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October 13, 2015

keifer sutherland

DC Comics Hero 'Booster Gold' Coming to Syfy and More TV News

by Crystal Bell, posted Nov 22nd 2011 7:00PM
booster gold syfyIf it worked for 'Smallville,' then surely 'Booster Gold' has a shot, right? Syfy has reportedly orded a pilot script for a one-hour drama based on the popular DC Comics franchise, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Greg Berlanti ('Brothers & Sisters') will serve as an executive producer for the superhero project, while 'Fringe's Andrew Kreisberg will write the pilot and executive produce. Berlanti and Kreisberg last collaborated on ABC's 'Eli Stone.'

As die-hard DC Comics fans know, the series will center on Booster Gold, a washed-up athlete from the future who travels back in time to the present in hopes of becoming the greatest superhero of all time. However, his priorities are a little off. Instead of chasing criminals, his main priority is chasing fame and money. Booster Gold will soon realize that being a superhero means that you actually need to do a little work.

In other TV news ...

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Clock Ticking on '24'

by Scott Harris, posted Mar 10th 2010 1:30PM
Over the years, Jack Bauer and company have faced off against terrorists, turncoats, spies and occasionally a wild cougar or two. But there's one foe too deadly for even Bauer to overcome: ratings.

Now it appears that '24' is about to lose that final fight, as Variety is reporting that the venerable Fox action franchise will likely end at the conclusion of their current season. Though Fox declined to comment on the rumors, its believed that rising production costs and shrinking viewership will lead to an official announcement form the network within the next two days.

'24,' of course, became a pop phenomenon and a critical darling when it first debuted in November of 2001, less than two months after the events of September 11; tapping into the national zeitgeist, '24' revitalized star Keifer Sutherland's career and helped Fox surge from a fourth place afterthought to the leading broadcast network in the country.

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'24' - '12:00 AM - 1:00 AM' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Feb 23rd 2010 12:36AM
fox 24 recap day 8
(S08E09) Now the clock is really ticking.

Farhad's crew raised the stakes for the season with a plan to set off a radiological bomb in New York. And things finally erupted in a big way with the Dana/Kevin/Cole storyline. Jack got Renee out of the hot seat, but it cost him his plane ride back to his family (again).

The moral of this episode? You just can't trust anyone these days.

Josef stabbed his daddy in the back by stealing the nuclear rods, only to get gunned down by Farhad and friends. Looking to make a big bloody statement, Farhad's goons double-crossed their boss with a plot to use the rods as a weapon. And Weiss set Renee up to take the fall for the mission's failure (I never trusted that guy). Let's talk about that last development.

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Elisha Cuthbert Joins 'The Forgotten'

by Rebecca Paiement, posted Dec 8th 2009 11:00AM
Elisha Cuthbert, famous for her role as Jack Bauer's daughter (Kiefer Sutherland) on '24,' will be appearing in a six-episode arc on ABC's drama 'The Forgotten.' The Hollywood Reporter says that Cuthbert will take on the role of Maxine Denver, a Chicago professional who is forced to put aside her skepticism when the Forgotten Network helps solve a case.

Cuthbert first appeared on the scene with mini roles in 2003's 'Old School' and 'Love Actually.' She then worked on other film and television projects, including appearing as a judge on the Canadian version of 'Project Runway.' In 2010, she'll breathe life into the animated cat Cleo, a cartoon kitty with wealthy feline parents, in Imagi Entertainment's 'Cat Tale,' along side Jerry O'Connell and Billy Idol.

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It's Jack Bauer! On Call of Duty!

by Jane Boursaw, posted Sep 23rd 2009 10:42AM
Keifer Sutherland in Call of DutyI was playing Call of Duty: World at War with my son the other day (hey, I'm the cool mom), and he said, "You know, that sounds like Jack Bauer." I listened, and sure enough, that unmistakable "Fire!" was indeed Kiefer Sutherland, a.k.a. Jack Bauer on 24.

