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October 9, 2015


New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 12th 2009 6:02PM
Legend of the SeekerHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

I don't know if Legend of the Seeker could be considered a guilty pleasure or not. I mean, if you like something, why does it have to be a "guilty" pleasure? Having said that, I think a lot of people would consider this show something they're not willing to admit they like. But I'll admit it: I like it. It's a fun show.

Holiday TV Comedy Collection is a mix of Christmas episodes from various shows, including The Office, 30 Rock, Psych, Monk, and House.
  • Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes - Spotlight Collection Vol. 7
  • Curious George - A Very Monkey Christmas
  • Flashpoint - Season 1

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 12th 2009 6:03PM
Stargate DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

How can there be so many DVDs released in one day and there not be one that I want to buy? I never got into Stargate, I don't want to own Dallas on DVD, ditto Reba, and I refuse to buy Walker Texas Ranger because a.) it's not very good, and b.) it replaced a show that I really loved in the early 90s. I enjoyed Benny Hill, but I don't know if I enjoyed it enough to own it. So it looks like I'm going to save some money this week.

Yeah, right. Like I won't find something to buy that was released a while ago.

  • Alvin & The Chipmunks - The Chipettes
  • Ben 10 Alien Force - Season 1, Vol. 2
  • The Benny Hill Show - Best of the Early Years
  • Captain and the Kings - Miniseries
  • Dallas - Season 10
  • House of Payne - Vol. 3

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 13th 2008 6:02PM
Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

Lots of complete series sets this week, including two you probably thought you'd never see, Quark and Ultraman. I have no nostalgic memories of Ultraman, but Quark was a show I enjoyed. It's also neat to see shows like The Shari Lewis Show or DVD.

I wonder why the Back To You set isn't a complete series set instead of just Season 1? Maybe it was already in production before the show was canceled.

  • Back To You - Season 1
  • CSI - Season 8
  • Charlie and Lola - Vol. 1-8
  • The Deputy - Best Of
  • Life with Derek - Season 1
  • Lil' Bush - Season 2
  • Lovejoy - Christmas Specials
  • Nash Bridges - Season 1
  • The Partridge Family - Season 3
  • Quark - Complete Series
  • Rules of Engagement - Season 2
  • The Sarah Silverman Program - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Scott Baio is 45... - Seasons 1 and 2
  • The Shari Lewis Show - A Shari Lewis Christmas
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Who Bob What Pants
  • Survivorman - Season 2
  • That 70s Show - Complete Series
  • Ultraman - Complete Series
  • The Unit - Season 3
  • The Universe - Complete Series

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted May 12th 2008 6:00PM

Mission: Impossible Here are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • American Idol - Season 6 Finale
  • The Chase - Season 1
  • Drawn Together - Season 3 Uncensored
  • Galaxy Rangers - The Collection: Vol. 1
  • Garfield and His Friends - A Cat and His Nerd
  • The Incredible Hulk Returns and The Trial of The Incredible Hulk
  • Lovejoy - Season 3
  • The Magnificent Seven - Complete Series
  • Mission: Impossible - Season 4
  • The Rat Patrol - Complete Series
  • Saturday Night Live - Season 3
  • Sinatra (mini-series)
  • Stargate: Infinity - Complete Series
  • Two and a Half Men - Season 3

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New TV on DVD releases this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 7th 2008 6:10PM

Super Friends DVDHere are the new TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow:

  • The All-New Super Friends Hour - Season 1, Vol. 1
  • Between the Lions - Season 1
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog - Playtime with Clifford
  • Family Feud - All Star Family Feud with Richard Dawson
  • Gunsmoke - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Lovejoy - Season 2
  • MI-5 - Vol. 5
  • The Naked Brothers Band - Season 1
  • The Riches - Season 1
  • Two and a Half Men - Season 2
  • The Waltons - Season 6
  • What's New Scooby-Doo? - Season 3

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New TV on DVD this week

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 18th 2007 6:38PM

Pinky and the BrainNew TV DVDs, in stores tomorrow.

  • Animaniacs - Vol. 3
  • Daniel Boone - Season 4
  • Lovejoy - Season 1
  • Perry Mason - Season 2, Vol. 1
  • Picket Fences - Season 1
  • Pinky and the Brain - Vol. 3
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Season 1
  • Reno 911: The Movie
  • Silver Spoons - Season 1
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Season 3, Vol. 1

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The Simpsons: The Boys of Bummer

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 29th 2007 10:39PM

bart simpson(S18E18) Well, what do you know, Mickey Mantle did used to do commercials for Maypo. Thanks, Rich Texan!

In general, I liked this episode. At least, it had a lot more laugh-out-loud moments for me than last week's episode. I don't think the town has turned on Bart so savagely since that time he cut the head off the Jebediah Springfield statue. I thought the absurdity of everyone getting upset over children's sport made it even funnier. I also loved how, in the end, a picket sign that reads "Bart Sucks" lowers and then raises again with the phrase "We're Sorry."

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The Simpsons: Bart's Girlfriend

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 13th 2006 12:02PM

simpsons(S06E07) To paraphrase a line from Woody Allen, the only love that truly lasts is unrequited love. That's a good way to sum up this episode where Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, Jessica. Another great summation comes from Lisa, who tells Bart, quite wisely, "It's naive to think you can change a person." Of course, this being The Simpsons, Lisa qualifies her advice by insisting the hunky boy who works at the library might be changed if only he gave Lisa a chance.

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F!$king Ian McShane to star in new g@damn movie featuring SNL players

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 22nd 2006 8:24AM

Ian McShaneIan McShane, who went from pleasant British antiques dealer Lovejoy to pottymouth brothel owner Al Swearengen in the HBO series Deadwood, has joined the cast of Hot Rod; a new movie being produced by Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels. According to our sister site Cinematical, the comedy will star Andy Samberg (known for the famous SNL sketch 'Lazy Sunday' and, um, that's about it) and his buddies from the Lonely Island comedy troupe.

In the movie, McShane will play stepfather to Samberg's character, who plans to jump over Snake River in a moped in order to impress his stepdad. I'm sure that hilarity will ensue and that McShane will be able to use his versatile swearing talents in varying comedic ways. Or, McShane could shock us all and portray a straight-laced, milk-drinking  Republican from the Midwest.

I'm surprised that Samberg is getting a starring role so soon. I mean, it sometimes takes years of mediocre acting on SNL just to get a small role in a Michaels' production. Gosh, I guess the times are a changing.

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