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October 7, 2015


Adam Levine is Producing a Karaoke Bar-Based Sitcom for NBC

by Catherine Lawson, posted Aug 1st 2011 5:30AM
Adam Levine'Cheers' meets 'The Voice' as Adam Levine flexes his TV muscles and goes behind the camera to produce a sitcom for NBC.

Deadline reports that NBC beat out at least two other networks in a bidding war for the show, which is an ensemble comedy set at a karaoke bar.

The as-yet-unnamed project is being produced by 20th Century Fox TV and Chernin Entertainment. Levine and Jake Kasdan ('Bad Teacher') will serve as executive producers, with Kasdan also attached to direct.

So, will karaoke be 2012's big craze?

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More Don't Forget the Lyrics coming your way!

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 7th 2007 10:03AM
Don't Forget the LyricsProbably in preparation for a long strike and also because this type of show is easy programming that not only brings in fair enough ratings but also does rather well in reruns, FOX announced earlier this week that it was ordering 13 extra episodes of it's music-contest hit Don't Forget the Lyrics.

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Don't Forget the Lyrics gets a second season

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 19th 2007 2:10PM
wayne brady; dont forget the lyricsFox has ordered up a second season of its summer game show, Don't Forget the Lyrics! The network has reportedly ordered 13 more episodes but has not given them any air dates. They could resurface next summer or as a mid-season replacement if and when one of its new shows tanks.

Don't Forget the Lyrics! is a karaoke-themed game show that is similar to one on NBC called The Singing Bee. Both premiered to decent ratings and fellow TV Squadder, Isabelle, prefers The Singing Bee over Fox's version. I only saw the premiere of Don't Forget the Lyrics! and I found it very entertaining, but that had to do with the entomologist contestant who knew all the words to the Jackson 5's A-B-C and wanted to buy a microscope with her winnings.

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The Office: A Benihana Christmas

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Dec 14th 2006 10:29PM

Let the holiday festivities begin!(S03E10) This week brought us a special 60-minute holiday episode of The Office, and as you just saw, a lot of things happened, and we're sure to see a number of new storylines take shape over the next few episodes.

Last year's holiday party episode was a classic, so it was with eager anticipation that I plopped myself down in front of the TV to see what would take place this year. Although it probably could have been cut down from 60 minutes to one of those NBC "super-sized" 40-minute episodes, this one was satisfying enough for me and for most viewers, I'm sure.

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Heidi Klum's weird holiday music video - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 28th 2006 10:36AM
heidi klumHeidi Klum has a really weird holiday music video that looks like it was directed by the same person who does David Hasselhoff's videos. Best Week Ever characterized it as a karaoke video, which is pretty accurate. It's extremely cheerful and starry, with lots of snow and children. Plus, it has cheesy lyrics like the chorus: "Wonderland, wonderland. Shining Stars. Jingle Bells." Try getting that out of your head after you hear it!

Video is after the jump:

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Simon Cowell won't sing for Ricky Gervais' Extras

by Julia Ward, posted Nov 21st 2006 11:35AM
Simon CowellAmerican Idol's Simon Cowell has turned down a role on Ricky Gervais' Extras because it required him to sing a karaoke version of Elton John's song "Daniel." The man who turned criticizing singers into a multi-million dollar global industry wisely took his own advice saying, "I can't sing. Why would I humiliate myself?" Singing is apparently the only thing Cowell wouldn't do, which is sort of a shame. I'm sure it would have been immensely gratifying to all of our fallen, former Idols to see Cowell be put through his vocal paces.

While I never think it hurts a celebrity's image to make fun of him or herself through vehicles like Gervais' Extras, I can't say that I blame Cowell for sparing us. If more pop wannabes would follow his example, than they could use their fifteen minutes of fame elsewhere -- like on Mark Burnett's Pirates or by waving frantically behind local news reporters on camera.

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Karaoke contest for walk-on role on How I Met Your Mother

by Brett Love, posted Sep 21st 2006 6:08PM
How I Met Your Mother castSo, say you've always wanted to be on a hit sitcom, but you just don't have time for all those pesky acting classes and whatnot. Well, CBS has your answer.

The network is launching a series of karaoke contests in nine different markets. The winner from each market will be flown to Los Angeles where there will be a final showdown. At that final contest, cast members from How I Met Your Mother will help choose the winner. And that person will get a walk-on role on the show.

Cities, stations, and dates after the jump.

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Coming this winter: American Idol karaoke game

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 24th 2006 2:17PM
american idol karaokeKaroake Revolution is releasing an American Idol version of its game for PlayStation 2, complete with original American Idol tunes and judgements from Randy and Simon. Players can cover one of 40 songs, including Taylor Hicks' "Do I Make You Proud", Bo Bice's "The Real Thing", Ruben Studdard's "Flying Without Wings", and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway". You can also channel William Hung, by singing "She Bangs". Once you've finished your song, Randy and Simon will have some remarks for you. Paula Abdul's not involved, but you can cover her '80s hit "Straight Up".

This sounds like a game for the pre-teen set at slumber parties or their very first boy-girl parties. I can see it now: an 11-year-old girl's night is ruined when Simon tells her she's the worst singer ever.

[Via TV Filter]

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How Comcast On Demand made my weekend

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 15th 2006 8:57AM
karaokeOne word: KARAOKE. I just returned from a long weekend visiting friends in Savannah, Georgia, where we discovered the joy that is Comcast On Demand Karaoke. Sure, some of the songs suck to sing: who knew there really aren't any lyrics to Salt 'n Pepa's 'Push It'? But, there are some goodies like 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-A-Lot, 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' by Poison, and 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' by Def Leppard. Listing those songs dates me, doesn't it? There are also some songs by Britney Spears, Elton John, Beck and R. Kelly.

Anyway, it was a great way to spend a Friday night. On the couch, yelling out songs at the top of our lungs. Margaritas are optional.

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The Five: American Idol contestants who wouldn't go away

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 27th 2006 7:21PM
nikki mckibbonThe funny thing about each and every season of American Idol is the contestants with mediocre talent who continue to sail through to the next round. You know what I'm talking about. They're cute and cuddly and have oodles of personality, but they're a little short on the talent category. There's a faction of television-watching, telephone-using Americans out there who insist on keeping these people on the show while other contestants with more talent get the boot.

I have five examples of American Idol contestants who wouldn't go away:

5. Constantine Maroulis. Yeah, I said it. Constantine thought he was sexy and talented. Not an attractive characteristic on a man who only has mediocre looks and talent. Constantine regularly sang out of tune and falsely advertised himself as a rocker. He was in Rent, for crying out loud! A musical! The dude was a poser and I wanted to slap that pout right off his face. I think we all know who the true rocker was last season. (P.S. More proof he's a poser: his new album is Adult Contemporary. Watch out, Clay!)

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