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September 2, 2015

laguna beach

CBS Paramount signs deal with Laguna Beach producers

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 14th 2006 3:26PM
Laguna BeachFor all you readers out there who are poring over their pilot scripts, thinking that you're going to be the next Larry David or Aaron Sorkin, let me let you in on a little secret: put some hot and not-very-deep girls in bikinis, have them kiss a lot of guys on the beach, and you're on your way to television riches. Just ask David Hasselhoff.

Alternately, you can just ask the husband and wife team of Gary and Julie Auerbach, creators of MTV's hit "reality" series Laguna Beach. According to Variety (registration required to see the entire article), they have signed a deal with CBS Paramount Networks to develop scripted comedies and dramas for the company. Apparently the company's president and vice president are big fans of Laguna, and like the fact that the reality series is being presented with the narrative arcs usually seen in scripted shows. They want a little of the reality element brought to scripted shows, and they feel the Auerbachs are the best people to do that.

My theory as to why they got the deal? See the first paragraph. Boobs. Gossip. Sand. Beach. It doesn't take a programming genius to see the money making potential here.

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New TV on DVD releases today

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 8th 2006 8:39AM
  • Sealab 2021Beautiful People - First Season
  • The Brak Show - Volume 2
  • Farscape - Starburst Edition, Volume 11 (4.2)
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Fourth Season
  • Grounded For Life - Season Three
  • Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County - Second Season
  • Prison Break - Season One
  • Sealab 2021 - Season Four
  • The Wire - Season Three

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MTV launches Laguna Beach spin-off tonight

by Anna Johns, posted May 31st 2006 11:22AM
the hills castAt least one of the cast members from Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. will get a dose of reality this season on MTV's new spin-off, The Hills. The new show follows Lauren Conrad, who was called 'L.C.' in high school but is sooo over that, as she ventures into, ahem, the real world. It's still a far cry from the real world that most of us experience after leaving home and getting a first job, but it should be entertaining, none the less. Lauren, as her friends now call her, is balancing an internship at Teen Vogue with classes at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Something tells me her trials and tribulations aren't going to be about making the rent, but more about standing out in the crowd, boys, and, duh, partying. She has four new girlfriends who aren't "catty", as Lauren describes her high school girlfriends.

The Hills premieres tonight on MTV at 10 pm ET.

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The O.C.: The Graduates (finale)

by Lacy Hall, posted May 19th 2006 1:16AM
spicoli grave(S03E25) The trailers promised us that someone MAY not survive the season finale and they were right. Someone MAY not have survived. But the MAY and the plot history of The O.C. is what puts it all in question. There was most definitely a jilted ex-lover. And definitely a serious car wreck. Definitely an explosion. And most definitely it looked like a main character said their final, unrecognizable words before they stopped breathing. But the MAY is still there. Why?

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The O.C.: The Man of the Year

by Lacy Hall, posted May 5th 2006 3:48PM

adambrody(S03E24) Prom is over and enter the aftermath. But surprise, surprise...Volchok? Not dead. Thank God. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly care if the guy lives or dies, but it would have just been bizarro times infinity if another one of Marissa's love interests ended up in the morgue. She does seem to like them on the brink of death.

But nope, Ryan rushes (not really, more like leisurely drives) Volchok to the hospital during a trippy, light-filled montage, and Volchok awakes without even seeing a doctor. Volchok (ever the good guy) doesn't sell Ryan out and claims he was jumped by a group of thugs. But it turns out that Volchok is not "ever the good guy."

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The O.C.: The College Try

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 21st 2006 6:02PM
seth and summer(S03E22) This was one of those weird episodes where suspension of disbelief is absolutely necessary. Somehow (only with the magic of television), Berkeley and Brown are both having their incoming freshman weekends the same weekend. Weird. Especially weird that they would have an incoming freshman weekend months and months and months before the school semester even starts. But whatever. It's The O.C. and I forgive.

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The O.C.: The Dawn Patrol

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 14th 2006 12:36PM
rachel(S03E21) So much happened on last night's episode, I just don't know where to start. I'll just jump to the part that shocked me most -- the attempted rape of that poor girl at Volchok's party. Marissa sees one of Volchok's slimy friends slip a questionable liquid into the beer of an already wasted girl. Him and some of his buddies then take the passed-out girl outside to a van to tag team her. For a few minutes, I actually didn't think that Marissa was going to do anything other than remain her passive aggressive self. Luckily(!), Marissa follows them outside and claims that she needed to get into the van because she left her sweatshirt in there (passive aggressive!). If I saw some guys doing that to a girl at a party, it'd be hard to tell me apart from the Incredible Hulk because I'd rip the doors off that van. In fact, it wouldn't even get that far because I would have ninja-kicked that beer out of the dude's hand before he could even think about giving it to her. Marissa didn't do any of those things, but she did (thankfully) stop the rape, so I won't criticize.

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The O.C.: The Day After Tomorrow

by Lacy Hall, posted Apr 7th 2006 3:02PM

brody(S03E20) It's college acceptance (or rejection) day in Orange County. I just love how via the magic of television everybody finds out on the exact same day if they got into college or not. I also love that none of the characters oo the show applied to any safety schools. You would think that a guidance counselor would advise them to apply to at least two schools, but whatever, everybody got into the school of their dreams...minus poor Seth.

