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October 14, 2015

keno brothers

Man Rejects $250,000 Offer For Antique Car on 'Buried Treasure' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 15th 2011 4:00AM
'Buried Treasure'The Keno brothers wrapped the inaugural season of 'Buried Treasure' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX) with a look at a rare classic car: A 1922 Mercer Raceabout. However, they were surprised by the reaction of the owner when he finds out how much someone would be willing to pay for it.

Particularly, because the Kenos brought in an antique cars dealer and he was ready to make an offer right then and there. When Joe, the car's owner, balked at $220,000, the dealer raised it to a quarter of a million dollars.

"I really don't think that's what I want," Joe said, later adding, "Not for that price."

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Wife Looking to Prove a Painting's Not a Rembrandt on 'Buried Treasure' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 1st 2011 1:45AM
'Buried Treasure'One couple looked like they might have been looking for 'The Marriage Ref' rather than 'Buried Treasure' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX). This wife was bound and determined to prove once and for all that her husband was wasting money on paintings that weren't nearly what he thought they were.

"When the Keno brothers tell me that the Rembrandts are real, I'm gonna be riding back in style and JoAnn's gonna be riding back on her broom," the husband said.

But at the reveal, she got a taste of sweet victory when the bigger painting was confirmed to not be a Rembrandt, as the husband had hoped. He'd paid $3,000 for it. But before she could rub it in, the Keno brothers revealed that a smaller sketch he'd paid $400 for was, in fact, a Rembrandt, and was worth $20,000.

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