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August 31, 2015


TV Squad APB #10

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 23rd 2006 12:04PM
tv squad apb logoWow, we've made it to numer ten! The format we followed last week worked out great, so we're continuing with it again this week. Some subjects we yack about:
  • We've got a couple of clips from Joel's upcoming interview with George Takei. You tell us: does George call William Shatner a loser?
  • Some interviews we're persuing soon.
  • The Holmes/Cruise baby and the general weirdness of Scientology.
  • The Gilmore Girls creators are gone. So, what now?
  • Were Parker and Stone high when they wrote the latest South Park?
  • An all-Lost Spoilers Anonymous meeting.
Grab the file directly (link), subscribe to our podcast RSS feed (link), or visit the iTunes music store (link).  (Running time: 37:03)

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on Ellen

by Karina Longworth, posted Jan 12th 2006 11:45AM
tomcruisekatieholmes.jpgOkay, first of all, let's be fair: Ellen's "exclusive" interview with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Um, she actually just sort of ran into them – her "old friends" – at CES and cobbled together a small on-the-spot crew for a brainless, 2-minute chat. Because neither Tom nor Katie is inherently interesting on their own, Ellen had to work overtime to stretch the dialogue out to fill the segment. She chose the "name your baby after me" angle:

Ellen: "Have you thought about a Godmother?"
Tom (wearing sunglasses inside and freeze-smiling like an android): "Not yet - are you available?"
Ellen: "Have you thought of a name?
Tom (android laughter): "Not yet."
Ellen: "Ellen."
Tom (more android laughter): "If its a boy?"
Ellen: "Dylan."

Then they just kind of babbled for a long time. Tom said that "Kate" had just learned how to snowboard, and "Kate" said, "Snowmobile", and dipped her head into Tom's neck. Ellen looked on, confused, until Tom changed the subject: "Inside joke."

This was the closest it got to resembling an actual conversation between human beings:

Ellen: "I'm serious about really helping out. How often do babies have to eat?"
Tom: "I think it's a couple of times a week?"

So, all in all, pretty crazy-free, and as such, thoroughly disappointing. But Ellen fans would still be well served by tuning in – at the end of the show, she bumps-and-grinds with the Pussycat Dolls, and it's totally worth the wait.

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Inside Inside TV

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 21st 2005 8:04AM
  • Katie and TomEverything you need to know about this issue of Inside TV is right smack dab on the cover!
  • There's a rundown on everything that TomKat has been up to lately (with photos!), in a title that sums it all up nicely: "Crazy In Love."
  • Matt Lauer: How he keeps his marriage sexy. Oh God.
  • The 24 Diet. Yup, that's right, a diet plan based on the FOX show. This has "let's try to tie this article to a TV show somehow" written all over it. Read it and you'll say "what the hell does this have to do with 24, except for doing things at a certain time?" Some of the tips: 8 am, eat 5 egg whites. 9am, glass of water. 11 am, glass of water. Noon, a large vegetable salad. 1pm, 2 glasses of water. 4pm, two sticks of sugarless gum. 8 pm, floss and brush. 9 pm, rent a DVD...unless it's Monday, then you should watch 24. Ah, there's the connection! (What, no exercise tip that says "6pm: get tortured, then beat up bad guys?") I suggest the Lost diet: eat nothing but fruit and fish for 40 days. For exercise, outrun invisible monsters and evil kidnappers.
  • Inside TV "finds" Erin Murphy, Tabitha from Bewitched. Which couldn't have been too hard, considering she's been in the public eye for the past 20 years and is currently doing a ton of press for the new movie.

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