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October 13, 2015


Dog Bites Man: Assignment: Brighton, Florida

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 20th 2006 11:15AM

dog bites man(S01E06) The very fact that you were willing to set a monkey on fire for us, that means a lot. - Kevin Beekin

This episode begins with the team talking to an image consultant about making Kevin look better when he's on camera. It seems most viewers don't find him very attractive and one even sent an e-mail saying his skin was so pock marked it looked like a Band-Aid. The consultant, like everyone else on the show, has no idea the news team is really a bunch of comedians, but she does manage to maintain her cool even when Marty tells her everything she's saying is wrong.

Tillie gets a call during the meeting about a girl who has been kidnapped in Florida, and the team begin to cheer and high five each other since this could be a story that gets them national exposure. It's also good news that she's a young, pretty white girl and not some Mexican grandfather, because no one tunes into the news for that sort of thing. Marty adds that the girl must be either found or killed before a certain date if it's to work into Kevin's schedule. It's a funny scene made even funnier by the fact that there's a woman in the room who has no idea it's all a gag.

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CSI: Daddy's Little Girl

by Ryan j Budke, posted Jan 20th 2006 1:56PM
csi; nick stokes; william peterson; jorja foxFirst and foremost, yes, I am not Tom; He was called away at the last minute, so I will be your tour-guide through Las Vegas tonight. Don't worry though -- you'll be returned to your regularly scheduled reviewer next week. I'm not quite sure what's up with CSI this year, it just hasn't been "doing it for me" though. It's like watching an Olympic sprinter who is so far ahead of their competition, it's ridiculous, and then you see that stutter. You know their pace is off, the question is, are they going to fall flat on their face or recover and try and win the race? It seems like they've completely dropped the fact that the teams were split, and I know there was some resolution to that, but it was still an interesting concept that has fallen by the wayside. It seems like the blond agent with the slight accent is only on when everyone else is too busy, yet she's a part of the main team. Ah well-- On with the show!

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