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October 8, 2015

late night with jimmy fallon

Naomi Watts on Working With Clint Eastwood, While Having a Crush on Him (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 25th 2011 5:00AM
Naomi Watts, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Naomi Watts admitted to having a bit of a crush on Clint Eastwood when she was younger, but after seeing her on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), we think she still might. First, she stated that as a statement of fact if Clint Eastwood calls you and asks you to be in his movie, you say "yes," even if you haven't yet read the script.

Granted, Eastwood makes great movies, but she continued to fawn over working with him on the set, where she admitted it's "not a comfortable situation" in the workplace if you're crushing on your boss.

But then she marveled at his physical fitness for a man of 81 years, talking about how he demonstrated push-ups for the film. At least now that filming is over, she's free to crush all she wants with no discomfort.

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Julianne Hough Talks About Her Huge Family Appearing in 'Footloose' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 14th 2011 5:00AM
Julianne Hough, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Julianne Hough's family is apparently so massive that they can't help but spill into everything she does. Her brother Derek Hough appeared alonside her on 'Dancing With the Stars,' and according to her appearance on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), a whole bunch of them wound up in her upcoming film 'Footloose.'

"Just spot the blondes," was Hough's mantra for picking out her relatives in the crowd scenes. There are so many of them, that she lost track of the numbers when it came time to listing her nieces and nephews.

In a cowboy line dancing scene, three of her sisters and even her mother get in on the action. Maybe somebody should just give the whole Hough family a variety show to spotlight all their talents.

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Jimmy Fallon Races Michael Phelps in Swimming Video Game (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 13th 2011 6:45AM
Michael Phelps, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Michael Phelps certainly pushed the limits in the 2008 Summer Olympics, on his way to eight gold medals. Now fans can as well with the release of his XBOX 360 game 'Michael Phelps: Push the Limit.' He challenged Jimmy Fallon to a race on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), where he admitted he'd never won.

Never won, that is, until he played Fallon. By the end of the race, Fallon was pinwheeling his arms as fast as he could, which may have actually hurt his performance. Still, it certainly looks like a fun game -- and a bit of a workout as well.

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Dylan McDermott Was a Waiter to the Stars in His Dad's Restaurant (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 12th 2011 5:15AM
Dylan McDermott, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Dylan McDermott used to rub elbows with celebrities on a regular basis, which must make for some awkward flashbacks when he meets them now that he's one as well. On 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), he recalled waiting tables at his father's restaurant, where he served people like Michelle Pfeiffer and John Belushi.

We were pretty impressed with McDermott seemed to remember exactly Belushi's order, even after all these years. "He had the same thing faithfully," McDermott said. "He'd have the scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast and bacon and just put ketchup on everything."

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Ice-T Talks About Taking on Jury Duty in Real Life, on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 11th 2011 5:30AM
Ice-T, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Ice-T may play on a show involving the police and courtrooms, but in his regular life he'd just as well never have anything to do with either of them. But when you get a summons for jury duty, "you don't play with that," he said on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

So he showed up to do his civic duty. But after six to seven hours in the courthouse, he was asked to leave because everyone was getting their pictures taken with him.

Then they brought up another good point. If you're on trial and you see Ice-T, star of 'Law & Order: SVU,' you might start to wonder if what's happening is real or a gimmick for the show.

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Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon Play 'Water War' on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 7th 2011 5:15AM
Hugh Jackman, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Jimmy Fallon makes the classic kids card game 'War' awesome -- and probably very cold -- by adding a water element. He challenged Hugh Jackman to 'Water War' on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

The version they played had them soaking each other after every turn of the card, or victory if war is declared. They were soaked immediately, but it did make for a fast and fun series of soakings. And if you were interested in seeing either of them in a wet shirt, there you go.

For the home version, we'd recommend only dousing your opponent after each victory in a declared war round. That way, the water lasts a bit longer, and the anticipation is even greater and more terrible!

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Conan O'Brien Stops by 'Late Night' to Pick Up Something He Left Behind (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 6th 2011 6:30AM
Conan O'Brien, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'In a surprise visit, Conan O'Brien stopped by his old studio during the taping of 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC). He took a moment to shoot the breeze with Jimmy Fallon, and even had a few kind words for Max -- Actually, he mistook Questlove for Max, but these things happen, right?

Really, he admitted he was there because he'd forgotten to take something with him when he left the studios for greener pastures. "You were here for 16 years," Fallon marveled at one point. "And then what happened?"

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Simon Cowell Can't Stop Laughing During 'Other Voices' on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 5th 2011 5:45AM
Simon Cowell, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'On 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), Jimmy Fallon welcomed Simon Cowell onto his show-within-the-show, 'Other Voices.' On this "show," you have to try and move your mouth to the words other people are saying.

