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September 2, 2015

kevin alejandro

Kaley Cuoco to Host People's Choice Awards, Lou Diamond Phillips Books 'Southland' Role & More Casting News

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 27th 2011 8:30PM
Kaley Cuoco People's Choice Awards'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco will host People's Choice Awards in 2012. The ceremony airs Wed., Jan. 12 at 9PM ET on CBS.

"We are thrilled to welcome Kaley as the new host of People's Choice Awards 2012," Mark Burnett, executive producer, said in a statement. "She's been making people laugh on top-rated comedy series for the last decade, first with '8 Simple Rules' and now with 'The Big Bang Theory,' Thursday's #1 show. I'm looking forward to working with her on a fun-filled, comedy-packed show in January."

In other casting news ...

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Jason Alexander Heads to 'Harry's Law,' Heather Graham Joins Comedy & More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 25th 2011 12:30PM
Jason AlexanderJason Alexander is heading back to NBC. The 'Seinfeld' veteran will appear on the fifth episode of 'Harry's Law' Season 2.

According to TV Guide, Alexander will play Richard, a public school teacher who's suspended after he fails a student. The reason the character handed out an F? The student, Zack, called Darwinism "a crock."

Kathy Bates' Harriet Korn takes the case to court.

Alexander recently made a guest appearance on TNT's 'Franklin & Bash.'

'Harry's Law' premieres Sept. 21 at 9PM on NBC.

In other casting news ...

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Christopher Meloni's 'SVU' Replacement: Who's on the Short List?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 21st 2011 6:35AM
Mariska Hargitay and Christopher MeloniIt's only been a month since Christopher Meloni stepped down from 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' but producers are reportedly screen-testing his possible replacements in New York today.

Production on the upcoming Season 13 is due to get underway soon and, according to Deadline.com, 'SVU' creator/executive producer Dick Wolf and NBC have narrowed the field to a short list of five.

The actors, who have all doubtless just spent a sleepless night in the Big Apple rehearsing their lines, have been named as: Danny Pino ('Cold Case'), Kevin Alejandro ('True Blood,' 'Southland'), David Conrad ('Ghost Whisperer'), Michael Raymond-James ('Terriers') and Rhys Coiro ('Entourage').

Each one will test today with Meloni's co-star, Mariska Hargitay, who plays Det. Olivia Benson on the drama. Both Alejandro and Raymond-James recently guest-starred on 'SVU,' so could be feeling like they've got the edge.

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'Southland' Shocker Aftermath: Catching Up With Kevin Alejandro

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jan 26th 2011 10:15AM
Kevin Alejandro, 'Southland''Southland' dropped a bomb last night. A big one. Needless to say if you haven't seen it yet, watch it now. And don't read any further until you do.

Disclaimer done, onto the good stuff -- can you believe they killed off Nate? Talk about a cry-fest, but what an amazing episode for Kevin Alejandro and his onscreen partner Shawn Hatosy, the seemingly plagued Sammy Bryant.

Very few things can get me up before 6AM, but my puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks jumped out of bed today to talk to Alejandro about last night's shocking episode, the final farewell to Nate and what's coming up next for all the other characters in this dark season. And that includes his family, who we haven't seen the last of. Maybe houseguest Sammy's presence will finally be welcome?

We also talked about the show's amazing fans -- a group of which he's now a certified member -- his return to 'True Blood' ("You're gonna see a lot of me") and the show he's dying to guest star on.

So, continue the eulogies and mourning in the comments, but rejoice that there'll still be plenty more of Kevin Alejandro on your TVs ... just, sadly, not as Nate.

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'Southland' Shocker: Spoiler-Free Teases of Tonight's Big Episode

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jan 25th 2011 10:00AM
'Southland' continues to up the ante (Tuesdays, 10PM ET on TNT), proving to be more than just a cop drama, and this week's episode ('Code Four') is even more jaw-droppingly action-packed than usual.

If somehow you're still not sold on the show, this is one hour that'll make you a true fan.

With great performances from the entire cast, it's a particularly standout episode for Shawn Hatosy -- poor Sammy just can't seem to catch a break. There's more drama with Tammy and her new baby daddy (or is he?), a big push for Sammy to stop sleeping on his partner Nate's (Kevin Alejandro) couch and a life-changing ending that had me in tears.

A few more teases (all spoiler-free, I swear) after the jump ..

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'Law & Order' Beat: Kevin Alejandro and Shannon Lucio Guest Star Tonight

by AOL TV Staff, posted Oct 20th 2010 4:00PM
Melissa Sagemiller, Law and Order SVUThe 'Law & Order' franchise rakes in the guest stars week after week. Tonight's episodes of 'SVU' and 'Los Angeles' feature, respectively, Kevin Alejandro ('True Blood,' 'Southland') and Shannon Lucio ('The Gates,' 'The O.C.').

