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October 13, 2015


'Lost' Numbers Prove Lucky for Mega Millions Lottery Players

by PopEater Staff, posted Jan 5th 2011 10:25AM
Hurley's 'Lost' Numbers Win Money For Thousands of Lottery Players On 'Lost,' the infamous, mysterious "numbers" helped Hurley win his big lottery jackpot. And on Tuesday night, those same numbers gave many 'Lost' fans a (smaller) prize from the massive Mega Millions lottery.

The Mega Millions winning combo was 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, 42; two tickets matched all six numbers for the $355 million prize.

Four of those six winning digits were identical to the 'Lost' numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

One of the now-finished series' show-runners, Damon Lindelof, tweeted about the coincidence:

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'Lost,' 'Heroes' Most Pirated Shows of 2010

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 3rd 2011 3:15PM
Lost'Lost' and 'Heroes' ended their series runs on top -- on top of the most-pirated shows list of 2010.

According to TorrentFreak.com, 'Lost' logged 5.94 million illegal downloads for a single episode. 'Heroes,' a show with much lower Nielsen ratings, had an episode downloaded 5.48 million times.

The two dramas both had intense fan followings, yet 'Lost' won over critics season after season and maintained decent, though declining, Nielsen ratings. During its time on the air, 'Heroes' suffered a steep loss in both critical acclaim and viewers.

'Lost' was seen by an estimated 13.57 million viewers, 'Heroes' by 5.3 million, meaning more people downloaded 'Heroes' then viewing it.

The rest of the list is below.

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End of the Road: TV Shows That Got Canceled or Retired in 2010

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 21st 2010 5:00PM
Sometimes, losing a TV show is like losing a close friend. You get used to seeing it every single week, and you can't imagine your life without those characters and that world.

Then again, sometimes a show just needs to end. Maybe it ran too long -- or just enough -- and it's actually OK that it wont' be on air anymore.

Here's the ultimate list of all of the shows that saw their last episode in 2010. (Note: these are just the shows that had their last episode this past year, not shows that have been canceled but still have episodes to air in 2011, such as 'Oprah' and 'Stargate Universe.')

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Goodbye to All That: A Final Farewell to '24,' 'Law & Order' and 'Lost'

by Ryan McGee, posted Dec 21st 2010 2:00PM
Law & OrderCountdown to Festivus on Dec. 23: On the third day of Festivus, TV gave to us ... three longtime shows that bid farewell.

2010 saw the premature end of many series. 'Terriers', 'Rubicon', 'Party Down', 'Better Off Ted' and a host of other programs went to that DVR box in the sky long before many of their fans were ready to see them go.

But three programs that helped define excellence in television over the past years also said farewell. 'Law & Order,' '24,' and 'Lost' all featured primary players named Jack (McCoy, Bauer and Shephard, respectively), but also share an indelible mark on the small screen landscape. In fact, very little was small about any of these entities.

While fans of the latter two shows knew about their respective, imminent demises, the loss of "Law & Order" after the completion of its 20th season came as a surprise to many of its fans.

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7 Reasons the 'Lost' Finale Was Satisfying and Disappointing

by AOL TV Staff, posted Dec 17th 2010 3:00PM
'Lost' series finale
Countdown to Festivus on Dec. 23: On the seventh day of Festivus, TV gave us to ... seven ways the 'Lost' finale satisfied and seven ways it disappointed.

For some fans of 'Lost,' last May's series finale brought relief in the form of answers to longstanding mysteries and tear-inducing character moments.

But for other fans, the finale produced only disappointment.

As it had for its entire run, 'Lost' divided viewers over its finale. Did the ending provide enough of a pay-off for sticking through six seasons filled with unlucky numbers, a smoke monster, time traveling and a four-toed statue? Two of our writers take opposing viewpoints ...

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5 'Lost' Mysteries Revealed: Lost Encyclopedia Authors Shed Light On Lingering Show Debates

by Maggie Furlong, posted Dec 9th 2010 11:00AM
Lost Encyclopedia'Lost' may have ended its six-season run in May, but diehard fans of the show -- you know, the ones who paused their TVs, rewatched episodes again and again and blogged about every last detail -- are still debating quite a few series questions.

And just think about how many questions casual viewers were left with!

