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August 31, 2015

keith olbermann

Keith Olbermann Suspends "Worst Person in The World" Segment In Response to Jon Stewart's Call for Sanity (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Nov 2nd 2010 4:24PM
In his long-running "Worst Person in the World" segment, Keith Olbermann declares a worse, worser and worst person of the day. However, he announced Monday on 'Countdown' (Weekdays, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) that in response to Jon Stewart's call-out of the media during the Rally to Restore Sanity, he is suspending the segment for the foreseeable future.

"The anger in this news hour was not an original part of it," Olbermann explained. "It was a response to a threat to this democracy posed by Mr. Bush and now by his lineal descendants. But there is an institutionalization of it that may no longer be valid, and that is the worst persons in the world segments ... its satire and whimsy have gradually gotten lost in some anger, so in the spirit of the thing .. . I'm unilaterally suspended it with an eye toward discontinuing it."

Olbermann seemed stung by what he believes to be a false equivalency that Jon Stewart drew at the rally between 'Countdown' and Fox News during Stewart's speech at the event.

It remains to be seen if Olbermann's move will actually end up leading to more sanity. However, as long as the word "worser" is off the air, this appears to be a victory for the English language.

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Salma Hayek, ABC Team for New Telenovela Adaptation, 'Off the Map' Gets a Premiere Date and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 2nd 2010 4:00PM
Salma HayekABC and Salma Hayek are teaming up once again to develop an American version of a telenovela.

The network and Hayek were behind 'Ugly Betty' and have set their sights on adapting the Argentinian telenovela 'Los Roldan.' According to Variety, Veronica Becker and Sarah Kucserka, 'Ugly Betty' veterans, have been tapped to write and executive produce.

'Los Roldan' told the story of a working-class man who gets hired to run the company of the woman whose life he saved. Versions of the soap have been produced in Colombia, Mexico and Cyprus.

In other TV news ...

'Sex and the City' showrunner Michael Patrick King is shopping around a new series. King and his representatives are reportedly shopping the script around personally in an effort to keep it as secret as possible. [Vulture]

'Off the Map,' Shonda Rhimes' new medical drama, will premiere Wed., Jan. 12 at 10PM. 'Off the Map' will take the place of the legal drama 'The Whole Truth.' [Twitter]

Keith Olbermann has suspended his "Worst Persons" segment. Olbermann has shelved the segment in the wake of Jon Stewart's speech at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. [Hollywood Reporter]

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Keith Olbermann Blasts Rick Sanchez's (Non)-Apology (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 7th 2010 3:55PM
It undoubtedly pleased Keith Olbermann that Rick Sanchez's career imploded just days after Sanchez called Olbermann a stooge for the Obama administration.

Olberman was one of the first television commentators to mock Sanchez -- who had been substitute host for Olbermann before he joined CNN -- after Sanchez's unfortunate comments about Jon Stewart and Jews in the news media. Then, on Tuesday, Olbermann used the worst person in the world segment of 'Countdown' (weekdays, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) to rip Sanchez's public apology for his remarks as a non-apology.

"Saying that . . . most of the people running the networks were Jews was not "in-artful" (as Sanchez had said in his apology), it was anti-Semitic," Olbermann argued.

"(Sanchez's) statement closes with, 'I look forward to my next step with great anticipation,' Olbermann continued, before offering Sanchez advice on what his next step should actually be: "Your next step is an apology."

Nevertheless, Olbermann only made Sanchez the second worst person in the world, reserving the top spot for Dick Armey. So Rick's got that going for him, which is nice.

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Stephen Hawking's Co-Author Explains Their Take on God in 'The Grand Design' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Sep 10th 2010 1:43AM
"The Grand Design," a new book from physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Moldinow, has gotten a lot of buzz for its argument that God is not required in the formation of the universe.

Moldinow was on "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" (weekdays, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) and he laid out the book's thesis:

"The book is about two main questions: where did the universes come from and why are the laws of nature what they are?" Moldinow explained. "And we give scientific answers to these questions, and from those answers we conclude that God is not necessary for either of those."

"That's all we say, we don't pretend to prove that there is no God ... we don't even say God didn't create the universe. We just say that God is not necessary as an answer to those questions."

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Keith Olbermann Makes a Mess of Ted Nugent 'World's Worst' Segment (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 23rd 2010 11:09AM
On Friday's 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) Keith declared rocker Ted Nugent the "worst person in the world" for making some inflammatory racial comments at a concert in Dubuque, Iowa.

Olbermann also speculated on why it took the national media two weeks to pick up on what Nugent had said -- which he chalked up to the Nug's irrelevance -- before suggesting he only finds Nugent's words relevant because the guitar hero will be speaking at a rally Glenn Beck is putting on August 28 in Washington, DC.

Nugent's allegedly racist statement? "There's a lot of white people in this crowd! I like that! This a white town."

While Olbermann was quoting the local paper, a photojournalist who was at the show has come forward to question the accuracy of the quote, and to suggest Nugent -- who does have a history of controversial statements -- was making a sarcastic observation rather than stating a preference for a white crowd.

