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August 31, 2015

lara logan

Lara Logan Talks to '60 Minutes,' New York Times About Sexual Assault in Egypt

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 28th 2011 5:00PM
Lara Logan talks about her assault on '60 Minutes'Two months after being attacked and sexually assaulted by a mob in Tarir Square in Cairo, Lara Logan is breaking her silence about the attack. She's spoken to Brian Stelter of The New York Times about the attack and will speak to her CBS News colleague Scott Pelley on '60 Minutes' Sunday night.

Just from the details that have been teased out in the article and the '60' preview, it sounded like it was a harrowing experience for Logan. She was separated from her producer, cameraman and bodyguards, her clothes were ripped off, and she was repeatedly groped and beaten for 40 minutes, until she was rescued by Egyptian soldiers and some civilians.

She gave this chilling statement to Pelley: "There was no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying. I thought not only am I going to die, but it's going to be just a torturous death that's going to go on forever."

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Who Will Replace Katie Couric on the 'CBS Evening News'?

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 4th 2011 1:30PM
Katie CouricIn what could be the least-surprising news we've heard this year, the A.P. found out from their sources over the weekend that Katie Couric is going to be leaving the 'CBS Evening News' this year to start her own daytime talk show in 2012.

It wasn't just the consistent third-place finish that prompted Couric to leave; it seemed like she wasn't 100 percent comfortable in the role of network evening news anchor. She likes talking to people, and in the daytime arena she'll be able to excel in the way she did when she was on the 'Today' show for 15 years.

So, it now comes down to who is going to replace Couric at the anchor desk. It doesn't seem like CBS will make the same move it made five years ago when it courted Couric; who knows if they even have $15 million per year to throw around anymore. But there seem to be plenty of internal and external candidates for CBS to consider for the job. After the jump, a quick list possibilities and a chance to take a poll so you can tell us who you'd like to see win the job.

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The 16 Most Accomplished 'Real' Women on TV Right Now

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 16th 2011 1:30PM
Oprah WinfreyA couple of weeks ago, we gave you the list of the 100 most memorable female characters in TV history. There was lots of talk and conjecture among the readers about who we missed and who shouldn't have been there, which is why we do these lists to begin with.

But there were a fair number of people who asked us "Where's Ellen DeGeneres?" or "Where's Oprah?" among others. Well, since we were talking about TV characters and not real people, those folks had to be left off the list (And, yes, we know Ellen played a pretty important TV character ... more on this later.)

Fear not, loyal TV watchers. We've got a list for those of you who want to celebrate women who put themselves out there, have created a brand, or have made significant contributions to the current TV landscape as themselves and not a fictional character.

The list isn't in any particular order; after the first few obvious names, the rest of the women on this list come so close, it's hard to rank them. So we'll just start with TV's most accomplished woman (hint: her name starts with an O ... and it ain't Omarosa) and go from there.

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CBS Reporter Lara Logan Vows to Return to Work

by AOL TV Staff, posted Feb 16th 2011 11:15AM
Lara Logan attack
CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is reportedly telling friends she will not let the brutal beating and sexual assault she suffered in Egypt keep her from working.

Sources told TMZ that Logan, who is recovering at her Washington, D.C., home with her husband and two children, has vowed to return to work within weeks. One friend said, "She is going to be OK," and another noted that Logan has an "incredibly tough constitution."

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Lara Logan of CBS News Was Attacked and Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

by Maureen Ryan, posted Feb 15th 2011 4:30PM
Lara Logan minutes before she was assaulted in Egypt. Many of the scenes broadcast from Egpyt in recent days have been joyful, but events took a horrific turn for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan on Feb. 11, the day that former president Hosni Mubarak resigned.

CBS News has issued a statement saying on that day, Logan was physically and sexually assaulted by members of the crowd when she was separated from her news crew. The photo here was taken moments before the attack began.

Logan "was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a '60 Minutes' story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration," according to the statement. "It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy."

"She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers," the statement continued.

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Bill Maher Defends Elisabeth Hasselbeck-to-Egypt Joke (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Feb 9th 2011 6:20PM
On 'Real Time With Bill Maher' last week, Maher had a line about swapping attractive blond CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan, who had been detained (and released) by Egyptian authorities, for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck took great offense to this, using the first segment of 'The View' on Monday to attack Maher as a "chauvinistic bigot."

Maher got his chance to respond to her response on 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell' (weekdays, 8PM ET on MSNBC.)

"It was a joke," Maher told O'Donnell. "And not even that bad of one."

"There is a line that can be crossed, where you get into mean, bitter, chauvinistic. I didn't even approach it," he continued.