The 'Lost Encyclopedia' offers 400 beautiful, fact-filled pages, dedicated to shedding light on the show's questions, big and small. A true collectors' item, it's complete with over 1,500 pictures from the show and detailed explanations of everything from backgammon to the Black Rock, and Sun's pet Shar Pei to Sawyer's library of symbolic reading material. Plus there's a pretty thoughtful foreward written by 'Lost' masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

We asked authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry to choose five of the topics they covered in the 'Encyclopedia' at random and elaborate on what details you'll find in the book. Here's what they came up with ...

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The Best TV of 2010: The Top 10 Roster

by Maureen Ryan, posted Dec 2nd 2010 2:30PM
Narrowing down my yearly Top 10 list to only ten individual TV shows proved very difficult this year. There was just too much good TV, and thank goodness for that. None of the new shows that the broadcast networks debuted this fall made the cut, but no matter, there was still plenty of good drama and comedy to choose from.

So much, in fact, that I decided expand my list a bit. There are, as you can see below, ten entries in my Best of 2010 list, but a couple of entries mention multiple shows. I've got a new job and new editors, so why not try a new way of approaching the Top 10 list, right? All I can say is, it would have melted my brain and hurt my heart to leave any of the shows below off my list.

By the way, in the next week or so, I'll post a long list of runners up -- more than two dozen scripted shows that didn't quite make the cut here but which were nevertheless pleasing, compelling or noteworthy during the past year.

Without further ado, here's my list of the best television shows of 2010:

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Dominic Monaghan Doesn't Like Cars, Breaks the Speed Record on 'Top Gear' Anyway (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 29th 2010 8:15AM
Dominic Monaghan Doesn't Like Cars, Breaks the Speed Record on 'Top Gear' AnywayAs an actor, Dominic Monaghan specializes in playing characters who take part in an impossible quest ... of one kind or another. In 'The Lord of the Rings,' he starred as a hobbit engaged in a thousand-year struggle to destroy the One Ring of Power. On 'Lost,' he was a musician who tried to unravel the secrets of a tropical island (and who died in the process).

But on the racing show 'Top Gear' (Sun., 10PM ET on HIST), his job was much, much easier.

Dominic doesn't like cars very much -- he calls them his "least favorite form of transport." Nonetheless, on the new 'Top Gear,' he shattered the old celebrity racing record. In the process, he beat out a real-life hero: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

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Ask Mo: Answering questions about 'The Event,' 'Fringe,' 'Spartacus,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Lost' and more!

by Maureen Ryan, posted Nov 19th 2010 1:15PM
Welcome to the third installment of Ask Mo. Thank you for your great questions! Sorry if I didn't get to your query, but I'll be doing another edition of Ask Mo in early December, and I'll try to tackle more questions then. Of course, feel free to leave new queries in comments below as well. (Previous editions of Ask Mo are here and here.)

Tardispilot: Do 'The Event's' sagging ratings mean we've seen the end of 'Lost' clones, or will there be more next season?

Lyle: Why are all these 'Lost' clones failing to captivate audiences ('The Event,' 'FlashForward,' etc)? In your opinion, what made 'Lost' stand out and what are these other shows missing?

Tree: What is your take on 'The Event'? I'm trying to decide if I want to continue investing time in it. I like the premise, but I don't feel an emotional connection to it like I did to 'Lost.'... Should I continue watching?

Mo says: I'll try to take on these questions one by one. I think we'll continue to see networks trying out shows with supernatural flavoring, although there appear to be fewer of those kinds of pilots in the pipeline, thanks to the rocky receptions of shows like 'The Event,' 'FlashForward,' 'Invasion,' etc. I don't think the networks will stop making those kinds of shows, but I think they will probably keep missing the point regarding what 'Lost' actually was when it started.

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The Show Girl Catches Up With Jorge Garcia, 'Storm Chasers' & Tracy Morgan (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 12th 2010 10:50PM
'Lost' alum Jorge GarciaIt's no secret: I miss 'Lost.' A lot. So when I heard star Jorge Garcia would be visiting 'How I Met Your Mother,' I knew I had to get my fix. I hit the set to find out what he's up to with the 'HIMYM' gang, what his character has in common with Hurley and the question he's asked most often since 'Lost' ended.

I also catch up with the TVN Team from 'Storm Chasers' to get up close and personal with The Dominator, their indestructible beast of a car. That thing has some insane added features! If you're a fan, sound off in the comments for a chance to win Reed Timmer's new book 'Into the Storm.'

