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October 9, 2015

lizzie mcguire

Lizzie McGuire coming to NBC

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 14th 2008 6:08PM
DuffNot the TV character from several years back. Actress Hilary Duff. She has just signed a one year deal with NBC to star in a new series.

Duff has been concentrating on movies and music since Lizzie McGuire ended in 2004 (the show lasted four years, but it was actually only two seasons, plus a big screen movie). According to Variety, Duff was going to be in a series for CBS in 2004, but it wasn't picked up.

As part of the deal, Duff is going to guest star in several NBC shows, as well, maybe as a tune up for starring in her own show and promotion for herself and the show. I wonder how they'll pick which shows she'll guest star in? After the jump, some suggestions.

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Casting for the new 90210: Hilary Duff?

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 26th 2008 11:03AM
Hilary Duff Hilary Duff is the new Patrick Stewart. By that, I mean it's rumored that she is going to be the star of Beverly Hills 90210, the Next Generation (Please note this is not the actual title. Just my take on it).

Apparently, she's been approached by the CW for the role of Annie Mills, a high school girl into theater, boys, cars, iPods, cosmetic surgery, ostracizing her friends and all the other standard things that Beverly Hills girls are into. There is no word yet on whether she's accepted the role.

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That's So Raven delivers a spin-off

by Annie Wu, posted May 23rd 2006 1:26PM
That's So RavenThat's So Raven is one of the few live-action Disney shows that don't make me vomit a little in my mouth. Raven Simone has decent comedic timing, even when she's over-acting (which is almost all the time). Oh well. I'm not going to nitpick too much because the kids seem to enjoy the program. However, that little brother character has always irked me. There's absolutely nothing I find likeable about him. So leave it to Disney to give him (and the father character) a spin-off series.

The new show, Cory in the House, leaves out the mom and Raven because they're off to law school and college, respectively. Victor is chosen to be the official White House chef for the newly elected president and Cory tags along. Hilarity is supposed to ensue. We'll just see about that.

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Disney picks up two new pilots

by Annie Wu, posted Apr 29th 2006 2:26PM
Suite LifeThe Disney Channel has picked up two new pilots, The Amazing Hannigans and Housebroken. Hannigans will be about wizarding family-run magic shop (jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon a little late there). Housebroken will be a spin-off of the hit show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, also known as one of the most irritating shows in Disney history (placing somewhere near Lizzie McGuire). It will be about the Tipton Hotel's handyman, Arwin, and his adventures in helping his sister take care of her kids. So, I guess that means it'll be like The Suite Life if Arwin was the uncle of Zack and Cody... and didn't want to date their mom.

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