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August 30, 2015

kevin covais

'Real Housewives of New York' Star Sonja Morgan May Lose House, 'Hung' Experiments and More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 5th 2011 12:00PM
Sonja MorganSonja Morgan's life (and financial woes) have been splashed on the front pages of tabloids and TV screens thanks to her role on 'Real Housewives of New York City,' but now the reality star is speaking out about her messy divorce and money troubles.

According to the New York Post, Morgan may lose her Upper East Side town house.

"I'm sure the world thinks, 'Sonja doesn't have to worry, she's got that husband there for her.' But I'm on my own," Sonja said.

Sonja claims in court papers that John Adams Morgan, her 80-year-old ex-husband, is refusing to pay her a $3 million divorce judgment and $300,000 in back alimony. Sonja also claims he has barred her from selling and visiting properties she co-owns with him in Colorado and France.

Last fall, Sonja filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In other TV news ...

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Worst 'American Idol' Finalists Ever -- #6: Kevin Covais

by Andrew Scott, posted Apr 27th 2010 3:00PM
Kevin CovaisWe're teaming with Vote for the Worst to name the 12 worst 'American Idol' finalists ever. Check back next week to see their pick for number 5.

Name: Kevin Covais
Season: 5
Worst Performance: 'Part-Time Lover'
Why We Loved to Hate Him: You know things are rough when people start comparing you to a Disney character.

Such was the case with season 5's Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais, a hapless 16-year-old from Long Island, New York, who could sing just about as well as he could dance. (Which, as you'll see in the clip below, wasn't very well.) When Kevin took to the stage to sing 'Part-Time Lover' during Top 12 week, it was as if the sky really was falling.

Remarkably, Kevin made it through to the next round (without landing in the bottom 3, no less), and by then, he seemed to have realized that his time was running out. (Think Tim Urban, only without the smile. Or pecs.) After he sang 'When I Fall in Love,' Kevin joked with and sassed the judges, prompting Simon Cowell to laugh and predict that Kevin's fan base would it eat it all up.

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AI Aftermath: 11th place finishers - VIDEOS

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 24th 2008 5:23PM
American Idol - 11th Place Finishers
Welcome back to "AI Aftermath," where we explore Idol's past. Each week, as one more American Idol hopeful is eliminated from the competition, we take a look back at contestants past who were eliminated in the same week. We'll examine how they did on the show and what they've been up to since their elimination. We've relocated to Mondays with this week's installments, so in honor of Amanda Overmyer's elimination last week we'll be looking at other eleventh place finishers.

This week: 11th place finishers, featuring Charles Grigsby (Season 2), Matthew Rogers (Season 3), Mikalah Gordon (Season 4), Kevin Covais (Season 5) and Stephanie Edwards (Season 6). Season 1 broke at the Top 10 so we don't have 11th and 12th place finishers to examine.

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American Idol celebrity look-alikes

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 7th 2008 3:02PM
Kevin Covais / Chicken LittleAs you know, when American Idol is on the air, the whole world obsesses over every aspect of the show. The gossip. The scandals. What Paula's drinking. What contestants did in their pasts. And now ... which celebrities various Idol contestants look like. AOL has put together a gallery of American Idol celebrity look-alikes.

It's a pretty fun diversion, with some stunning similarities discovered. Aside from the ones that have already been brought up (Luke Menard/Orlando Bloom, Colton Berry/Ellen DeGeneres, Garret Haley/Peter Frampton), there were some particularly startling ones in there as well. Chikezie and Mekhi Phifer could be twins almost! I didn't see the Corey Clark comparison coming, though *grin*. All in all they did a pretty good job, but Jasmine Trias/Mulan? Really? No real Asian women she resembles available? Can you think of any others?

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Worst 'American Idol' Performances Ever

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jan 7th 2008 6:00AM
Bad performances on 'American Idol' aren't just limited to the audition room.

In just seven seasons, we've seen over a handful of performances bad enough to shut down any karaoke bar in the country -- everything from Carmen Rasmusen's 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' to Jon Peter Lewis' 'A Little Less Conversation.'

The members of Votefortheworst.com (VFTW) recently narrowed down the performances and compiled a definitive list of the top 20 guiltiest 'Idol' pleasures of them all.