Tonight's 'Law and Order: SVU' (9PM ET, NBC) features the debut of Melissa Sagemiller as Assistant District Attorney Jillian Hardwick. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate the cases of two men (played by Alejandro and Michael Gladis) branded with a wire coat hanger.

Meanwhile, an hour later at 10PM ET on 'LOLA,' a meth lab explosion kills two innocent children. When the federal government wants to take over the case, DDA Dekker (Terrence Howard) fights to keep it in his jurisdiction.

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TV's Best Utility Players: Five Versatile Actors Who Can Do It All

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 18th 2010 5:00PM
In baseball, a utility player is someone who can play several different positions well. These athletes are not usually the stars of the team, but they do whatever grunt work is necessary for the team to shine. Since that level of versatility is rare, those who can move seamlessly between positions are highly admired by their teammates.

While this same characteristic is valued in film stars -- take chameleons Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman, for example -- TV actors, on the other hand, historically perform best when choosing roles of a similar nature. Not anymore.

A number of today's gifted actors are standing out by proving their versatility, nailing dramatic characters as well as sitcom roles. Of those multifaceted actors, here are the five we think are the best utility players on TV.

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'True Blood' Books 'Southland''s Kevin Alejandro

by Laura Prudom, posted Jan 4th 2010 11:15AM
Hunky 'Southland' star Kevin Alejandro will be trading the mean streets of L.A. for the backwater town of Bon Temps when he joins the cast of 'True Blood' for its upcoming third season, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Alejandro is best known for his recurring roles on 'Shark,' 'Drive,' 'Weeds' and 'Ugly Betty,' in which he played Hilda's ill-fated flame, Santos. According to THR, the actor is expected to appear in almost every episode of the vampire drama's next season, where he'll play Jesus Velasquez, a Latino orderly who works at a care facility where Ruby Jean Reynolds (Alfre Woodard) is staying and subsequently becomes romantically involved with her son, Lafayette (scene-stealer Nelsan Ellis).

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Southland: Sally in the Alley - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted May 1st 2009 11:16AM

I think I'd like Southland a lot more if it just focused on the cops played by Ben McKenzie and Michael Cudlitz. I find myself getting less interested when they cut away from what they're doing. I think Southland should be like a fictional version of Cops, showing the two cops inside the car talking and then going to various calls during the hour. I know, you're thinking, that's just Adam-12. But I really liked Adam-12!

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Gemini Division: the next step - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Aug 20th 2008 9:03AM
Rosario Dawson - Gemini DivisionThe marriage of the internet and television production continues to mature. The latest entry, launching this week, is Gemini Division. While it's too early to tell how the 50 episode saga is going to ultimately be received, it's still worth talking about. Gemini Division is another big step for the future of internet-based productions.

The show is being produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios, which, among other things, means a much larger budget. Something evident in the cast which includes the star of the show, Rosario Dawson. That's a pretty big name for what is ultimately another experiment in the medium. She's joined by Justin Hartley, Danny Woodburn, John Kapelos, Kevin Alejandro, Fransois Chau, and Elizabeth Bogush, among others. It's not exactly Ocean's 11, but those are all pretty recognizable actors.

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Drive: No Turning Back

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 24th 2007 6:22AM
(S01E04) Brett and I are sharing reviewing duties of Drive and I have to tell you right away that I am not as in love with this show as Brett is. I adore Tim Minear and almost everything he does, but I'm not completely sold on this series. Too many of the characters bother me. I find blondie Ivy extremely annoying, and I find Ellie (the soldier's wife) and Violet (the so-called high school Junior) to be over-actors. The reason I'm holding on is simple: Alex Tully. I was intrigued following the last five minutes of last week's episode when we found out that Tully used to be a bad ass bank robber.

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Drive: The Starting Line/Partners (series premiere)

by Brett Love, posted Apr 16th 2007 6:40AM
The cast of Drive
To be honest, I was sold on this one long before we finally got a look at what the Drive team has been working on all this time. I count myself as a Tim Minear fan, so his involvement was enough to get me interested. Add in a cast including Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Melanie Lynskey (Two And A Half Men), Kevin Alejandro (Sleeper Cell), Kristin Lehman (Tilt), Dylan Baker (The Book Of Daniel), and Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow), and you really have something.

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Drive -- An early look

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 26th 2007 11:02AM
nathan fillion drive
When I first heard the general premise for Drive, I instantly thought of Cannonball Run. The Cannonball Run is a movie a fondly remember watching time and again as a kid. Tons of money on the line, fast cars, hot women ... I mean hell, I was a hormone-filled kid somewhere between 10 and 13 years old when I first saw this flick, so cut me some slack.

While there is the obvious similarity with the whole race-around-the-country thing with Cannonball Run, after watching the rough-cut first episode of Drive I can start by telling you one way where the two differ: The Cannonball Run was for pussies.

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