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August 28, 2015

katie jacobs

Hugh Laurie to Direct March Episode of 'House'

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Dec 10th 2009 11:25AM
Word is, per Entertainment Weekly, Hugh Laurie will be directing his first episode of 'House' next month -- for airing Mon., March 22, as the 17th episode of the current season. For Laurie, one of the most honored actors on TV, this could prove to be a revelatory assignment.

EW quoted executive producer Katie Jacobs as saying that the script for the episode is "not a traditional" one, but declined to go any further.

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House producers (and a certain star) talk to reporters about last night's big twist

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 7th 2009 4:25PM
house simple explanationIf you're like me, then you're still reeling from the big shocker that happened in last night's episode of House. I spent the entire episode with my mouth hanging wide open, just sputtering, "what?" over and over again. After the episode ended, my boyfriend and I spent a good half an hour arguing about what really happened. Was House's theory correct, or was it just wishful thinking?

I thought the episode made it pretty clear, but there was definitely an element of ambiguity when it ended. Today, House executive producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs and, uh, a certain actor from House, held a conference call to answer some of our burning questions, like, you know, "what the hell?"

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How the strike helped House

by Allison Waldman, posted Jun 20th 2008 2:40PM
House-WilsonEven as fear grips the business that there'll be another strike that will lead to a work stoppage, there are some who can look back on the Writer's Strike and actually find a silver lining in that dark cloud. At a recent at the ArcLight Cinemas, sponsored by the L.A. Times, the folks who bring us House, including creator David Shore and director Katie Jacobs, revealed that the strike actually was beneficial for them in a strange way.

Since Fox had the Super Bowl last season, House had been given the plum spot following the game. That always means a huge audience will be watching, and even a show as successful as House wouldn't mind a boost in the ratings.

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Fox press day 2, part 2 - Margulies, Sherman-Palladino on Gilmore Girls and House - TCA report

by Michael Maloney, posted Jul 23rd 2007 11:01PM
Julianne Margulies and George Clooney ER's Doug and Carol together again? Don't hold your breath unless you can do so for at least three more years.

Julianna Margulies, who's starring in the FOX mid-season replacement Canterbury's Law, says that she'd love to do another project with former ER love interest George Clooney. But the actress,who left the hospital drama in 2000, wants there to be a full decade in between projects so that fans won't think of them as lovebirds.

Alas, the reunion won't likely take place at Country General, either.

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House's Robert Sean Leonard and Katie Jacobs speak

by Adam Finley, posted May 2nd 2006 12:41PM

houseThe Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan has an interesting article on the hit FOX series House, including interviews with actor Robert Sean Leonard (who plays Dr. Wilson, both friend and foil to the incorrigible Dr. House) and Katie Jacobs, the show's executive producer. Despite his character growing on fans, Leonard claims he wants to keep his role small so he has free time to spend with his wife. Ah, that's sweet. We also get some insight into Hugh Laurie, who plays the titular role. Apparently Laurie is very self-critical when it comes to his American accent. Personally, I think he does it flawlessly, which is more than I can say for Michael Caine.

Oh yeah, and a reminder to House fans that the first part of a two-part episode airs this evening.

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