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The O.C.: The Secrets and Lies

by Lacy Hall, posted Mar 31st 2006 2:06PM

For the record, I don't think Volchok is that gross. In fact, he's a pretty good looking guy. I don't think he deserves the "ew" that Summer gives him. (But she does pass out the ew's pretty easily.) I'm not so crazy about his drug problem, but I can understand why Marissa finds him attractive. He's got that motorcycle and no discernible responsibilities. Plus, he looks like he could be good in bed. He seems like he'd be a very attentive lover.  And, it appears that is what poor Marissa is looking for....attention.

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UPN shelves show featuring Laguna Beach star

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 17th 2006 11:09AM
upn party shelvedSurprise! You've been bumped from the schedule. UPN has pulled Get This Party Started from its schedule for the rest of February sweeps. The reality show, hosted by ex-Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari and some other guy, has had dismal ratings since it premiered two weeks ago. This week's episode about a surprise graduation party scored a 0.4 rating among adults 18-24. Ouch.

The premise of the show is that Kristin and her television-friendly co-host help friends and/or family plan and execute a surprise party for a very deserving person. It must be as boring as it sounds.

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Reality TV is kinda fake - BREAKING NEWS

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 30th 2006 2:02PM

Laguna BeachYes, that is a wiseass headline. I mean, is there anyone out there who really thinks that what they are seeing on all these network reality shows are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, exactly how it happens?

James Poniewozik over at Time investigates some of the behind the scenes goings on at some reality shows, including Laguna Beach, where they allegedly made up a love triangle that didn't even exist; The Dating Experiment (an ABC show in the works) that took out the name of a celeb in a girl's quote to make it seem like she liked a male contestant, who she really hated; and Paris Line being told what to say on The Simple Life. This comes on the heels of Richard Hatch telling the judge at his trial last week that people cheated on Survivor and producers covered it up. Plus let's not forget the controversies from Joe Millionaire (editing that made it seem that Ethan and one of the girls were doing something in the woods), Blind Date, and other shows. 

I, for one, am SHOCKED. Shocked I tell you!

[via TV Tattle]

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Beavis & Butthead Do iTunes

by Ryan j Budke, posted Jan 26th 2006 2:46PM
south park; itunes; music storeApple continued it's media domination with new updates to their iTunes music store this morning. They've added yet another wave of shows and programming, including major cable networks this time around. MTV and Comedy Central have included some of their most iconic programs in the store. From Comedy Central comes some of their Stand-up Spotlights (you have no idea how excited this makes me) along with South Park and Drawn Together. MTV on the other hand has Jackass, Beavis & Butthead and Laguna Beach among others. I'm loving it! And if things weren't great enough Spongebob Squarepants is now part of the mobile parade! Sweeeeeet! Make sure you check out the store to see what all is available now, you just may find something that you want to have with you all the time.

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Laguna kids pimping Bongo

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 11th 2006 9:29AM
Pretty soon, you'll be seeing the kids from MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. all over the place. Six of them (Alex Murrel, Jason Wahler, Lauren Conrad, Stephan Colletti, Kristin Cavallari and Tallan Torriero) are part of a new advertising campaign by BONGO clothing that launches in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazines this Spring. The concept behind the campaign is a party. BONGO rented out a ritzy mansion in Orange County and let the kids do their thing as the band, The Colour, played on set. Alex Murrel, who has an album coming out this spring (who doesn't?), joined the band while the boys pushed each other into the pool, proving that they are barely out of high school. The Laguna clan replaces an ad campaign last year by BONGO that featured Nicole Richie and her ex-fiance, DJ AM.

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Best and Worst of 2005: Annie's List

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 6th 2006 1:08PM
Stephen ColbertThe Best:
1. My Name is Earl: I didn't think this was going to be any good when I first saw the commercials because it looked like another stupid sitcom about -- whoo-hoo -- rednecks. Jason Lee's a cool cat, though, so I tuned in for one episode... Boy, am I glad I saw it! Although Lee doesn't disappoint, Jaime Pressly's performance is absolutely hysterical and often steals the show. Definitely one of my favorite programs of the year.

2. The Daily Show: I've loved it. Sill love it.

3. The Colbert Report: I was a little worried about this show in the beginning, but quickly grew to love it. Stephen Colbert's got a good thing going on right now and I'm definitely looking forward to more.

4. Lost: I love it when a show/film has a strong ensemble cast. That plus deep, conflicted backstory and tremendous writing is must-see TV for me.

5. Project Runway: Okay, they're only a few episodes in, but Project Runway never fails to deliver. Classiest reality show, hands-down.

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Bravo's real-life Desperate Housewives

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 5th 2006 11:41PM
Yet another Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous-style reality show. This time, it's from Bravo. In March, it's looking into the world of real-life desperate housewives. The program is called The Real Housewives of Orange County, and the title alone sounds like a cross between Desperate Housewives, The O.C., and Laguna Beach. The series features five wealthy families that live in a very exclusive gated community in Orange County, California. Bravo says the show, of which there are seven, one-hour episodes, focuses on the daily drama and extravagance in the lives of the ladies of the house. Most of the women aren't stay-at-home moms, but are successful in their careers. The descriptions of the women sound intriguing: one is a big fan of plastic surgery, another is a devout Christian, another is recently divorced, and yet another is a 20-something newcomer to the neighborhood who just got engaged to an older resident. The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres on Tuesday, March 21 at 10 pm.

[Via The Futon Critic]

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