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September 2, 2015

lost map

Lost map: A breakdown

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 1st 2006 5:52PM
lost map; hatches
Where to begin? Since I posted this photo of the door map from Wednesday's Lost, a lot of people have done a lot more deconstructing and, in some cases, translating of it. hatch 7; lostThe folks over at The Hatch Online deserve a round for translating all of the Latin (although, I don't know any Latin so I can't verify it's authenticity). As you can see in the above graphic, it looks as though five hatches were, at one time, connected to each other and to something in the middle. We see that there is a hatch called The Flame, to the left of The Swan hatch where the Losties are hanging out and washing clothes. We also see The Staff hatch, which is the medical hatch that Claire, Kate and Danielle discovered a few episodes back. There are two more hatches without a label that our castaways have not discovered. Is that where The Others are staying? Also, is the concrete that Sayid and Jack found used to block the tunnel to whatever is in the middle of the hatches? Near The Flame hatch, someone has written 'Alleged location of aborted #7: Each number of Heavy water table.' Yeah... I don't know what that means.

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Here it is: the Lost map

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 30th 2006 2:17PM

After weeks of idling, Lost finally gave us a juicy nugget in last night's episode. It came in the form of a glow-in-the-dark map on the inside of a blast door. It appears to be a map of all the Dharma Initiative hatches on the island, and something in the middle signified with a giant, pink question mark. It looks as though all the hatches were meant to lead to that middle spot, but they weren't finished or were blocked off (as marked with X's). Maybe that's what the concrete is that Jack and Sayid found.

According to this guy, who evidently stayed up all night decoding the map, it has several phrases, such as "Sursum Corda", and "I Am Here" on the Swan hatch (where the characters are). There are several other phrases that I'm guessing are in Latin.

Here's another, deconstructed version of the map with a lot more text (somebody has Hi Def TV!).

What do you see?

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