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October 4, 2015

keith olberman

The Heene Family walks into a talent agent's office and says, 'Have I got an act for you...'

by Danny Gallagher, posted Oct 21st 2009 8:02PM
The "Balloon Boy" incident, the cleanest name I can give this monumental media f#*$#-up, sounded vaguely familiar to me. In fact, it sounded more like the setup to a classic joke with an incredibly unfunny punchline.

It seems the folks at Countdown with Keith Olbermann noticed that as well and turned the whole thing into another umpteenth retelling of the classic "Aristocrats" joke. If you're not familiar with the infamous joke about a family walking into a talent agent's office, search for it on YouTube. But don't come whining to me that your ears won't stop bleeding.

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Stephen Colbert wants to be The Worst Person in the World

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 16th 2009 5:42PM
Stephen Colbert is angry at Keith Olbermann. He's not upset that Olbermann named him a Worst Person in the World, he's upset because Olberman didn't name him a Worst Person in the World. In this clip, Colbert tries to get on Olbermann's list. His plan involves a baby and a puppy.

We also learn a new term: "junk buffing."

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Stephen Wants to Be the Worst Person in the World

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Exclusive! Keith Olbermann is not dead

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 1st 2009 8:25AM
Keith OlbermannKeith Olbermann! Come on down! You're the next TV celebrity whose death has been falsely reported on the Internet!

The MSNBC Countdown's Wikipedia page reported he had died earlier this morning, possibly due to complications from celiac disease.

I sent emails to two networks officials to confirm this jarring claim. Jeremy Gaines, MSNBC's vice president of communications, responded that he is certain the entry is a "hoax" and that he and other network officials were working to correct it. The section on Olbermann's death has since been removed from the page.

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Sykes gives us a taste of her talk show, right cross

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 14th 2009 10:03AM
Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents' DinnerEvery year, C-SPAN looks forward to a sharp boost in ratings while the White House press secretary cringes towards a sharp drop in approval points in the long shadow of the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.

It's a chance for the current administration to let their hair down and show everyone that they can take a good joke and stand some pointed criticism in the K-Street jungle. That should explain why the last Bush administration hired Rich Little to do their show in '07.

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The Simpsons: Funeral for a Fiend

by Richard Keller, posted Nov 25th 2007 11:13PM

Sideshow Bob makes his 10th appearance on 'The Simpsons'(S19E08) Welcome to the Frasier reunion. Yes, not only did we have Kelsey Grammer reprising his role as Sideshow Bob Terwilliger in this episode of The Simpsons but we also had David Hyde Pierce return as Cecil Terwilliger and John Mahoney come in as the boys' father. While Pierce and Mahoney did have their moments it was all Grammer this episode as a Sideshow Bob coming apart at the seams.

And, that's appropriate, as it was the tenth time that Bob has appeared on the animated comedy. I fear there is a bit of a discrepancy, though, since Bob didn't attempt to murder Bart in each of those appearances. For instance, in the first season episode "Krusty Gets Busted" Bob attempted to frame Krusty rather than kill Bart (he barely even knew who the boy was). In "Brother From Another Series" it was Cecil, not Bob, who attempted to kill the young Simpson lad. So, technically, you could say that Sideshow Bob directly attempted to kill Bart in five episodes (including tonight's). This, I am sure, will bring debate to the board.


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