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September 5, 2015

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Books 'Late Show' Gig, 'The Office' Hires Newest Cast Member and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 15th 2011 6:00PM
Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has managed to book herself an actual TV job between all those court appearances.

Um, sort of. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the troubled actress will read the top 10 list on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' on Thursday night. It's not exactly acting, but if it means that Lohan's in front of an actual TV camera instead of a paparazzi lens, we'll take it.

Lohan was charged with grand theft last week for allegedly stealing a necklace worth $2,500 from a Los Angeles jeweler.

In other TV news ...

'The Office' has found its newest Dunder Mifflin staffer. Actress Cody Horn has signed on to play a "pleasant and smart" Scrantonite in a recurring role that could become a series regular. Showrunner Paul Lieberstein says, "We're very excited to have found Cody. We've been searching for a love interest for Creed for a long time. So just sit back and get ready to be disgusted." [TV Line]

Scott Michael Foster will play Amber's new boyfriend on 'Parenthood.' The 'Greek' star will appear for at least two episodes. Another casting tidbit: Daniel Buran is joining 'True Blood' as Raoul, the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport. [TV Line, Deadline]

Andy Cohen is really sorry for dissing Heidi Montag. The Bravo boss apologized for his candid comments about the possibility of Montag appearing on 'Housewives,' saying "There had been so many rumors going on about the Housewives last week, I think I was at the tipping point, basically. I guess I got a little carried away." [People]

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Bill O'Reilly: Leave Lindsay Lohan Alone! (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Feb 9th 2011 3:00PM
Lindsay Lohan Bill O'ReillyLindsay Lohan is being charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles area jewelry store.

On the 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weekdays, 8PM ET on Fox News) Bill O'Reilly leapt to the defense of the troubled actress.

"Let's be fair to Ms. Lohan, because very few people are. She says that the jewelry store loaned her the necklace, and she returned it. So why (is she) being charged with a felony?"

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Jane Lynch to Write Memoir, Russell Hantz Spoils 'Survivor' and More TV News

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 1st 2011 1:30PM
Jane LynchJane Lynch will soon add "published author" to her list of accomplishments.

According to The New York Times, the comedian will release 'Happy Accidents,' an inspirational memoir, in September. The book will cover Lynch's career milestones, such as her time doing improv at Second City and acting in movies like 'Best in Show' and 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and more personal material like overcoming alcoholism and embracing her homosexuality.

"Sue Sylvester didn't come out of a vacuum," Lynch told the Times. "She's someone that lives very deeply in me. I kind of liked that shaming, vengeful energy during different periods of my life. I was in therapy and I was complaining about somebody not following the rules, and my therapist basically started laughing at me and said, you must write a monologue about this, because it's hilarious stuff."

In other TV news ...

Ricky Gervais might've annoyed some people at the Golden Globes, but that doesn't mean he won't be back. The comedian said he's already been invited to host next year's ceremony, 'Tourist' disses be darned. Though he's thinking about it, he said he's not sure if he wants to return. [Daily Mail]

The most accurate spoilers on the Internet might've come from contestant Russell Hantz himself. After a blogger was sued for revealing the results of seasons 19 and 20 before air, he gave up his source as the one and only Hantz. [Daily Beast]

Is NBC trying to stifle homosexuality on 'The Biggest Loser'? A blogger for AfterEllen seems to think so. While Jillian Michaels is an out bisexual and newbie Cara Castronuova is an out lesbian, NBC consistently denies interview requests with gay and lesbian press. Plus, there has never been a gay couple on the show, despite multiple 'Couples' seasons. [Jezebel]

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Michael Lohan Begs Ex-Wife to 'Put Differences Aside' for Lindsay's Sake (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 3rd 2011 12:00PM
As Lindsay Lohan nears the completion of her court-ordered treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic, father Michael begs ex-wife Dina to put her differences aside for the good of their troubled daughter on 'The Early Show' (weekdays, 7AM ET on CBS).

