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October 9, 2015

lindsay wagner

Lynda Carter Recalls Her 'Wonder Woman' Audition Competition (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted May 23rd 2011 5:10PM
Lynda Carter on 'The Wendy Williams Show'When Lynda Carter auditioned for 'Wonder Woman' in 1975, she was vying against a bevy of talented actors to get what she saw as the only good role for a woman on television at the time. Carter said today on 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated) that you had to be a mother, a hooker or a secretary to get on television at that time.

Carter would see many familiar faces at auditions, including Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith and Lindsay Wagner, including her 'Wonder Woman' audition. "We all ended up, for every part that came along, it was the same group of women," said Carter. "I walk in the room and I see them all sitting there, we go 'Hi.'"

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'Bionic Woman' Lindsay Wagner to Guest on 'Warehouse 13'

by Gary Susman, posted Apr 23rd 2010 12:30PM
SyFy's hit 'Warehouse 13' centers on a Mulder-and-Scully-like pair of agents who de-mothball ancient and mysterious objects stored in the title building. Maybe one of those objects was an old 'Bionic Woman' videocassette.

That could be the explanation for a secretive cameo by '70s sci-fi icon Lindsay Wagner on an upcoming episode of 'Warehouse 13's' second season. The 'Bionic Woman' star, now in semi-retirement from acting, is de-mothballing her own career for an upcoming guest appearance on the show, which she's shooting at the end of this month in Toronto.

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Why isn't the original Bionic Woman on DVD yet?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 7th 2007 9:24AM

The Bionic WomanSince NBC just launched the remake of the 70s sci-fi drama The Bionic Woman (I still love you Lindsay Wagner), some people are wondering if we'll ever see the original on DVD. TVGuide.com has an interesting story explaining why the original show (and the show it was spun off from, The Six Million Dollar Man) hasn't been released on DVD yet. And, you guessed it, is has to do with licenses and ownership.

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Original Bionic Woman creator worried about remake

by Bob Sassone, posted May 21st 2007 3:26PM

The Bionic Woman

When someone remakes a TV show or a movie, they often go more serious or darker. Is it because producers and directors feel they have to go "serious" to justify a remake? Do we live in more cynical times? Do the producers feel that they can't make a quality show that also happens to be light?

Kenneth Johnson, the creator of the original Bionic Woman series in the '70s (a spinoff of The Six Million Dollar Man), tells the L.A. Times that he's worried about the remake. I guess I would, too, if an NBC exec called my show "kind of cheesy." Although Johnson has been impressed with the work of producer David Eick on Battlestar Galactica, he's not so sure they're doing the right thing with the remake of his show.

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Bionic Woman and more coming to NBC

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 3rd 2007 1:36PM
The Bionic WomanHere's a piece of news from our "Networks Have Run Out of Ideas" department:

Reuters and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that NBC has picked up a one-hour pilot for a remake of -- hold on to your artificial knees -- The Bionic Woman. You remember The Bionic Woman, right? Basicially it was The Six Million Dollar Man with girl parts. Lindsay Wagner played Jamie Sommers, a woman who's life was saved by bionic transplants after an accident and is recruited by the government to work spy missions. It ran from 1976-1978, not exactly the world's most successful run. But, for some reason, NBC thinks it's worthy of a revisit, maybe due to the success of Heroes. According to the article, the pickup is contingent on casting, so I'd imagine we won't be seeing anyone older than 30 in the role of Jamie.

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I just realized: I don't know my Sleep Number

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 22nd 2006 4:39PM

Sleep Number AdYou've seen those commercials for Select Comfort Beds, the ones where Lindsay Wagner (Sleep Number 35) tells us how much her sleeping has improved since she got one of them? I was at the mall this weekend and one of the salespeople for the company (their stores seem to be popping up a lot lately) asked me as I was walking by, "do you know your Sleep Number?"

And it occured to me: I didn't.

I'm beginning to feel left out. This whole Sleep Number thing is beginning to become a cult phenomenon on the par of the Head On ads or the Chia Pet. They're even using celebrities in their ads now. William Shatner and Matthew McConaghey know their Sleep Numbers!

I like my bed not too soft, not too hard. Maybe leaning just a bit closer to harder than soft. So what would my number be, 50?

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Bionic Woman coming back to television

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 10th 2006 3:30PM

Bionic WomanI have a confession to make: I used to be in love with Lindsay Wagner.

Now, she didn't know anything about it, of course. I was around 11 years old, so she probably wouldn't have given me the time of day. But I bring this up because NBC is bringing back Wagner's Six Million Dollar Man spinoff The Bionic Woman. If you never saw it, here's a plot summary: teacher gets into accident, gets superpowers such as super hearing and strength, solves crimes for the government.

The show will be supervised by Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick, so we can expect a huge update of the story and how they go about it. Hey, as long as they don't have that damn bionic dog in it, I might check this out. I wonder they'll twist things like on Battlestar Galactica and make the Fembots all men?

Speaking of Wagner, is she doing anything else besides those Sleep Number bed commercials? She still looks great.

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