So that's sort of murky, but Nugent is speaking at the Glenn Beck rally, right?

Actually, no. While there were initially discussions for him to appear, instead he will by putting on a show in Boise, Idaho on August 28th.

So, if you are in Boise, and happened to be watching Olbermann on Friday, the Motor City Madman will still be playing your town on the 28th. And it may even be OK for non-white folks to attend.

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Howard Dean and Keith Olbermann Debate 'Ground Zero' Mosque (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 20th 2010 1:24PM
Recently, Howard Dean broke ranks with most liberal Democrats, and said it would be best if the so-called 'Ground Zero Mosque' was moved to a different location.

Dean went on 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) to explain.

"I find myself in the unusual place of actually being in the middle," the former head of the DNC told Olbermann, who made it clear from the outset he vehemently disagreed with Dean's point of view. "Obviously I don't side with race-baiters on the Republican side, but 65 to 70 percent of the people have a real problem (with the mosque)."

"I think some of my own folks on my end of the spectrum of the party are demonizing some fairly decent people that are opposed to this" Dean continued. "Sixty-five percent of the people in this country are not right-wing bigots."

By the end of the long debate, neither man had made any inroads into the other's position. This seems to mirror the national dialogue on the mosque issue: a lot of screaming, but nobody is changing their mind. What do you think?

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Keith Olbermann Admits His Attacks on Bill O'Reilly Were 'Over the Top' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 18th 2010 11:23AM
On Tuesday's Countdown With Olbermann (Weeknights, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) Keith admitted that last week he made "over the top" comments about Bill O'Reilly.

While Olbermann didn't specify what the remarks were, we are pretty certain he is referring to bringing up a theory that O'Reilly was abused as a child to explain why O'Reilly took offense to comments Jennifer Aniston made about single motherhood.

And why would Olbermann make such a concession? Well, he believes that because of his "over the top" attack, O'Reilly responded by running a segment connecting GE -- MSNBC's parent company -- to the Oil for Food scandal.

He also wanted to make clear to his audience that the segment he was about to run on how News Corp -- Fox News's parent company -- gave a $1 million donation to the Republican Governor's Association was not a tit for tat response to O'Reilly's expose on GE, which Olbermann believes was in response to his comments.

Got that? Anyway, the offshoot is that Olbermann and O'Reilly are still not friends.

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Keith Olbermann Comments on the 'Inaccurately Described Ground Zero Mosque' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 17th 2010 2:35PM
On 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' (Weekdays, 8 PM ET on MSNBC) Keith made his inevitable special comment on the so-called "Ground Zero" Mosque. He kicked off by repeating Pastor Martin Niemöller's oft-quoted statement on the the rise of Nazism in Germany: "... Then they came for the Jews, Olbermann read, "And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew..."

Next Olbermann drops the dubious disclaimer that by quoting Niemoller, he isn't making "a direct comparison" between those who want to suppress the Islamic center and those who enabled the Holocaust.

With that out the way, he gets to the heart of his special comment: correcting what he sees as inaccuracies in the arguments used by opponents of the project.

He rips Newt Gingrich for "pushing the nonsense that 'Cordoba' (the initial name of the project) is a Muslim dog-whistle for triumphalism."

"When the historic implications of Cordoba were made clear to the backers of this product, the property developer changed the name," Olbermann explained. "They already compromised."

Olbermann also addresses the issue of whether the Ground Zero Mosque is really even a mosque at all. He points out that it was actually planned as a Muslim community center, complete with basketball courts. Olbermann closes by imploring his viewers to stand up for the rights of minority groups when they are threatened. You can watch his entire special comment below:

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Keith Olbermann Snares Exclusive Interview With Aqua Buddha (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 13th 2010 1:30PM
Rand Paul found himself in the middle of controversy this week when GQ magazine printed a story alleging that, as a Baylor University student 27 years ago, the Senate candidate from Kentucky had kidnapped a woman, taken her to a river and forced her to worship a deity called Aqua Buddha.

The story lost a bit of its punch when the woman involved admitted that when she said "kidnapped" she didn't mean the against-her-will kind of kidnapped.

Nevertheless, Keith Olbermann pulled quite a journalistic coup when he was able to get the first-ever interview with Aqua Buddha on 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8PM ET on MSNBC.)

Aqua Buddha came to Keith live from an indoor pool at a Courtyard Marriott, and, looking suspiciously like a regular man with a snorkel, he answered questions such as, "What's the difference between Aqua Buddhism and regular Buddhism?"

The answer: "Buddhism is religion of great contemplation," explained the false idol. "Aqua Buddhism is the exact opposite. We face the horrors of life head on."

The more you know.

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Keith Olbermann: Bill O'Reilly Was Abused by His Dad (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 12th 2010 1:00AM
On 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8PM ET on MSNBC) Keith Olbermann rushed to the aid of Jennifer Aniston, who had been slammed by his nemesis, Bill O'Reilly, for her promotion of single motherhood, which O'Reilly feels demeans dads and fatherhood.