Click through the gallery to see their picks. Just don't forget to bring your earplugs.

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Past 'Idol' finalists to appear on Dr. Keith Ablow show

by Liz Finn-Arnold, posted Feb 2nd 2007 10:09AM
Kevin CovaisI guess once you're an American Idol finalist, you're always an American Idol finalist (unless you get an Oscar nomination and decide to bite the hand that fed you). But as long as you stay on good terms with the show's producers, you could probably milk this thing for the next century.

On Friday, February 9, past finalists Kevin Covais, Melissa McGhee, Diana DeGarmo, Ryan Starr, LaToya London, and Frenchie Davis (the disgraced, disqualified finalist) will be guests on The Dr. Keith Ablow Show.

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How do the Idol singers pick their songs anyway?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 30th 2006 4:04PM
american idolThis week's American Idol performances (covered in excellent detail here by Lacy) raised a lot of questions. Many viewers (and the judges) were either confused or horrified by the songs that each singer chose. So how exactly do the singers choose the songs? How come no one ever sings Beatles songs? What rights do the producers have to get before a song can be sung on the show?

Interesting piece at mtv.com. My favorite quote is from co-exec producer Nigel Lythgoe: "A lot of people that have written the songs just say, 'I don't want you to sing my song.' People just don't want their songs sung by good singers."

Yeah, that's why they don't give permission.

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American Idol: Modern Hits...or Misses?

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 29th 2006 11:06AM

For lack of a better word or description, last night's show was weird and anti-climatic. At first, I was really excited about the contestants doing modern hits from the last 6 years, but then...nothing happened. I kept waiting for that one really great performance that would put the show into overdrive, but it never came.

First off, the show was cut down to a hour last night since there are only 10 contestants left. This made everything feel very rushed. It felt less like a national hit show and more like a filler before House came on. Secondly, all the judges were in agreement last night, and yet they were still fighting. Always weird. Thirdly, lack of time translated into lack of Seacrest zingers. Seacrest zingers are always the cheesiest of zings, and yet, I miss them when they're gone. It's like getting a dollar every year in your birthday card from Grandma. A dollar doesn't get you much (heck, it doesn't get you anything), but that first year when it's not in there...it burns. Finally, I think Kevin might have been eliminated prematurely. I'm convinced that if given the chance, he would have performed Britney Spears' "Toxic" and it would have been the best thing to happen to American Idol since Bobby sung the praises of the Copacabana.

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American Idol: The Devil Collects a Soul

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 23rd 2006 12:22AM

ai logoWell, I am shocked. It looks like Kevin's pact with the Devil is up, and he has finally been eliminated. I assume this means that the Devil will now collect on Kevin's soul and he will have to travel to Hell, spending eternity burning in the flames of everlasting darkness. I'm confused if that's how it actually works because in every "sell your soul to the Devil" movie I've ever seen, somehow the Devil is tricked into giving the person their soul back. (Which is a little unfair to the Devil, don't you think? I mean, the guy's got a business to run and people keep breaching their contracts.) I'm sure Kevin will somehow weasel his way out of his pact as well. Most likely, the Chicken Little people already have Kevin trademarked and will threaten copyright infringement upon the Devil if he collects on his soul. Alas, the Devil gets screwed again.

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American Idol: Cough, Cough

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 22nd 2006 1:41AM

ai logoA few weeks back, I talked a lot of crap about contestants who blamed their poor Hollywood Week performances on being sick. Well, I take it all back. I'm sick with a capital "ICK." I've OD'ed on NyQuil, and (unlike Paula) I think it would be wrong to slur my way through evaluations that include references to moths and salads. So, I apologize in advance for the brief commentary and the lackluster witicisms that are as stale as Ryan's running "Kevin is a stud muffin" gag.

Just like Elliott, I've never been a Fanilow, but...

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American Idol: Ace's pretty face gets slapped

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 16th 2006 1:54AM

ai logoWell, this was unexpected. I mean, I certainly thought that Ace would land himself in the bottom three eventually, but not during the first week. Yeah, I know -- he wasn't that great last night. But isn't being incredibly attractive enough? I say yes. At this point, I've already made up my mind as to whom I want to win (Chris Daughtry). So I say, let's keep Ace around as eye candy. Taylor? He's not candy. Elliott? He's not even a tootsie roll. We need Ace, so vote for him!