It's always fun when stuff like this happens, where you recognize a beloved TV character's voice elsewhere. I surfed around YouTube and found a video of Sutherland in the recording studio, along with Gary Oldman, who played James Gordon on The Dark Knight, among dozens of other films.

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Kim Raver won't be clocking any hours on 24 next season

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 17th 2009 3:30PM

Kim RaverAt least that's what it sounds like 24 EP Evan Katz told EW's Ausiello. According to Katz, some of the things they have planned for the FOX drama's eighth season don't involve a Jack/Audrey reunion.

Can you blame them? 24 has had some doosie plots in the past that are pretty hard to swallow, but the last we saw of Audrey was at the very end of season six, and she didn't look so good. If she somehow ended up in the fold again next year (which takes place in New York City), I can't see people being too happy about it.

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Will 24's greener measures affect the show?

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 18th 2009 11:11AM
Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, on Fox's 24Fox's charge to make 24 a completely green show is admirable.

It's not only expensive and harder to do than one might think, but it also flies in the face of 24's core audience. Of course, that's not its boldest effect. These days, pissing off the right wing is more "in" than Twittering about your Snuggie.

The boldest move is the effect these new measures could have on the body of the show in ways you may not expect. You might even see Jack Bauer tie a guy to a chair and hook up his nipples to a car battery to get him to admit he doesn't put his plastics and newspapers in separate recycling bins.

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Would you watch 24 without Jack Bauer?

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 5th 2009 11:02AM
Annie Wersching as FBI Agent Renee Walker in Early on in 24's run, and long before Fox knew it was going to be a staple of their network and one of their few reliable sources for solid ratings, Kiefer Sutherland talked about the possibility of the show going on without him. But that was before 24 became a phenomenon and Jack Bauer became an icon in his own right. Now, it's hard to imagine the show without him. And there hasn't really been any talk of it lately, but you do have to wonder if Fox isn't thinking about it.

Don't get me wrong, Season 7 is shaping up to be the second best season of the series so far (sorry, I don't think it will be possible to top Season 5), but what Monday's two-parter showed me was that 24 can be just as compelling without Jack Bauer. For the first hour of the night Jack was behind bars or being lead around by Secret Service agents. And yet there was plenty of action and excitement to keep the adrenaline pumping. Annie Wersching is a blast to watch as FBI Agent Renee Walker. Her ballsy dive both onto Juma's boat and off of it was pure Bauer.

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Hugh Laurie gets a big raise

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 12th 2008 3:00PM
House on gurneyHe hasn't won an Emmy (although that might change in a little over a week from now) and he's not going to win People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive (although I think he very attractive), but at least Hugh Laurie, the star of Fox's House, is being rewarded in another way -- the wallet.

Laurie is getting a raise in salary to $400,000 an episode. That's not as much as 24's Kiefer Sutherland ($500,000) or CSI's William Petersen ($600,000) or Two and a Half Men's Charlie Sheen ($825,000), but it's pretty darn good.

Whether you think Charlie is worth that much money or Bill (who's actually only going to be in half the shows on CSI in 2008-2009) or Kiefer, for that matter, but Hugh Laurie has earned this raise. He's the center of House, the most important character, and there is no show without him.

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Will Jack Be Missing Chloe on 24?

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jul 3rd 2008 4:24PM
Chloe Morris 24Even though 24 isn't actually coming back on the air for another, what is it? Nine years? Ten? (Okay, January '09, but still), there's news coming out about next season. While a very pregnant Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe, has already begun filming on Day 7 of the series, Rajskub's impending due date will force her to take a hiatus from Jack Bauer's really long, bad day. So who's going to lie for Jack and help him out with all of his nerd toys? None other than Chloe's sourpuss ex, Morris O'Brian (Carlo Rota).

Morris, who on Day 6 was kidnapped by terrorists, forced to arm a nuclear weapon, slipped up on his sobriety, broke up with Chloe, found out that he was going to be a daddy and got back together with Chloe, will be having some problems of his own come Day 7.