Then things got strange. Olbermann, after naming O'Reilly the "world's worst" for the umpteenth time, mentioned that there had been a lot of amateur psychoanalysis of O'Reilly. Next, without further context, he offered this:

"If you've read Marvin Kitman's biography of O'Reilly, it's pretty simple," Olbermann said. "Virtually every reference O'Reilly makes to his own father describes how the man hit, slapped, punched him. As Kitman put it, simply, O'Reilly has a history of physical abuse with his father. It is actually very sad."

Alrighty then. So O'Reilly may have been abused by his dad. Not quite sure what that has to do with Aniston's comment on single mothers, but you stay classy, Keith.

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Keith Olbermann Defends 'Professional Left' from Robert Gibbs, Calls White House 'Amateur Left' (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Aug 10th 2010 9:54PM
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has caused a stir by lashing out at the "professional left," a collection of bloggers and cable news personalities who he believes is too hard on the Obama administration.

Keith Olbermann, an implied member of this cabal, responded to Gibbs on Tuesday's 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8PM ET on MSNBC.)

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A Southern Man Meets Sasquatch -- and Beats Him With a Stick (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 17th 2010 2:05AM
A Southern Man Meets Sasquatch -- and Beats Him With a StickHard-hitting journalist Keith Olbermann provides us with incisive stories about the news and politics of the day. And then, sometimes, he just gives us dumb stories about Bigfoot. Yes, Bigfoot. Or "Sasquatch," if you want to use the fancy term for him.

On the latest installment of 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weeknights, 8PM ET on MSNBC), we learn about Southern gent Tim Peeler. Apparently, Timothy met the mythical beast Sasquatch in his backyard -- and lived to tell the tale.

Tim was behind his house in North Carolina, trying to scare off some coyotes, when he encountered a Sasquatch. Here is his description of the possibly imaginary creature: "[He] was ten-foot tall. He had beautiful hair. He looked like he had six fingers on each hand." So. There you go. If you live down South, be on the lookout for a very tall thing with nice hair and a few too many fingers. Ahem.

Fortunately, Tim was not injured by his encounter with Bigfoot. He scared the beast away by yelling at him and poking with a stick. "And I said, 'Git away from here; git, git!'" is the full quote from Mr. Wheeler. You might have to hear it in his accent to appreciate the beauty of the statement. But seriously, Tim, we do think that you are kind of awesome.

And for your additional viewing pleasure, here's a news report about the incident from WBTV and WJZY in North Carolina:

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Rachel Maddow's Chris Matthews Moment: "I Am Vibrating Off My Seat" With Excitement

by Alex Moaba, posted May 19th 2010 1:21PM
Excitement was in the air Tuesday night on the cable news channels as a mini-Super Tuesday saw Senate primary battles going on Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas, with a special election in Jack Murtha's former Congressional seat in upstate Pennsylvania. It was as if Christmas had come early for the anchors hosting the coverage, who were so pumped up they could barely contain themselves. At the end of 'Countdown' (weeknights, 8PM ET on MSNBC), as Keith Olbermann was tossing his show over to 'The Rachel Maddow Show,' Maddow went on a riff about how excited she was to be covering real elections again.

Describing her enthusiasm, she told Keith she was having "election night sweats," and that she was "vibrating off my seat at a height of about six inches." Olbermann visibly struggled not to burst out laughing, and instead warned Rachel that she was "getting into Matthews territory here," a reference to his co-host's infamous "I feel a thrill running up my leg comment" after listening to a Barack Obama speech. Always self-deprecating, Rachel laughed it off and told Keith she appreciated the warning.

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Keith Olbermann Sends His First Tweet (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 9th 2010 3:30PM
Political commentator Keith Olbermann initially signed up for Twitter back in 2008, but avoided using it due to concerns over his privacy.

However, Olbermann finally relented and joined the Twitterverse, tapping out his very first tweet on 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' (weekdays, 8PM ET on MSNBC) while actor/author John Hodgman provided encouragement.

Watch the video after the jump.

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TV 101: How Keith Olbermann And Glenn Beck Eat Your Soul

by Jay Black, posted Mar 3rd 2010 2:02PM
Are these the two most evil people in America? Trick question: they aren't human!America, we need to talk.

There was a time when you were my favorite country in the world. Sure, you invented the Snuggie and insisted on airing multiple shows about making cakes for some reason, but you were always pretty stable. Well, that's changed and I think I know why.

You're addicted, America. You're addicted to something more insidious than nicotine or cocaine or Pokémon: you're addicted to Opinion Based News Shows.

Don't deny it! I've seen the signs! What started as an innocent attempt to have more talking points at parties has begun to rage out of control. Sometimes it seems you can't even make a move without a little taste of Keith or Glenn just to get you "right".

Well, I'm not going to watch my friend go down without a fight. This is your wake-up call America. This is your intervention.

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