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September 1, 2015

lexa doig

'V' Casts Three New Roles

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 5th 2010 9:36AM
Are you still watching 'V?' Of course, I say "still watching" even though the show hasn't been on in months. I still wonder about that strategy. A new show that debuts with only four episodes and then it goes on hiatus for several months? Did it even have enough episodes/drama to capture the attention of viewers so they're waiting on the edge of their seat for it to return? We'll find out on March 30 when it comes back to ABC.

For the fans who do continue to watch the show, there will be three new characters added for you. Nicholas Lea, who played bad guy Krycek on 'The X-Files,' has been added as Erica's (Elizabeth Mitchell's) ex-husband. Lexa Doig (remember 'Andromeda?' I loved the first season of that show) will play a doctor who is treating Valerie. And Charles Mesure ('Crossing Jordan,' 'Xena') will play a military guy who helps the Resistance.

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Eureka: Best In Faux

by Brett Love, posted Aug 13th 2008 9:23AM

Salli Richardson and Colin Ferguson - Eureka
(S03E03) We're still too early in the season to get too deep into the bigger picture mystery. In fact, the clues that were given this week where Eva's plans are concerned made the whole thing even more confusing. That's ok though, we've got lots of time for that story to grow. In the meantime, "Best In Faux" was another quirky stand-alone that got a lot of things right. The yearly dog show managed to dovetail with some crazy science, Zoey's homework, and some fantastic guest casting to deliver a very fun hour of television.

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VH1 gives Scream Queens the green light

by Brett Love, posted Jun 9th 2008 12:01PM

Lexa Doig - Jason XThis is news that leaves me somewhat torn. On the one hand, I really like horror movies, and by extension, I'm pretty fond of scream queens. On the other hand, just hearing about this show calls to mind the train wreck that was E!'s Kill Reality, and that isn't a happy memory. I suppose it also sounds a lot like Joel Silver's Next Action Star, which wasn't all bad. But then, I might just be trying to talk myself into liking it because that picture of Lexa Doig (Jason X) is staring at me.

The new show will gather ten unknown actresses to compete for a role in a horror movie from Lionsgate Films. The contestants will compete in challenges and be judged by an as yet unnamed director. I'm guessing there will be blood, and possibly chainsaws. The drawback is that it's not on HBO or Showtime, so despite having an acting coach on hand, these girls are all going to be cheated out of that valuable topless-in-the-steamy-locker-room training. I feel for them.

The series is set to premiere in the fall and play out over eight hour long episodes. My expectations are low, but there is just enough there to get me to tune in at least once.

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Stargate SG-1: Family Ties

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 8th 2007 11:40PM

Fred Willard as Jasec, Vala's Father(S10E18) Let's start with the best part of the episode first, which would happen to be the last scene. Teal'c, who had very little to say or do this week (he had his moment last episode) takes in a showing of The Virginia Monologues, at the recommendation of Vala's estranged father Jasec (more on him later). Of course, Jasec being from an alien planet and all, he kind of got the title of the play messed up. So, Teal'c got to see a wonderful production of The Vagina Monologues instead. Watching this feared Jaffa warrior squirm in his seat while sitting in a audience of solely women was the funniest part of the episode.

All of the scenes prior to that . . . not as funny or as interesting.

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Michael Shanks interview, Stargate news

by Brett Love, posted Dec 22nd 2006 12:55PM
Michael ShanksWe've talked before about the new Stargate movies, and there are some rumblings and details coming out about the project. Production dates have now been set with the first movie to begin shooting in April, and the second in June. The studio is planning for a fall release, not long after the series raps up. But that isn't the best part. According to a new article at Gateworld, if DVD sales of the movies warrant it, the studio is looking to make this an ongoing franchise. It's no season 11, but it could signal a change in the way our television is delivered.

In other Stargate news, IGN has an interview with Michael Shanks. They start out talking about the company he started with Christopher Judge, Slacktwaddle. Together, the two have produced a calendar and DVD of the women of sci-fi that is available to order on their website. Perfect for festivus gift giving, and it features Michael's wife Lexa Doig, who is ridiculously beautiful. Later in the interview they get in to what it means to Michael to have had this amazing run with Stargate and what it has been like working with Claudia Black. There are also some details for the end of the series and the movies, and they do contain spoilers. Good stuff, and worth a look.

[ Thanks Mack Swift! ]

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