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September 1, 2015


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: K & R, Part III

by Jay Black, posted Jun 22nd 2007 9:22AM
Once more into the breach dear friends!(S01E21) Here's a question for you: if the love of your life was in critical condition and you were sweating it out in the waiting room, could there possibly be anything more annoying than a "friend" trying to "cheer you up" with a Holly Hunter or Juliet Lewis impression? I guess we should all just be thankful that Harriet's claim to fame wasn't juggling or stage illusions.

"I'm sorry Harriet, I'm having trouble paying attention to you because the woman I love is so sick."

"Well then, I know what'll cheer you up! Watch as I make this rare Siberian white tiger disappear!"

It was our good luck, though, that other than the small, usual failing of Studio 60 (ahemHarrietahem), we were treated to one its best episodes yet.

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The Simpsons: 'Round Springfield

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 7th 2006 2:31PM

simpsons(S06E22) This episode kicks off, as so many do, with an episode of the Krusty the Clown Show. It seems Krusty got into some hot water with a sexual harassment lawsuit, so his special guest that day is a woman named Officer No Means No. Meanwhile, Bart enjoys his breakfast of Krusty-Os, which contain a special prize inside: one jagged metal Krusty-O.

Bart swallows the jagged O unknowingly, and begins to feel the effects while in class. He begs Ms. Krabappel to let him see the nurse, but she thinks he's faking. Bart tries to persuade her by insisting that if he dies, she'll get in trouble, but according to the school charter, "No teacher shall be held accountable if Bart Simpson dies." Bart is forced to finish his test, and finally Ms. Krabappel let's him see the nurse, who also happens to be Lunch Lady Doris due to budget cuts.

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The Simpsons: Homie the Clown

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 11th 2006 10:41AM

simpsons(S06E15) This episode opens with Krusty the Clown's signature bicycle trick in which he rides in a loop and swallows the tiny bike in the end. The kids go crazy for the stunt, but Krusty has other things on his mind, like spending all the money he's making. He tells his assistants to hire Kenny G to play for him in the elevator, to put flowers on Bea Arthur's grave (he doesn't know she's not dead) and to purchase him a new house since his old one is dirty.

His MC Hammer-style of spending money concerns his accountant, who tells Krusty he's broke. The only way for Krusty to make money again is to open a clown college that will train men to pretend to be Krusty and appear at parties and openings the real Krusty wants nothing to do with.

Cut to Homer driving down the highway, excited that it's the first of the month and the new billboards are finally on display. Ever the obedient consumer, Homer obeys every billboard he reads because they each have to do with food. He ignores Krusty's clown college billboard, however, because, "you can't eat that."

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