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Lindsay Lohan on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Her Rep Says No

by PopEater Staff, posted Dec 9th 2010 10:05AM
Lindsay LohanTo waltz or not to waltz ... According to RadarOnline.com, Lindsay Lohan is currently in secret talks with 'Dancing With the Stars' to join next season's cast.

"Lindsay has been talking with the DWTS people," a source close to the actress exclusively told Radar. "She is definitely interested and considering being on the show."

But GossipCop.com is reporting Lohan isn't anywhere near starring on the show. In fact, her rep told the website, "Lindsay Lohan is not doing 'Dancing with the Stars.' The story is false."

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Shannen Doherty Recalls Troubled Past, Weighs in on Lindsay Lohan (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Nov 5th 2010 1:15PM
Shannen Doherty recalls her troubled past and discusses the event that helped change her life on 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated). And, after some prompting from Wendy Williams, Doherty also weighs in on the current queen of bad behavior, Lindsay Lohan.

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Judge Judy Says Lindsay Lohan Needs a 'Dose of Reality' on 'Regis and Kelly' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Sep 23rd 2010 4:30PM
Judge Judy Sheindlin weighed in on troubled actress Lindsay Lohan on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated), arguing that Lohan needs a "dose of reality" and possibly an extended stay in jail to help beat her addiction.

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Unconventional 'Glee' Guest Stars We'd Like to See

by Jane Murphy, posted Sep 19th 2010 11:00AM
'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy won't pipe down, but will he listen?

A new leak happens nearly every week about 'Glee' guest stars. John Stamos! 'Rocky Horror' originals Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf! And Britney Spears (pictured at right, with Murphy and 'Glee's goddess of deadpan, Heather Morris).

So, Mr. Murphy, we herewith modestly propose a few out-there guest stars for your consideration, all sure to keep tongues wagging and the show humming.

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Jerry Lewis on Lindsay Lohan: 'I Would Smack Her in the Mouth!' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Sep 2nd 2010 3:15PM
We're not going to say this clip makes Jerry Lewis seem like an angry, half-crazed old man, because we're afraid he might hit us.

On 'Inside Edition' (weekdays, syndicated), Lewis went on a tirade against young Hollywood and said that Lindsay Lohan needs a "smack in the mouth" followed by a firm spanking to set her straight.

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STEPHEN COLBERT SHOCKER in the "National Enquirer" (Sort of) (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 18th 2010 2:43AM
STEPHEN COLBERT SHOCKER in the 'National Enquirer' (Sort of)What does it take to get into a scandalous tabloid magazine? Or, in other words, how does one end up in the pages of the "National Enquirer"? That's the question on the current 'Colbert Report' (weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central).

Stephen interviews Barry Levine -- Executive Editor of the "Enquirer." This is the cheap magazine that you see in your supermarket check-out aisle, filled with tawdry stories about Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson and every other celebrity like that.

Mr. Colbert is outraged that he hasn't been on the cover of the magazine yet. "What do I have to do ... to make it onto the cover? ... Who do I have to sleep with?" he asks.

By way of compensation, Mr. Levine presents Colbert with a fake personalized issue of the tabloid. "STEPHEN COLBERT SHOCKER!" it says. Good stuff; but maybe someday we can get an actual scandal about Stephen. Maybe he could go on a drug binge, or get in a feud with Jon Stewart, or something like that. Of course, these are just suggestions. An actual Colbert scandal could be much cooler than these hypotheticals.

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PopEater's Rob Shuter Discusses Lohan, Gosselin, and More (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 28th 2010 3:47PM
Rob ShuterRob Shuter of our own sister blog PopEater sat down to talk gossip on 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, check local listings). He's British?!?

Anyway, Rob gives the scoop on a couple of stories, including the fact that a certain reality show star who was on 'Dancing with the Stars' has not been invited to a big reunion dinner that people from the ABC celebrity dance show are putting on, including Tony, who was this certain reality show star's partner on the show. Maybe they think she's going to be too busy with all of her kids and wouldn't be able to attend anyway or...they just don't want her there.

