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August 30, 2015


Sheen Leaving 'Two and a Half Men?'

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 1st 2010 6:34PM
Charlie SheenThis is only at the rumor stage, but if it's true then it's a pretty big story. People.com is saying that Charlie Sheen is quietly telling his friends that he won't be returning to 'Two and a Half Men' after this season.

Given his high profile addiction and marital problems, this move is not an entire surprise. However, 'Two and a Half Men' still remains a ratings powerhouse and Sheen is one of the centerpieces (if not the centerpiece) of it. On the other hand, it would be a better idea for the show to go out on top. CBS has 'The Big Bang Theory' waiting in the wings to take its place on Monday nights.

So what do you think? Would Charlie be nuts to give up one of the highest rated comedies on television or should he just take some time off from the spotlight and concentrate on his personal problems? And what would a show without him look like?

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Is Charlie Sheen Leaving 'Two and a Half Men'?

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 1st 2010 5:55PM
Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen is reportedly done with 'Two and a Half Men.'

No, this isn't an April Fools joke. Sources tell PEOPLE that the embattled actor is "done" with the show after its April 9 taping. "He wants to move on," added another source, who claims that the decision is "100 percent his idea."

And while he didn't confirm or deny the news, Sheen's rep, Stan Rosenfield, had this ominous quote to say: "Charlie's deal is only through this current season."

'Two and a Half Men' is the top-rated comedy on television, averaging about 15 million viewers an episode. In his seven seasons on the show, Sheen has been nominated for an Emmy four times, although he's never won.

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Is Christopher Meloni Really Done with 'Law and Order: SVU'?

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 5th 2010 4:02PM
christopher_meloni_law_and_order_svuThings haven't really been going very well on NBC, and now here's another kick in the shins. Actor Christopher Meloni is talking about leaving 'Law and Order: SVU' at the end of this season. That's right. No more New York detective Elliot Stabler. What's going on and why?

Well, after a dozen years pounding the pavement and fighting the good fight as Elliot, Meloni is interested in doing something else with his career. In an interview Down Under with the Australian Courier-Mail, Meloni said, "I think 12 years is enough." Eight is enough, yes, but twelve?

Anyway, Chris goes on to say that he has interest in doing film projects and returning to the theater. As for the future of Elliot on 'Law and Order: SVU,' Meloni believes he's giving the writers plenty of time to work out a satisfactory exit. He said, "The writers will have fertile ground to figure out how to arc [his way] out to another place, whether it's this world or the next."

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Simon Cowell leaves Idol to bring X Factor to the US - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 11th 2010 3:37PM
Peter Rice and Simon Cowell at the Winter 2010 TCAsAt the FOX exec session, Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice brought an end to the speculation about what's going on with Simon Cowell by bringing him on stage.

The plan: Cowell will leave American Idol after this season, and The X Factor will be coming to the US starting in 2011. He even signed his agreement on stage (see picture on the right).

Some quotes from Simon and the Fox execs after the jump:

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Desperate Housewives: Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Apr 20th 2009 12:30AM
Edie dies on Desperate Housewives
(S05E19) "I died just like I lived, as the complete, utter center of attention." - dead Edie

It's no secret anymore. Nicolette Sheridan is leaving Desperate Housewives, and this was her last episode as a series regular. Even if most major websites, newspapers, and magazines warned us in early February that the actress was exiting the show, some fans were still holding out hope that the news was untrue, as it wasn't the first time we heard a rumor about Sheridan leaving. Those fans must now come to terms with the fact that the sexy, perceptive, strong, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind Edie is now gone. If you ask Lynette, she would tell you that Edie looks like cat litter right now.

One thing is for sure, Edie/Nicolette went out with a bang with what may be the second best episode of the season (my favorite being the 100th episode featuring Beau Bridges).

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Braff confirms he's leaving Scrubs... from a cafe in Tel Aviv

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 25th 2008 6:08PM
Zach Braaf in Tel AvivJust in case you weren't sure that this upcoming eighth season of Scrubs was going to be Zach Braff's last -- and, considering both Braff and series creator Bill Lawrence have been alluding to this for months, it's a good bet that you were sure -- an article on Haaretz.com should convince you. Braff spoke to the magazine during his ten-day trip to Israel and confirmed that he has already left the show (which wrapped the eighth, but not necessarily final, season over the summer), mainly because "there's so much I want to do with my life."

One of those things, I guess, is getting back in touch with his heritage.

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Rosie O'Donnell leaving The View

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 25th 2007 11:40AM
Rosie O'DonnellAh, Rosie... we hardly had a chance to say hello, and now you're saying goodbye.

Actually, given what we've heard over the last few months, this isn't a big surprise: According to the AP, Rosie O'Donnell will leave The View in June. She was unable to come to a contract with ABC, saying in a statement that "My needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me."

Of course, Rosie has been the best and worst thing to happen to The View since she started there last year. Her controversial presence raised the show's ratings. But producer and star Barbara Walters has had to support her host through many a verbal battle, including dust-ups with Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, and Clay Aiken. There's been speculation that Rosie is going to go back to hosting her own show, and the production company for her old talk show reportedly wants her back. But, for now, O'Donnell hasn't announced what her next move will be.

[thanks to MrsEldubya for the tip.]

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Rosie will probably leave The View, says FOX writer

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 10th 2007 12:19PM
Rosie O'DonnellFOX News TV writer Roger Friedman is reporting today that Rosie O'Donnell will probably leave The View when her one-year contract is up. The reason? Backstage tension, of course.