If fact, Maher argued, Hasselbeck should have been flattered by his joke: "Actually, she should be complimented. Because I was kind of putting her on par with Lara Logan, who we all think is a very attractive woman."

We're going to agree with Bill that this was a pretty harmless joke. However, when you gleefully break down how your humor reduces two accomplished women to pretty faces, it does invite the chauvinistic charge.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Angrily Responds to Bill Maher on 'The View' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 7th 2011 3:00PM
On 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated), Elisabeth Hasselbeck angrily responds to Bill Maher's joke about trading her for Lara Logan, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News who was briefly detained by Egyptian police in Cairo.

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As far as Katie Couric knows, she's staying - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 18th 2008 5:26PM
CBS News TCA Panel
After the executive session, it was CBS News' turn to face the critics and talk about their election coverage. Via satellite from their New York studios was CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer, senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield, and CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus.

Right away, a reporter brought up Katie Couric's job status. "I'm glad you got right to it," Couric joked. "I thought [the speculation] had died down considerably." She said she "can't control what media writers write. We live in an echo chamber," with media reporters more fascinated by her status than the general public is. "The attention befuddles me," she continued. She's concentrating on doing "the best job I can."

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The Daily Show: June 17, 2008 - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 18th 2008 11:39AM
Jones and OliverJon Stewart kicked off the night with some anger fueled by Mets love. Mets manager Willie Randolph was fired in a rather unceremonious manner. He was all the way on the other side of the country, contacted at 3:00 a.m. and fired by Mr. Met. Sick burn.

"The Gay After": In other news, same-sex marriage is now legal in California, and, somehow, the state is still attached to the rest of the country and it hasn't been engulfed in flames. Hmm, interesting. Some newsworthy couples have tied the knot since this announcement, including George Takei, who married his long-time partner. I just started one of my Summer mini-projects, watching the entire original Star Trek series in preparation for its TV Squad's Retro Squad week, and while I know I'm a newbie Trekkie, I'm pretty sure Takei's name is pronounced "Tek-ayy." It allows for maximum fun in rhyming, "George Takei is gay."

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Which TV reporter is on screen the most?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 16th 2008 1:39PM

Jake TapperThis must be the day for lists. First the Harris Poll says that Ellen DeGeneres is more popular than Oprah Winfrey, and now the Tyndell Report has announced their list of the 20 most heavily used reporters in 2007.

I'm not sure who I would have thought was number one, though I guess the names Andrea Mitchell and David Gregory come to mind, since they seem to be every newscast. But number one is actually ABC's Jake Tapper, who handles a lot of political reporting for the network. Gregory and Mitchell are on the list, at numbers two and three, while CBS' David Martin is fourth and Nancy Cordes fifth. Cordes is listed as being on both CBS/ABC, so I'm assuming she left CBS and went to ABC? I'm surprised to see Steve Hartman on the list, since I thought he only did the Friday night "Assignment America" series. Maybe he does other reporting.

The full list is after the jump.

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What were the biggest network news stories of 2006?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 4th 2007 8:01AM

David GregoryI watch a lot of television, but one thing I'd hate to do is to actually keep track of what stories are talked about the most on the three networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) every night during their newscasts. Luckily, The Tyndall Report does it for me.

What were the three news stories that got the most coverage during the past year? Obviously, the war in Iraq was the No.1 story, followed by Israeli-Hezbollah fighting and the Hurrincane Katrina aftermath. The report lists the top 20 stories of 2006 (and I was very happy to see that Britney Spears' crotch is nowhere to be found on the list).

The report also lists the reporters that had the most airtime. The top three were NBC's David Gregory, ABC's Martha Raddatz and CBS' Jim Axelrod. I thought Lara Logan would be higher on the list, because I always watch her on CBS. The way her hair cascades down and her accent makes me shiver I think she's a first-rate journalist.

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Who will replace Ed Bradley?

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 21st 2006 8:30AM

Anderson CooperThat's the question the industry is asking today, after the veteran 60 Minutes reporter died of leukemia a couple of weeks ago.

CBS News and Sports President Sean McManus says that he is going to start looking for additional reporters for the Sunday night show after the New Year rolls around, though he doesn't say that they will be "replacements" for Bradley. But people are starting to talk about it anyway, wondering if CBS will get another big name to fill the vacancy. Some are saying it might be CNN's Anderson Cooper, though those rumors about Cooper joing the network (probably as host of The Early Show) have surfaced before. Others are saying Lara Logan or Byron Pitts, though many think it will be somebody who already contributes to 60 Minutes, like Bob Simon or Scott Pelley.

Who do you think should replace Bradley, if anyone? Just a couple of reporters to add to the rotation, or a star to actually say the words at the start, "I'm ______ _______."

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