," she said. Holt suggested the traditional Marine battle cry "Semper Fi" could be replaced by "Marines got balls."

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Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Discuss Their 'Bad Teacher' 'Safe-Sex PSA' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 6th 2011 3:30PM
Cameron Diaz talks about her Working with your ex at any job can be an awkward situation; having to film a sex scene for a major mainstream comedy would be harrowing. Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, who once dated, had to address that in their new film, 'Bad Teacher,' but, as they both said on 'Access Hollywood Live' (weekday, syndicated on NBC), it wasn't that bad.

'Access' correspondent Shaun Robinson asked them about what she described as a "dry humping" scene. Diaz and Timberlake were both quick to correct her, framing the scene as a "safe sex PSA."

Said Diaz: "There's nobody better to do that with than somebody who you love and trust," said Diaz, "who you know where you stand. There is no other possibility than the possibility that is standing right in front of you."

Timberlake and 'Teacher' co-star Jason Segel came up with a few other ways to describe the scene. "We prefer 'jean jamming,'" said Timberlake. Segel offered the phrase, "If she's just in knee-highs, keep on your Levis." Indeed, it may be something for the kids to keep in mind.

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Justin Timberlake Channels Mozart, Mocks Himself in Unaired 'SNL' Skit

by Jean Bentley, posted May 23rd 2011 11:30AM
Justin Timberlake, Saturday Night LiveIf you'd like to watch Justin Timberlake make fun of himself with an on-and-off fake German accent, you should probably watch this unaired skit from this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' season ender.

Things touched upon in the five-minute clip: musicians-turned-actors, similarities between 'No Strings Attached' and 'Friends With Benefits,' the 'Mickey Mouse Club' and those black-framed "take me seriously" glasses.

Watch after the jump, and tell us: Shouldn't this have aired instead of the tired Kristen Wiig game show sketch?

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'SNL Digital Short': '3-Way' With Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and Andy Samberg (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 23rd 2011 4:14AM
Andy Samberg, Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga, 'Saturday Night Live'When Justin Timberlake was announced as the host for the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live' (Sat., 11:30PM ET on NBC), we suspected there was a chance for a recurrence of the characters he and Andy Samberg made famous across two 'Digital Shorts.'

What we didn't expect was that not only would they be joined by their recent lovers from the 'Motherlover' short, Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson, but that musical guest Lady Gaga would join them in the song and the gag.

The new premise finds our favorite out-of-fashion mack daddies leaving their motherlovers behind to foray into the next frontier in lovemaking. "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" followed they boys on a sexual adventure with Gaga and one another -- It's okay, because it's not gay when it's a three-way.

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Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga Shine in the 'Saturday Night Live' Season Finale

by Joel Keller, posted May 22nd 2011 12:00PM
Last night, 'Saturday Night Live' aired its 36th season finale, and the writers and producers saved one of the best episodes of the season for last.

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on the season 36 finale of 'Saturday Night Live'
The presence of perennial favorite host Justin Timberlake gave the writers license to bring back characters that are very familiar to regular 'SNL' watchers. It's the ultimate sign that Timberlake is quickly becoming this generation's version of 'SNL' hosting stalwarts Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

But added to the mix was the presence of Lady Gaga, who not only performed two songs, but did a fine job in a number of sketches, as well. Do we have a new recurring host in the making?

After the jump, we'll give you a selection of videos from last night's finale. In the comments, give us your thoughts on how JT and Gaga did on the show.

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Justin Timberlake Lends Lady Gaga Some Clothes in New 'Saturday Night Live' Promo

by Jean Bentley, posted May 20th 2011 4:00PM
Saturday Night Live, Lady Gaga, Justin TimberlakeThis weekend, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga will team up for the most epic 'Saturday Night Live' season finale in recent history.

Timberlake is no stranger to the 30 Rock studio, having racked up 11 previous host/guest/cameo appearances over the past 11 years. Gaga's also an 'SNL' vet who made her debut in 2009 alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Watch the two superstars team up to tease Saturday's show in NBC's latest promo.

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Justin Timberlake Books 'Saturday Night Live' Finale Hosting Gig

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 20th 2011 10:05AM
Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake is returning to 'Saturday Night Live.' Yep, the multi-talented singer/actor/comedian responsible for 'D*ck in a Box' -- who has won two Emmys for his appearances on the show -- will host the finale on May 21.

According to our friends at The Huffington Post, 'Saturday Night Live' made the announcement to a fan on Twitter.

A fan tweeted "I didn't realize that @nbcsnl isn't back until May 7th!!! What am I going to do!? Is Tina Fey the season finale!? #SNL #aaahhhh."

The show responded, "Nope! We have Timberlake after that!" However, the tweet has since been deleted.

According to the New York Post, Lady Gaga will be the musical guest. This is Gaga's second time on the 'SNL' stage, her first appearance was in October 2009.

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'Regis and Kelly' Show Footage of Justin Timberlake Having Bad Hair Day (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Dec 22nd 2010 12:45PM
'Tis the season for regretting old hairdos. 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated) airs footage of Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC that hasn't been seen since 1998. In it, a young Timberlake sports a carefully-sculpted, tightly-curled mane.

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Justin Timberlake Partied With Oprah and Katie Couric (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 17th 2010 5:28AM
Justin Timberlake Partied With Oprah and Katie CouricOn 'Lopez Tonight' (weeknights, 12AM ET on TBS), Justin Timberlake dished about seeing an unexpected couple on the dance-floor: Oprah Winfrey and Katie Couric. While talking with host George Lopez, Justin said that the weird thing about going to lots of award shows was seeing people getting a little, well ... weird. "You see people that you just wouldn't expect ... [and you're] like -- oh. ... Oh!"

Once such unexpected thing: seeing Oprah and Katie dancing together during an after-party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But were the two female journalists "bringing sexy back" (so to speak) while they were out on the dance floor? Well, sort of.

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