And why was Lisa Tucker part of the loser sandwich? Surely, people liked her better than Bucky. The one thing I love about American Idol is that they turn surprises like this into life lessons for the viewer. Seacrest waves his little finger at us in disgust -- "It's all your fault, America. Remember, you gotta vote or this is what happens." We're trying to vote, Seacrest. We can't get through! It's the 5th hit season...get more phone lines! And while you're getting more phone lines, rent Stevie a real piano. The man is a legend, and you've got him rocking out on a 1980s electric keyboard. I'm surprised they didn't just rent him that giant jumping keyboard from Big. I'm sure Taylor knows how to play one of those.

So Melissa is out. Yawn. I know that some of you really like her, but I never got it. To me, she's the poor man's version of Mariah Carey. The more important question is -- who's voting for Kevin? You jerks.  

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American Idol: The Big Show

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 15th 2006 1:03AM

ai logoBeing in the Final 12 means that you get to perform on the big stage, in front of the big crowd, with the big fancy lights. This is the AI equivalent of getting to sit at the adult table at Thanksgiving. No more of that kids' table crap. It's the big show with the bigger band and the souped-up sound system.

But there was no souped-up sound system in my apartment tonight.  

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Is an American Idol website saving Kevin?

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 10th 2006 3:37PM

our ai logoI had originally thought that Kevin Covais had made a pact with the devil and that's how he made it to the Final 12. But a reader thinks it might be this website, Vote For The Worst.com. Apparently, this website has been around for a couple of AI seasons, but I've never heard of it before. (Just call me Kellie Pickler...tee hee.) This site's goal is to rally the troops and push through the crappier contestants. Why? To teach AI producers a lesson. They feel producers put some people on (i.e. Kevin) just for the purpose of getting viewers, and that when the time is right, America will vote them off. VFTW.com says, "hey, let's keep these poor bastards around for a wee bit longer." Their best of the worst picks this year are Kellie Pickler and Kevin.

Their problem with Kellie is not that she can't sing, but that they aren't buying her "caaaa-laaa-maa-ri" act. Read their list of grievances here. The site digs up some dirt on Kellie to prove that she's not as naive as she seems. I don't know. I'm looking at that pic, and anybody who rocks tie-dye in 2003 seems pretty naive to me. The site also claims that her life hasn't been as hard as she lets on. They also point to another contestant, Brenna, who had it much harder. Apparently, Brenna's biological father was killed when she was 12-years-old. Then, she lost her step-father when he (get this) jumped in front of a "careening vehicle" to save an 8-year-old boy. (Read that article here.) Wow, and she never even used it for the sympathy vote. I hated Brenna, but I have a lot of respect for her now. She could have manipulated family tragedy for her own gain, but she didn't.

[Thanks Melissa, & I think that Ace looks like a penis-topped Jared Leto too.] 

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American Idol: The Final 12

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 10th 2006 1:34AM

american idolI timed it -- it lasted 6.3 seconds. That's how long Ace Young and Will Makar hugged when Will got eliminated. And...I saw some eye closing on Ace's part. Now, I'm not implying anything by The 6.3 Second Hug (that's what I've dubbed it), I just mention it because some of you have brought Ace's sexuality into question. Now, an extended hug (with eye closing) does not imply homosexuality, but it does give us more material to gossip with. Personally, I don't care whether he's straight or gay in the real world... because in my fantasies, he's a straight man who loves to give lady bloggers intimate backrubs by candlelight. Ahhhhhh.

But you're right, Bob, I thought Bo sounded like crap too. His throat was all scratchy like he needed some herbal tea or something. Or...maybe a closed eye hug from Ace. Who knows?

Kinnik and Will were no surprise, but I was absolutely shocked by Ayla and Gedeon going home. I don't care about either one of them, but how did Kevin make it to the big stage and not them? It's an American tragedy. I'm somewhat speechless...psych! I'm still thinking about that backrub from Ace.

But, I'm (moderately) happy with the Final 12. What about you?     

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