Unfortunately, Cowell is not a seasoned comedy veteran like Fallon, so when the people providing the 'Other Voices' got a little crazy with what they were saying, he absolutely could not stay in character. If he wasn't laughing uncontrollably at them talking about his "dimpled balls," he was sitting there stoically trying not to laugh ... but forgetting to mouth along with the words.

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Paul Scheer Had a Creepy Jack Nicholson Impersonator as His Best Man (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 4th 2011 4:45AM
Paul Scheer, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'On the surface, it sounded like a fun idea. Paul Scheer hired a Jack Nicholson impersonator to act as his best man at his wedding. He talked about how wrong it ultimately went, though, on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

Scheer had written up a pun-filled script for the guy to recite, but he ultimately forgot everything he was supposed to say. That's when Scheer and his guests learned that this is a guy you do not want to allow to ever go off script.

He said "Yummy!" over and over again, cracked a joke about coming from a pool party at Roman Polanski's house and then tried to set himself up to get hugs from the people there.

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Melissa McCarthy Talks About Her Reaction to Getting 'SNL' Hosting Gig (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 30th 2011 5:15AM
Melissa McCarthy, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Based on the evidence presented to us on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), we must conclude that Melissa McCarthy was way more excited to be asked to host 'Saturday Night Live' than she was to find out she was nominated for an Emmy.

She was announcing the nominations when her own name came up, and while she was clearly excited, it was nothing compared to her story about how she broke down crying in a furniture store after getting the call from 'SNL.'

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Anna Faris Talks About Getting Dumped, Crying and Stalking Her Ex (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 29th 2011 4:45AM
Anna Faris, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'There's something very cathartic and soothing about music. One of its greatest strengths is its ability to lift us up when we're feeling down. Anna Faris talked about how Pink Floyd once filled that role in her life on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

It was after a particularly hard break-up. "That 'Wish You Were Here' song was on [repeat]," she said. "I would cry and then I would watch myself in the mirror cry, and I would feel really sorry for myself."

We love that she said she watched herself crying in the mirror to better feel sorry for herself. It's such a crazy visual, and yet totally believable. Especially when she admitted to also stalking the guy at the same time. Ah youth. It makes you do some crazy stuff.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings Kelly Clarkson As Axl Rose on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 28th 2011 6:15AM
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'When Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were hanging out and having fun, drinking and singing karaoke, Fallon discovered an amazing gift that Gordon-Levitt has. So he decided to share that gift with all of us on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC).

According to Fallon, Gordon-Levitt does the absolute best impression of Axl Rose. But why limit him to singing Guns N' Roses songs, when there's a whole cornucopia of musical sounds out there the great Axl Rose could sing. So he randomized the selection.

And then suddenly we were witness a thing of bizarre glory. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Axl Rose singing Kelly Clarkson's 'Since U Been Gone.' And he did do a great impression. And that song sounded kind of awesome sung like that.

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Matthew Morrison Responds to Jonah Hill Calling Him Out on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 27th 2011 5:30AM
Matthew Morrison, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'It looks like this weird beef that's erupted between Jonah Hill and Matthew Morrison isn't done yet. Hill first brought it up on 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), talking about how Morrison apparently used his name as the punchline of a joke.

He then turned to the camera and called Morrison out, threatening him to come and face him. Well, on Monday night's show, 'Late Night' got a response tape from Morrison on the set of 'Glee.'

"Jonah, pick a date and I will meet you on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' and we will settle this like men," he said angrily. "Because nobody messes with someone from musical theater!" At this, he started dancing around gleefully.

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Julianna Margulies Is Still Hoarse From Fallon's Awesome Emmy Party (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 23rd 2011 5:15AM
Julianna Margulies, 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Jimmy Fallon seems to be having an absolute blast with every installment of 'Late Night' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), and that fun generally rubs off on his guests. According to Julianna Margulies, he knows how to have fun at a party, too.

She was noticeably hoarse during the interview, which she explained was because of Fallon's Emmys after-party. "Jimmy threw truly the best party I've ever been to," she said of the star-studded affair.

Margulies actually had intended to cut out early, for work the next day, but decided she needed to stay after seeing new moms Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph dancing on a table with Fallon. It was that kind of party.

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Watch What Happened When 'Jersey Shore' Met 'Jersey Floor'

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 22nd 2011 7:00AM
'Jeersey Floor'It was a case of 'When Drootchie Met Snooki' when the 'Jersey Shore' gang stopped by NBC headquarters at 30 Rock and got to visit the totally awesome realm known as 'Jersey Floor.'

Jimmy Fallon's 'Jersey Shore' parody has been a running gag on his late night talk show since March. In Fallon's world, there's a magical floor in the office building "where you can go and everything's Jerseyfied!"

After the jump, watch what happens when the real 'Jersey Shore' gang joined J-Bro, Drootchie and the gang in "the most funnest place in the entire world!"

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