Then I chat with Tracy Morgan about his HBO stand-up special 'Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue.' His hilarious, subject-hopping, bleep-filled tirades taught me one thing: don't ever ask him if he's just like his '30 Rock' character Tracy Jordan.

Got questions? E-mail me TV questions at TheTVShowGirl@aol.com and I'll try to get you answers on the show. -- By Maggie Furlong

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No More Mr. Clucks for 'Lost' Alum Jorge Garcia

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 5th 2010 3:50PM
Jorge GarciaThree things I love collided on Thursday: the set of 'How I Met Your Mother,' Bay Cities sandwiches and 'Lost' alum Jorge Garcia.

Jorge is guest starring on 'HIMYM''s big Thanksgiving episode in a few weeks -- titled 'Blitzgiving' after his unlucky character Blitz -- and was showing off his big grin and comedic chops that always brought much-needed levity to the island drama on 'Lost.'

But something was different ... and after a quick chat with the happy-go-lucky star, he admitted he's now shunned something big from his 'Lost' past and Hurley's life: meat.

"I've been a vegetarian for about four months now," Jorge admitted, after I commented on his meat-free caprese sandwich (my personal favorite from the Santa Monica, Calif., sandwich institution). That's right -- this means that the owner of Mr. Clucks wouldn't be caught dead chowing on fried chicken now.

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Don Draper's 'What?' vs. 'Lost's' 'What?'(VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Nov 4th 2010 11:00AM
What word does Matt Weiner, creator of 'Mad Men,' write most often? Well, "$' isn't really a word. If his main character's favorite word is any indication, then he writes "What?" most often.

A serious 'Mad Men' fan with some serious extra time put together a montage of Don Draper saying "What?" over the last four seasons. A minute and a half of Draper saying "What?" to Peggy, "What?" to Pete, "What?" to Betty "What?" to Roger and "What?" to various secretaries he's since lost.

As the video's creator says, "Don Draper uses the word "what" as Van Gogh used color or Beethoven used sound." Touche.

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Scariest TV Monsters of All Time (That Actually Scare Us)

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 26th 2010 5:15PM
Monsters are not supposed to scare adults. Serial killers, gangs, torture, guns, sickness, terrorism and crippling bankruptcy are the things meant to scare us.

However, every once in awhile, a series will create a monster believable enough to actually scare us. We may not jump or cry while watching the show, but the memory of it sticks with us. It's unsettling when you're alone at night or lost in the woods. In honor of Halloween, here are the scariest TV monsters of all time.

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Nostalgia for 2004: TV's Golden Year

by Stephanie Earp, posted Oct 18th 2010 8:00PM

I actually remember the pilot season of 2004 -- that alone is saying something. When you write about TV, you're constantly bombarded by previews and they tend to run together. After all, half the time they star the same actors year after year (Matthew Perry, Amy Brenneman, etc.) and they often come in matched pairs with the same plot ('30 Rock' and 'Studio 60,' 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Medium,' etc.). But 2004 stands out as a year when the pilots were unusually good, and the casts full of fresh faces. At least it all seemed fresh then. Not to be cruel, but it's starting to look a little haggard now.

A lot of shows that began in 2004 are still lingering on the air -- 'Desperate Housewives,' 'House,' and 'The Apprentice' are probably the biggest -- but even those that aren't running anymore still exercise a big influence over our thoughts about TV. 'Lost' changed how networks and viewers think about supernatural dramas on TV, and while the results have been mixed, thanks to 'Lost', we viewers have seen some bizarre stuff make it into series over the last while. 'Veronica Mars,' though it didn't last, was another 2004 show that tested the waters of what you could do in certain genres on TV. The normative violence of rape and sexual assault that girls face in high school and college had never been shown that way before -- and no tougher, smarter, cooler heroine had faced it.

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Happy Techie Day! Our 10 Favorite Techies

by Sharon Knolle, posted Oct 3rd 2010 11:00AM
Chuck - Buy MoreHappy Techie Day!

In celebration of the day (sadly, it's not a national holiday), we drew up a list of some of our favorite hackers, forensics specialists, mad scientists, and gadget-wielding experts. They have all, in their own heroically geeky way, saved the day from serial killers, demons, vampires, global conspiracies, rogue spies or just boring old computer meltdowns.

Read on for our list of the smartest, savviest (and occasionally ass-kicking) techies to ever grace the airwaves. Don't see your favorite techie listed? Tell us your own!

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