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October 10, 2015

leo mcgarry

Who was the sixth pallbearer at Leo's funeral?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 17th 2006 3:49PM
West WingThis question has been asked a couple of times here, in the comments for my latest West Wing review and in an earlier post I believe. Who was that sixth pallbearer at Leo's funeral? There was the President, Josh, Charlie, Santos, the DNC guy, and in the back a guy with short light hair.

Anyone know who he was? Really odd that they didn't have another regular cast member to be a pallbearer.

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The West Wing: Requiem

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 16th 2006 9:59PM
West Wing(S07E18) Now this was the type of episode longtime West Wing viewers were hoping for. If you had asked me what should happen in the Leo's funeral episode and who should be in the episode, this is what I would have done. The montage at the beginning of the episode showed everyone getting ready for the funeral - President Barlet, Josh, Toby, C.J., Donna, etc - and then showed all of the people at the church. Sure, it was jarring not to have Sam there (Rob Lowe isn't back yet), but you really can't complain when you have Mallory, Nancy McNally, Carol, Margaret, Hoynes, Russell, Joey Lucas, Danny and everyone else. Nice touch having Toby stay in the church til everyone leaves and Charlie offering to walk out with him.

I was a little afraid they'd rush though the Leo memories and shove in the whole Santos plot, but that didn't happen. You had to show what was going on with the Santos plot (life does go on after all), and it was a nice balance of the old and the new.

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How does President Vinick sound?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 10th 2006 5:18PM
Alan AldaThat's the revelation in The New York Times today, that Arnold Vinick was supposed to win the election last night on The West Wing, but after the death of John Spencer, they decided to have Matt Santos win the election, thinking that fans wouldn't want to see Santos lose both his running mate and the election.

Some other tidbits from the article: the cast filmed their last scenes together on March 31, the last episode will be broadcast on May 14, and Martin Sheen is going back to college (at age 65)!

Let the debate begin, readers. Would you have rather have seen a Vinick win, regardless of how or why that happened, or did The West Wing have to end with a Democratic victory?

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The West Wing: Election Day, Part II

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 9th 2006 9:22PM
John Spencer(S07E17) This must have been the hardest episode for the cast to film. How do you even go about filming the onscreen death of a beloved character when the equally beloved castmate also died in real life?

NBC is fond of calling their comedies "Must See TV." But this was truly the one must see episode of any NBC show in quite a while. Leo dies, and the election goes down to the wire, all in one episode. Must see, but not handled as well as it could have been. Some good scenes with Josh, and some nice moments in the White House between Bartlett and C.J., but they really should have given Margaret more to do, get more of a reaction from her besides one shot of stoic tears.

And...no Toby?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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The West Wing: Election Day

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 2nd 2006 9:22PM
Bradley Whitford and Janel MoloneyDid someone put something in the water that the Santos campaign workers are drinking? Everyone's hooking up! Lou (Janeane Garofalo) and the 23 year old campaign worker; two women who work on the staff; even...Josh and Donna! Yup, even they go off to Josh's hotel ro...HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT JANEL MOLONEY IN HER UNDERWEAR!!...room. Later in the day Matt and his wife get into the act, waiting for numbers to come in.

Are they sure the title of this episode isn't "Erection Day"?

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The West Wing: Welcome To Wherever You Are

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 26th 2006 9:09PM
Jon Bon JoviBefore I get into the review, a couple of questions. One, where is John Spencer? Supposedly he filmed several episodes before he passed away, but he hasn't been in it much at all.

Second, Jon Bon Jovi is not only the guest star, the episode title comes from one of his songs. Um, is Bon Jovi still a big star?

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The West Wing: Two Weeks Out

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 19th 2006 9:27PM
Jimmy Smits and Alan AldaRegular readers of my West Wing reviews know that I haven't been a fan of the show the past two years. Oh, it has had a certain quality, but it's nowhere near the level that we saw in the first four seasons, when Aaron Sorkin was in charge. But I gotta tell ya: if the remaining episodes continue the quality we've seen this season, then at the end of the year I'm not only going to name this show Comeback of the Year, it's going on my Top 10 list.

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The West Wing: The Cold

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 12th 2006 9:13PM
West WingIt seems like such a long time ago that we had a new episode of The West Wing. We had John Spencer's death, then the Olympics. Seems like it's been forever. So when they showed the "previously on The West Wing..." recap, I was actually interested in it. Where exactly did we leave off? Oh yeah, the nuclear accident in California, Santos starting to creep up on Vinick in the polls, the aftermath of the live debate. And now we see that Santos isn't just creeping up on Vinick, he has tied him in several states (including Vinick's California), and surpassed him in others. Donna and the gang is so happy by the polls that they go crazy and start waking up everyone in the hotel. Donna goes into Josh's room, and they are so ecstatic about the numbers that they...

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L.A. Air Force Base Honor Guard to be featured on West Wing

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 17th 2006 3:59PM

John SpencerWhen The West Wing airs the "Leo's Funeral" episode in mid-April, the show will feature members of the L.A. Air Force Base Honor Guard. (Leo McGarry was in the Air Force when he was a younger.)

Other news from this article: producers have asked several people from past episodes of The West Wing (including Stockard Channing - and I'll guess Allison Smith and Joanna Gleason too) to come back to the show for Leo's funeral.

The West Wing Continuity Guide site is also reporting that Bradley Whitford recently gave a speech at American University, and he disclosed that they have filmed the funeral episode, and that not only was he a pallbearer for Leo, he was also a pallbearer for John Spencer. (Lots of spoilers at that site, by the way, so surf at your own risk!)  

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The West Wing: Running Mates

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 8th 2006 9:12PM

John SpencerFirst up tonight is a nice opening with Martin Sheen, a short tribute to John Spencer explaining what type of person he was like and that tonight is the first in five remaining episodes that will feature Spencer.

Tonight's ep mostly centers around Leo and how he is screwing up the prep for the vice presidential debate. That stuff is really interesting, but it's surrounded by these really lame domestic scenes with Matt Santos and his family. Eh. They aren't bad for some other show (I guess), but it's just not the whip-smart show The West Wing used to be. Still, Spencer's performance, the stuff about the inner workings of the debate prep, and that one scene with Josh and Toby on the phone (Josh: "I forget, in D.C., can felons vote?......Too soon?" Toby: "Little bit.") make it all worthwhile.

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Spencer wasn't in West Wing opening scene

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 25th 2005 8:18PM

There was a lot of confusion last week when The West Wing's John Spencer passed away. Every single newspaper, magazine, and web site (including this one, but in our defense we missed the opening scene and were just repeating the news sites) reported that the character of Leo had appeared in a three years later flash forward in the first scene of the season opener. And that would pose a problem, since Spencer passed away and couldn't have been in a scene three years in the future.

But NBC is repeating the episode right now and it's official: Leo was not in the scene. So some of the speculation we talked about last week is still valid.

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West Wing actor John Spencer dead at 58 - BREAKING NEWS

by Kim Voynar, posted Dec 16th 2005 6:26PM

John SpencerThe West Wing star John Spencer, who played Leo McGarry, died today in a Los Angeles hospital of a heart attack, according to his publicist. Spencer played Chief of Staff to Martin Sheen's President Jeb Bartlet. On the show, ironically, Spencer's character suffered a heart attack that forced him to give up his White House gig. In a main storyline this season, though, his character had been tapped as a vice-presidential running mate for Democratic hopeful Matt Santos, played by Jimmy Smits.

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