Friedman cites the it-just-won't-die flap with Donald Trump as one of the last straws in what has become a conflict with the show's matriarch, Barbara Walters. It seems like Walters is playing the two combatants against each other, according to Friedman, and Rosie is surprised that Barbara isn't being more supportive. Hence, once the "school year" is over in June, she'll take her ball and go home.

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Sanz definitely gone from SNL

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 20th 2006 2:15PM

horatio sanzZap2It is reporting that Horatio Sanz, Chris Parnell and Finesse Mitchell will not be returning to Saturday Night Live next season, and we'll assume that's true, though the only one we can be absolutely sure about is Sanz, who left a message on his MySpace page yesterday saying he would be leaving the show:

Hi my Dear fans and friends alike,
I have decided to not return to Saturday Night Live this season. I wish the best to everyone at the show and expect them to have a great season. It's been a wonderful eight years and I am grateful for all the friends I was able to make and all the great people I had the pleasure of working with. I want to give a big thank you to all my fans for your kind comments and well wishes. I look forward to making you laugh in the future, and hopefully not behind the counter at Burger King. Goodnight my dears!

Whether "I decided to not return" means he did this of his own volition or was coaxed to leave is for anyone to surmise, but the bottom line is that he ain't gonna be on the show no more.

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CNN anchor leaving network to create "good news" website

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 3rd 2006 6:06PM
Daryn KaganWell, it looks like the relentless drum of depressing news put forth by the 24-hour news networks has claimed its first victim. Daryn Kagan, the late-morning anchor at CNN, has decided to leave the network after 12 years to start -- wait for it -- DarynKagan.com.

Whoa! What the hell is she thinking, right? But here's the kicker: the site, debuting in November, will only report "good news". Wow. Sounds ambitious, considering the fact that no one ever seems to want to read good news and all. But, she has an upbeat attitude about it, as she told her colleagues in an e-mail announcing her departure: The site "will be an inspirational, online community dedicated to the radical idea that the world is a good place. Sounds different, I know. It is."

Hm. Maybe her time dating Rush Limbaugh that finally sent her over the edge. Well, we wish Daryn luck. She's gonna need it.

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Sesame Street creates free DVD for military families

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 14th 2006 3:03PM
elmoI don't envy military parents, especially those with young kids. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to explain to a child why their mother or father has to leave for long stretches at a time. Sesame Workshop has produced a new DVD that will be distributed free of charge to military families next month that is geared towards helping parents talk with their children about the various stages of deployment. The DVD features Elmo and his father as Elmo's father prepares to leave, though it's never revealed where his father is going. The DVD will also feature interviews with military families, and was created mainly for those new to the military who are left behind and aren't always sure what exactly to say to their kids, or how much is too much. Wal-Mat has contributed $1.5 million to the project.

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It's official: Dan Rather is out at CBS

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 20th 2006 12:01PM
Dan RatherAfter a couple of days of speculation, CBS News made it official today: Dan Rather is leaving the network after 44 years. His contract was supposed to run out in November, but he negotiated an early release because a) he wasn't being used much and b) he could not get a new contract from the network that guaranteed he would get work.

The network is working on a retrospective of Rather's career, which will air in the fall. They will also make a contribution to his alma mater, Sam Houston University.

So what's Rather's next step? Well, he may work for Mark Cuban's HDNet, or he may do something else. But chances are, this isn't the last we've seen of Gunga Dan.

[via Mediabistro]

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South Park: The Return of Chef!

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 23rd 2006 10:00AM

Chef South Park[This episode review contains spoilers]

Isaac Hayes' time spent on South Park was no accident. He was the always the first and only choice to play Chef, and creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone worked hard to convince him their silly little cartoon would be worth doing. Over the better part of a decade, Hayes seemed to really embrace both the character and the show's brutal satire.

And until a few days ago, everything remained seemingly copacetic. Suddenly, however, Hayes left the show over its jabs at religion, leading many, including the show's creators, to believe he had actually left the show over the "Trapped in the Closet" episode which made fun of Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, of which Hayes is also a member.

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Nightline veteran joins Al-Jazeera International

by Adam Finley, posted Jan 14th 2006 9:33AM
david marashTed Koppel appears to have landed on his feet after the demise of Nightline, and yet another figure from that show has also found new employment. This time it's David Marash, who left Nightline as a correspondent last year. Marash will be the chief anchor and correspondent of Al-Jazeera International's Washington bureau when the new network launches this spring. Al-Jazeera International will be a 24-hour news channel. Four hours of each day would be dedicated to news out of Washington, in addition to a one-hour newscast co-anchored by Marash.

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Buh-bye, Hammond and Sanz: readers pick who SNL should boot

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 27th 2005 7:01PM
Darrell HammondA little over a week ago, we gave you folks an opportunity to select the Saturday Night Live cast members that you thought might be leaving at the end of this season, based on a remark Lorne Michaels gave to The New York Times. We let you choose more than one person, since it looks like more than one person is going to leave.

So, who did you think was going to go? Well, there's no surprise here: Darrell Hammond and Horatio Sanz received the most votes, with the still-on-maternity-leave Maya Rudolph coming in third. It makes sense; Hammond's been on the show for eons and is basically down to doing impressions of Chris Matthews and Donald Trump, and Sanz is... well, let's just say he's not the most popular member of the cast. The surprise was the lack of votes for Seth Myers, even though his name has been coming up quite a bit in the rumors surrounding Michaels' pronouncement.

Full poll results are after the jump.

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