He also has the scoop on Lindsay Lohan's release from jail and it's coming up a lot sooner than any of us anticipated.

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'Chelsea Lately' Spoofs Lindsay Lohan Jail Visit (VIDEO)

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 27th 2010 2:30PM
Chelsea LatelyIf you haven't heard, Lindsay Lohan is in jail. She'll probably be out soon, but for now her incarceration is fodder for comics, gossip blogs, and the late night talk shows.

On last night's 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights at 11PM ET on E!), Chelsea and the rest of the cast did a skit that showed what it must be like visiting the movie star in jail. It's not only a fairly nasty sketch dumping on Lindsay but also her mom and her younger sister. Warning: like a lot of stuff on this show, it might be a little NSFW.

Lindsay's ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson makes an appearance, but I can't describe in words just how.

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Bill O'Reilly Talks Sherrod 'Mistake,' Likes Lady Gaga, Feels Badly for LiLo (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 27th 2010 4:00AM
Bill O'Reilly Talks Sherrod, Lady Gaga on 'Tonight Show'Perhaps Bill O'Reilly would like to leave 'The O'Reilly Factor' and become a correspondent for 'Access Hollywood'? Sounds like he really wants to meet Lada Gaga and Lindsay Lohan.

When he appeared on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), the bulk of the conversation was infotainment. That's after he revisited his apology to Shirley Sherrod.

The Fox News pundit said his coverage of the Shirley Sherrod story was a case of not reading "the entire transcript." He made "a mistake," he readily admitted, and it was the "first time in 13 years we had to retract a story."

As for Lady Gaga, O'Reilly said, "She's an unbelievable marketer ... She's gotta be very intelligent underneath the Lady Gaga-ness that we see." He said he wants her to visit the show.

"If she said, 'Bill, I'll do your show if you go to [a] Yankees game with me in your underwear wearing just a Yankees shirt,' would you do it?" asked Jay Leno. Watch for his response -- and his take on Lindsay Lohan.

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Jake Byrd -- Loyal Celeb Defender -- Cries 'Linnocent!' for LiLo (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 21st 2010 6:30AM
Jake Byrd Defends Lindsay Lohan at CourtMore amusing than yet another celebrity in court (now jail, as it were) is Jake Byrd: the loyal fan who supports our (in)famous entertainers -- no matter what the charge -- at each of their court appearances.

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (weeknights, 12:05AM ET on ABC) reminded us of Byrd's consistent enthusiasm with footage of his vocal reactions following O.J. Simpson's arraignment and Paris Hilton's DUI hearing.

His most recent cause celebre was Lindsay Lohan's sentencing on July 6. Standing vigilant outside the courthouse, Byrd wore the actress' mug on his T-shirt, below the word "LINNOCENT!" As security rushed LiLo past the crush of journalists and photographers, Byrd stood in the crowd shouting, "Lindsay! Fight for your right to party!! Make me your one call!"

Later he spotted Lindsay's dad Michael and managed a hug from him. "Good luck to you, buddy," said Byrd.

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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Reacts to Her Being Sent to Jail (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 21st 2010 12:10AM
Lindsay Lohan's Dad Reacts to Her Being Sent to JailWell, Lindsay Lohan is in prison now. A nation weeps for her. (Or not.) On the latest 'Larry King Live' (weeknights, 9PM ET on CNN), her father Michael Lohan showed up to discuss the whole thing. Or, we should say, her legendarily bad father Michael Lohan showed up to discuss the whole thing.

Michael expressed regret for not being a better dad. Oh, Michael, we're sure that you tried your best. After all, you only were arrested for insider trading, cheated on your wife, assaulted your own brother, violated probation, drunkenly crashed your car into a telephone pole, and basically ignored your daughter until she was rich and famous. Other than that, you're all good.

"Do you ever blame yourself?" Larry King asked Lohan. "Sure I do," Michael replied. He also described himself as an "A-S-S" -- or, in normal language -- a jerk.

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