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Jack Bauer heads to Africa

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 30th 2008 4:20PM
24 Season 7To tie us over until 24's seventh season premieres in January 2009 (it's closer than we think), Fox is appeasing us with The Rookie, five-minute webisodes following the adventures of American Counter Terrorism agent Jason Blaine, played by Jeremy Valdez. Check out Keith's post about The Rookie here.

It all ties in with the TV series. Blaine was first seen in 24's fifth season aboard a Russian sub. "If Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne had a love child, it would be Jason Blaine," says co-writer Kevin Townsend in an Associated Press story. "He's a younger, more ambitious, less experienced -- but no less talented -- version of those two characters."

Ok, that's kind of a creepy way to put it, but we get it. Now in its third phase, titled Day 3 - Extraction, the web series finds Blaine sent to Mexico City to rescue his mentor, Alton Maxwell (Eric Beck), who's been kidnapped by drug czar, Estaban Salazar. Remember him? The Salazar brothers were introduced to us in 24's third season.

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24 prequel TV movie set for fall

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 6th 2008 10:43AM
24 JackFans of 24 will have to wait until January 2009 for the seventh season to commence, but in a move that's likely to be met with cheers all around, Fox has announced that the producers of the Keifer Sutherland action drama are creating a 24 two-hour TV movie which will be a prequel to the next new season. The story will cover the two years between the end of season six and the beginning of season seven. The actors are being cast now, presumably the essential members of the team who survived the previous 24-hours of a nuclear disaster, terrorism, lies, betrayals, shootings and tragedies.

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Jack Bauer's history of kills

by Brett Love, posted Jan 14th 2007 7:29PM
Keifer SutherlandFox is set to kick off the new season of 24 with a two hour premiere tonight. To get you in the mood, have a look at this list of all the people Jack has killed in his first five days. If you're playing along at home, Jack's kill count stands at 136 going into day 6. Not a bad 120 hours worth of work.

This isn't just any list though. Along with who Jack killed, each entry has a video or picture of the kill as well as the method or weapon. It's well done, and the kind of crazy fanaticism that makes television and the internet a great match. Imagine how hard it was back in the day for Green Hornet fans to track the kills of Britt Reed and Kato.

[ via Digg ]

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Rick Schroder joins cast of 24

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 4th 2006 6:11PM
Rick SchroederLook, I know that his years on NYPD Blue redeemed him from a crash course with the child star curse of reality shows and cultural irrelevance, but he'll always be Ricky Schroeder to me. Ricky Schroeder - Silver Spoons star, friend to "Tap Dance Kid" Alfonso Riberio and owner of the racing car bed. Fortunately for Ricky, he overcame the 80s with the aforementioned three seasons on NYPD Blue, a comedic turn as Nurse Paul Flowers on Scrubs and his latest outing as Dr. Dylan West on Lifetime's Strong Medicine.

Ricky has made another great career move - further distancing himself from that plucky young lad in The Champ. He'll be joining the cast of 24 as CTU operative Mike Doyle. Expect to see Schroder team up with Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer in executing "key field ops." 24 is really pulling out all the stops with its latest casting decisions. Schroder is just one of a list of fancy new cast members including Chad Lowe, Regina King, Powers Boothe, Peter MacNicol, James Cromwell, Kal Penn and David Hunt. That's right - Deadwood's Cy Tolliver meets Babe's Father Hoggett meets The Boondocks' Huey Freeman meets Kumar. Who doesn't want to see that?

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MacNicol joins 24, but stays on Numb3rs

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 10th 2006 11:42AM

Peter MacNicolHere's something you don't usually see: an actor joining a show as a series regular, but staying on his current show, on another network, also as a series regular.

Peter MacNicol will join the cast of 24 in the fall. He'll play a top government official on the spy drama when it comes back in January. But MacNicol is going to stay as a regular on Numb3rs, where he plays mentor and friend to Charlie.

Maybe Charlie can make a guest appearance on 24. He can help Jack Bauer solve an international conspiracy with, um, math or something. I mean, the show does have a number as its title.

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