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August 28, 2015


Jay tried to make up with Dave; Dave didn't respond

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 15th 2009 12:03PM
Letterman, LenoYup, it looks like Dave and Jay still aren't on speaking terms.

Who knows who is less interested in burying the hatchet? Publicly, it has always seemed that Jay would like to be friends with Dave again more than Dave wants to, though that might just be how Jay wants to frame it (it helps Jay's cause that Dave hardly ever gives interviews and is quiet on this subject in particular).

Now Jay tells GQ that he sent Dave a letter when Dave had his heart surgery several years ago, but was bummed when Dave didn't respond.

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Gideon Yago leaving MTV

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 27th 2007 3:05PM
Gideon YagoMTV News' Gideon Yago is bidding the network adieu to pursue "creative ventures" on the Left Coast. Yago has been one of the slightly more tolerable voices of MTV News for the past seven years, but a screenplay sale to Focus Features has him packing his bags.

Idolator published his farewell note to his co-workers, which included this classy send-off, "I have learned a great many things during my tenure here...There is one lesson, however, that I consider far more valuable than all the others combined: our audience deserves integrity and respect. Growing up in America is a difficult, sometimes traumatic, often alienating, very strange proposition. In between trying to figure out who they are and what matters in life, there is a chorus of parents, teachers, people and pitchmen telling them what to think and what to do...please keep fighting for them and thinking of them in the fine work that you all do."

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Sports Night: How Are Things In Glocca Morra?

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 28th 2006 7:01PM

Josh Malina(S01E17) Basically, it's all Pete Sampras' fault.

That's what everyone thinks in this, one of my favorite episodes. Pete Sampras is in the middle of a U.S. Open match with a guy he should be beating easily, but the nobody is actually making a comeback against the world's #1 player, which means that Sports Night is delayed (side note: I'd love to find out how CSC got the rights to the U.S. Open). It also means that Dana might have to cancel her date with Gordon, Rebecca won't be able to see her first live broadcast of the show, and Dana might have to hand the show over to Sally's 2am show.

But it gives Jeremy time to write a letter to his sister Louise, who's in college but is thinking about quitting because of boyfriend problems.

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Henry Rollins writes letter to Ann Coulter

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 13th 2006 5:59PM
henry rollinsWell, he didn't really write a letter Ann Coulter, but he does in this funny clip. Fair warning, the clip contains some bad language, and is probably NSFW, unless you have headphones on. It's pretty amusing, though I'll be the first to say that these two have at least one thing in common, which is that I don't really care about either of their political beliefs. Nevertheless, Rollins' "love letter" did have me cracking up at least a couple times, especially the part about memorizing every line of Caddyshack. I also think that should be required of all my romantic conquests. It seems like a perfectly legitimate request.

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Bill Cosby tries to bring down House of Cosbys

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 4th 2006 3:07PM

house of cosbysAn animated Web series created for Channel 101 called "House of Cosbys" has had Bill Cosby and his lawyers fuming for some time now. The series, which, personally, I never found all that amusing, is about a man who creates several clones of the comedian, each one becoming a bit more twisted than the last. When the site received the first cease and desist, they took the show down. Upon consideration, however, they decided the parody had a right to exist and put it back up. That's when another letter was sent to their hosting service, who told Channel 101 to take the show down (again).

What Cosby and his lawyers didn't take into consideration is that this is the internet, and it's next to impossible to contain something once folks have caught wind of it. Several mirror sites now host the series, including Waxy.org, which was also hit with a cease and desist recently. Waxy has refused to remove the show, and has began collecting examples of popular shows that have also parodied Cosby such as SNL, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, none of which have ever faced any kind of legal action from Cosby.

Special note: Speaking of Family Guy, Mike Henry and Patrick Henry, two writers for the show, also created a series for Channel 101 called "Kicked in the Nuts" which was referenced in the episode "The Cleavland-Loretta Quagmire." It was by far the most esoteric reference ever on the show. And yes, Family Guy fans, I know the show isn't a food.

[via Boing Boing]

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